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Dr4g0nK1d, aka JedineKazama, is a 16 year old JewTube faggot, as well as a genuine stuttering cluster-fuck. Of course the fact that he is on YouTube and not a troll implies that he is a faggot. He does a YouTube series that noone cares about besides your mom called "Explosive Impact", with a purpose to complain about things he doesn't like. This, of course, like any other shit on the internet, was found by Anonymous within 15 seconds of it being posted and made into an internet meme like everything else. His real name is Tim Marsham, and he attends Twin Lakes Secondary School - which is information freely available on the internet. He is on an Individualized Education Plan, and has requested that his personal information be taken down from the Twin Lakes Secondary School website, which can take up to 6-8 weeks for their system admin to do so.

Dr4g0nK1d Stance on Cyber-Bulling is Rabbit[edit]

Dr4g0nK1d does not like cyber-bullying. He has been hacked over 45 times since he discovered the internet as an 11 year old aspie in 2002, the year Jews did 9/11 and the year cyber-bullies, who he incorrectly refers to as hackers, began ruining his life. He does not know that these are HACKERS ON STEROIDS he is dealing with, not just regular Cyber-Bullies.

At the end of his Cyber-Bullies & Hackers video, he challenges anyone who likes cyber-bullying to reveal themselves [1], so that he can track them down and report them to the Police for the serious crime of being mean on the internets. Obviously this was a bluff, since the moment Anonymous began flooding him with how much they enjoy cyber-bullying, he baleeted his JewTube account and went into hiding. Later that evening he cried so much that he became extremely dehydrated causing him to accidentally become an hero in a spectacular frenzy of fail.

Dr4g0nK1d's Tragic Life[edit]

Poor Dr4g0nK1d has been bullied all his life. According to his YouTube profile:

A student in grade 11 with a somewhat "attitude" issue since he's been through hell & back all his life from fights, harassment, among other reasons, yet most of the time, calm & collective.



45 times

Everybody knows that referring to yourself in the 3rd person is a clear sign of insanity and/or gayness.

Here are some plausible explanations as to why he has been such a target all his life:

Dr4g0nK1d and Cheddar-Cheesia - long lost brothers? You Decide!

Explosive Impact[edit]

JedineKazama flees Anonymous.

Another shit YouTube series put up by someone who thinks the world cares when it really doesn't. JedineKazama opens up by explaining that Explosive Impact is basically going to be a line of videos rants. Straight away, Anon noticed how deadly fucking serious he is and how fucking well he articulates what he wants to say. He goes on to explain that he is a Gaiafag and has been hacked at least 60 times ever since he heard of the internet back in 2002. He claims being "hacked" so often is the result of his Avatar, which he also openly admits looks like shit. Suffice to say, that was more than likely not the primary motivator for the supposed hax. The rest of the video is just a typical 12 year-old's incoherent swearing and stuttering with many Lulz to be had.

  • Dr4g0nK1d gets the obligatory Bel-Air

-He goes to Twin Lakes Secondary School in Orillia, right outside of Barrie, but there was no school shooting. I would have heard about it.

Explosive Impact is basically gunna be a line of videos I'm going to be doing on basically rants.


—JedineKazama on the English language.

Random Quotes[edit]

Why would you make someones life worse than yours online? Or try to ruin another persons reputation? Why? To increase yours? No, you are just trying to increase yours...


—JedineKazama, on the internet hate machine.

And also, if I recall correctly, you can go to jail for five years in jail.


—JedineKazama, on how going to jail is now a crime.

I had to deal with the same bullshit on a current... umgh... I had to deal... I still have to deal with the same cocksuckers on another chat site that I'm on, Gaia.


—JedineKazama, on consistency.

456 viruses at the least I've suffered because of you fucking morons, over the past 5 years.


—JedineKazama, on STDs.

Official Transcript[edit]

Dr4g0nK1d's alter ego

If for some reason you don't want to watch the epic video - why not bore yourself to death with the TL;DR Official Transcript that some retard thought it would be unfunny to write out.

Video Reference[edit]

Cyber-bullying is BAD!

Quick Version:

1:11 - His favorite site is Gaya Online.

1:51 - 456 VIRUS!

2:59 - Had an assembly about internet tough guys, and almost vomited.

3:19 - Refuse to take responsibility for saying stupid things, got hacked, bitch about it.

3:52 - Threats to other females of death if they didn't freakin' post naked on a webcam.

4:57 - Reporting internet bullies to be V&, srsly.

  • What sick pleasure do you fucking asshats have when you decide to piss someone off by hacking into their computer? Moar Lulz
  • Why would we make someones life worse of the internet? See above
  • Why would you risk jail? Guess

In Defense of Dr4g0nK1d

....and he doesn't....and he doesn't....and he doesn't


—dr4g0nk1dbuddy failing

Seriously, this guy has all the makings of a full-blown troll, and probably is one.

A few days later two videos appeared reported from Dr4g0nK1d's gay boyfriend, although it is a little difficult to understand what dr4g0nk1dbuddy is saying due to the combination of a speech impediment and aids - however what can be established is that:

  • He goes to gay secks practice with Dr4g0nK1d.
  • He loves and cant get enough of how Anonymous is treating him.
  • Dr4g0nK1d got fucked during lunch break.
  • Dr4g0nK1d didn't cry because of the video, but because "He Got Filled Full Of My Cum, And You Said He Liked it" - and he does. And you guys said he poses nude for me and his dad- and he does. And somebody called the school and told on him that he had pictures of little kids - and he does".
  • What you guys did was the funniest thing ever . Srsly, you guys are so cool he was a totally gay furfag with no cock, thats why he cuts lil boys off and uses em like astrapon..
  • dr4g0nk1dbuddy posted a second video denying that he was a troll and showed a blurry picture apparently of him and Dr4g0nK1d - possibly engaged in buttsecks - and insisted they had been friends since they were kids.
  • UPDATE: It has been confirmed by many Twin Lakes students that "dr4g0nk1dbuddy" does not attend their school. He just wanted in on the ten second fame that he never could have gotten any other way because he is too fat and ugly (that's the whole reason why the Jew fag had gay buttsecks with him and wants more from Micheal Jackson
Dr4g0nK1d does the cooking by the book!!?

  • On December 21st 2007, some bored crack addicted mafia Jew searched random cunt words on YouTube. Sure enough they found Tim involved in some gay "HxC" dance video to a homosexual Lazy Town song. He qwearmo karate dances at the end of the first song. It has been confirmed that this is Tim.

Expert Analysis: Clearly Asking For It ?!
Wobblebottom: internet and IRL meet via the power of online video communication in order to take on Dr4g0nfAiL

The above response clip is by "Wobblebottom" [2] who is attempting to critique Dr4g0nK1d and denies "being a (failed) troll" because he's "a normal guy".

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