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Police.gif This fucktard blocks comments to butthurt.
Ángel David Revilla AKA DrossRotzank. A bigot fucktard

DrossRotzank, known in the underground world of Vloggers simply as Dross is the monicker of a latino Internet character created by Ángel David Revilla, a pseudo journalist and a Drama whore. Although Revilla has other characters, the most pernicious and insidious is, without doubt, DrossRotzank. Everytime he posts a video on youtube, he really thinks he is doing it for the Lulz, but it's not. He really is an Attention Whore.

DrossRotzank is a cocky, charlatan, troll, pathological liar, pseudoatheist and promoter of fallacies and misinformation. He is also harassing, defamatory, liar, fake idiot, lame, abominable, revolting, manipulative and unscientific jerk of Venezuelan origin that currently -and for the suffering of honest and hardworking Argentineans, he resides in Argentina. Lately, Rotzank thinks he is the embodiment of Justice on the Internet, which is far from being a reality, unless defamation and derision are considered regular procedures. Is perhaps for this reason that, although he has more than 6 million subscribers to its channel -full of intellectual hogwash garbage- is one of the loneliest youtubers in all Internet.


Dross' history goes back to when he started working as a pseudo writer and pseudo critic in areas like video games in Meristation.com and Vandal.net. He was expelled from these web portals because he was fond to disturb, defame and harass other users. Meristation banned him because he posted walktroughs, blatantly plagiarized from other sites like Gamefaqs. Since Revilla was no longer permitted in these communities, he decided to open his own blogs to show to the public his current right-wing idiot humor, sexist and fascist alignments (always hiding behind his character).

It is a pathological liar, and there are reasons to substantiate this. He calls himself a journalist, but he has not written a single article of importance or worth remembering. He has never shown a degree or accreditation to certify him as a journalist. In a stream Revilla also confirmed he gains his money directing and producing porn shorts.

Nobody knows one single publication in journals. You will not find a single newspaper he has worked in, not a single collaboration, not even a letter to the editor. Their books, Luna de Plutón (Pluto's Moon), Festival de la blasfemia (Blasfemy's festival), La guerra de Ysaak (Ysaak's war) and Valle de la Calma (Valley of the calm) are nothing less than hogwash.

The infamous and deplorable pedophile texts[edit]

DrossRotzank shows penis to a minor.

Some texts discovered in his blog (on Tumblr) have become a real headache for Dross, especially now that his shitty book has been released for sale. Although the texts had been in private for a long time, following the release of his tome, he and his henchwoman Seicka the "baboon woman", took the terrible, terrible decision to put them into light. Opponents of this MoFo found two separate texts in which it is mentioned, that he had fellatio with a 12 year old native of Mexico City, while in another text he illegally published private messages exchanged with a minor, he uploaded a screenshot where an erect penis is showed. Several opponents groups decided to send links to his texts to anti-pedophile organizations in Facebook so they can give their opinion. Others sent those links to "Planeta de Libros", the publisher responsible for publishing the book of Dross. After realizing the error, and under Dross' orders, the text pages were removed from public view. As a matter of fact, he pulled some strngs in order to get the pages removed from Google's cache. However, one thing that Dross did not think was that there are archival services on the Internet. It's in one of this pages where you can see those texts in full -as seen below:

  • Pederast text. In which Dross claims to have received fellatio from a 12 year old girl.

Surprisingly Planeta de Libros, the publisher of his manure with pages, has decided to publicize a dirty and perverted subject that suffers from coprolalia.

Rotzank's monickers[edit]

"Fuck! Am I what!!!" Real depiction of a shitty man.

− Rotzank has the dubious honor of being the Youtuber with more derogatory nicknames of all the Internet. There is no record, nor a reward, but all the nicknames are addressed to him based on the way he behave towards his fanboys and other users of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

He's ben called Drozz Blockzank (because of his tendency to block users and comments), Dopey Dross, Shitzank, the Dark Lord, The Queen/Queer of Youtube, the Youtube Diva, SandyZank, The Lord of the Rat Kids, the "Princess of Youtube", "Oldman Rat" among other, but very descriptive names based upon video evidence of his conduct. These videos can be found on Youtube.

Other users in Youtube have called him: the "Oldman with glasses", the "Grandfather Dross", the "Slanderman", the "aged virgin", the "Pimp hatted idiot moron", the "Living Fossil", "Pig son of a thousand whores", etc.

All of these epithets are very descriptive labels based on evidence of his personality and behaviour, both in and out of the Youtube platform.


X-ray showing the brain of Dross.

