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Don't come to school tomorrow.

Downloadable Guns or 3D Guns are a relatively new form of NRA-approved Bullety Death Shooty Machine (sometimes referred to as a "Firearm") that can be downloaded from the internets and then manufactured using a 3D Printer. Downloadable Guns are untraceable due to their lack of a serial number, cannot be detected by the touchy-feely faggots from the Transportation Security Administration due to being made entirely out of cheap plastic crap and not containing any metal parts, and can easily be obtained by terrorists and criminals without having to pass a pesky background check or resort to buying their guns on the black market.

Despite sounding extremely scary when the liberal Gun Control slacktivists talk about them, Downloadable Guns are actually far more likely to kill you than they are to hit whatever you're aiming at. In addition, absolutely no self-respecting jihadist or school shooter would be caught dead using a shitty hunk of 3D-printed plastic as their weapon of choice when it's so goddamn easy to buy or steal a non-shitty gun without forking over several hundred dollars for a 3D Printer.

The Liberator[edit]

The Liberator is the name of the first 3D-printed single-shot pistol that didn't immediately kill its user after a single shot.

The Butthurt[edit]

We now live in a world where a 3D printer cartage [sic] has become as deadly as a gun cartage [sic].


—Ed Markey, being a retard Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Q: How well do Downloaded Guns actually work?[edit]

A: Not at all.

The Blueprints (a.k.a. What You're All Here For)[edit]

Grenade launcher schematics by jnorad.jpg

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