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Game on!

Last Thursday Someone introduced the drinking card game to /b/ to much rejoicing! Anon's most favorite things- tits, alcohol, and memes, were combined into an card game of epic proportions created entirely by other anons for other anons.

Making cards out of memes is slowly becoming a meme in itself in a strange twist of fate. First came the 4chan Battlecards, and now the 4chan card Drinking Game!

So pull out a bottle of booze and let's play already!

How to Play

The Rules.

Each player draws a hand of 5 cards and starts with a full drink with about 15-20% alcohol content. Play goes clockwise from the dealer. First you draw a card, then you play a card. After you play a card, your turn ends.

There are four main kinds of cards: Action, Mandatory, Status, and Instant/Counter.

  • Action- Do what the card says.
  • Mandatory - Everyone has to do what the card says and do it nao!
  • Status - This card stays in play to fuck with the game's rules. It can only be removed by other cards.
  • Instant/Counter - This card is not in the rules, but faggots make them, anyway. This card can be used at any time to do something, usually to cancel out another card. Only pussies use these.
  • New Rule - This is a new card type that works like a Status card, however New Rule cards effect the entire game rather than just one person. (New Rule cards, created by anon, are still in testing to see how they fair into the game).

If you pass out, throw up, or otherwise quit, you lose The Game! The Winner is the last man standing.

Make your Own Deck

Get some cardstock or thick paper if you're a Jew and open up word. Fill the page with the card images, then hit print. Instant cards!

You can choose not to use a card if it looks too faggy to print and you can make your own cards as well. Now, go get shitfaced, motherfuckers!

Templates & basics

Action Cards

I'm a chargin mah lazor! About missing Pics
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Mandatory Cards

Status Cards

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Links to Moar cards

Facebook List - Less lulzy than the ones found on /b/, but still moar cards if you're too lazy to make more yourself.

/b/ is for Bunnies

One person is chosen as the Bunny and holds their hands up like Bunny Ears. The player to the left of the Bunny holds up their right Bunny Ear and the person to the right of the Bunny ... actually I can't be bothered. Fill yer boots

Moar ways to pley!

Another way to get fantastically smashed is to make a drinking game out of the infamous and wonderfully shitty My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie. Every time there's mistake, take a shot. Once you get far too drunk, it gets a little more difficult to pick out the mistakes, but it doesn't really matter because it's just one big fucking mistake.

Watching the Offended page or Pain Series as a drinking game is also an option with friends or family. If anyone of your friends get offended, they take a drink of whatever they have whether it'd be vodka, rum, beer, etc. Try it!

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This guy accidentally the whole cardgame

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