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Dr. Octogonapus

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This is what you see when you die.

Dr. Octogonapus is a fairly popular meme on Les Tubes, akin to Keyboard Cat, PINGAS, and all the other great Youtube memes. The meme was originally started by Mexican, an animator and meme stealer on Youtube. Dr. Octogonapus can usually be spotted shouting out his name, firing his lazer, and being abused by makers of Youtube Poop.


<center>His first sighting, found at 1:40.</center>
<center>More Dr. Octogonapus</center>
<center>DomFera realizes why people watch his videos, and dedicates
most of the vid to the Doc.
<center>Fair enough.</center>
<center>His very own music video, isn't it awesome??</center>


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