He knows that garbage sells and that is what he gives to his audience. "Saying stupid nonsense is not controversial, is to be simply stupid", said one of his former followers when he realized the deterioration in the quality of the content of Dross' videos.


Dross is known to be an irascible, choleric and vengeful jerk. He is a also a renowned slanderer who does not hesitate to create bad reputation to other users of social networks. Likes to threaten users who opposed to his views to the extent of requiring other users (Rat Kids) to find out the IP address of his enemies to find them or to know their true identity.

Also, Dross is an idiot who encourages his audience, mostly underagers, to visit the Deep Web, as if anyone would ask a child to visit a McDonalds restaurant. Serious Youtubers consider these actions as a profound irresponsibility, coming from a guy who thinks of himself as an opinion leader.

One day Dross posted a video speaking about a live game being developed on the Deep Web and invited all his underage public to visit that page. In another video he asked his stupid audience to go to 4chan to witness how a user was posting photos of dead women. That day Dross managed to hinder an FBI investigation.

Intolerant to criticism[edit]

Dross is also known for his exacerbated hatred to any criticism. Although in his videos he always requests viewers to write in the commentary box only things that have to do with his videos, when shown the slightest correction or a critic point of view, the author is immediately blocked... not only the comment is blocked, but its author too.


Before October 2013 Dross used to make Vlogs in which he used characters.

-Dross: His "alter ego", this "character" was characterized by being an edgy atheist who was against ever kind of religion, his earlier videos as dross were about how he got butt hurt over video games.

-Troll: This character was supposed to showcase the annoying nature of the "trolls" basically anyone who didn't like his content. however the character ended up being so popular and more loved by the fans than the annoying butt hurt that was Dross

-La gorda: his imaginary girlfriend, a fat woman who never appeared in camera and dross forced her jokes every time he had the chance.

-La chica Pepsi: a female that pretended to work for Pepsi for the videos of Dross, the whole gimmick of her character was to show how Dross stalker her on the phone while she begged to be left alone.

-McGilipollas Mefister: A character created to mock Mefisto, a rapper who had a feud with Dross

Enemies/Victim List[edit]

Dross is known for being intolerant to any criticism, so it's only natural for him to have feuds with other people.

-Mexivergas: his most famous enemy while he's not his main headache this is the one that most people know, a self proclaimed troll/youtuber who every time he can he trows shit at dross, while he makes good points against dross they are overshadowed by his annoying mannerisms and a retarded way of talking.

-DrJode: Another one of the earliest enemies of Dross as a youtuber, another try hard troll who took down one video of dross for copyright infringement, later Dross as revenge he doxxed him, he turned out to be a 15 year old, he humiliated him and made a deal with him, that he must never appear on the internet again or the whole chat of msm would be published, only god knows what kind of sick thing Dross made him to do. this incident was the first time that Dross used the pedophile argument against someone.

-Necrotemante: His nemesis, the fact that Dross can't get his personal information made him his most hated enemy to date.

-MarginalMedia: a old guy who praised Dross for his work but later when he made another review of his channel a year latter that showcased negative aspects of Dross new content, made him an enemy in Dross' eyes, he's one of the only persons who said the truth about Dross, but giving how Dross has 6 million subscribers no one believed him, Dross has been going on a crusade against him, trying to destroy his public life and to get him in jail for any reason, he tries to get him down with illegal tactics and manipulation of facts, Dross has tried so hard to put him down, but Marginal knows what he's doing and every move the Dross made against him he turned to that into a weapon against Dross, on USA Dross would be in jail by this point.

-Magnus Mefisto: a rapper who is now long forgotten, it all began when Dross said that he did not like rap music defending his position with shitty arguments, Magnus didn't liked this and he made a parody of Dross saying how he was a copy of the AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic, later it became a battle between parodies of themselves, however he was forgotten by Dross when Necrotemante appeared.

-ElAntiCristo2007: The earliest enemy of Dross, dating back to 2007/2008, Dross accused AntiCristo2007 of stealing his content (something that was not true giving how this user only talked about things on Mexico and Dross at the time lived on Venezuela.) and the two began a war.

-PensamientoEscéptico: An user who disagreed with Dross with his view of the Pope Francis, the critic itself had good arguments and was very respectful, however it doesn't matter if you are very respectful with your opinion, if it is against him be sure to pray that he just delete the comment and block you, he began to stalk him online and to manipulate the facts YET AGAIN. It wasn't enough to humiliate him on his main account, he began to use many alternates accounts to harass him


Or rather the circlejerk that take turns sucking his dick in exchange of fame.

-ForeverPain: A Mexican fat fuck whose content is the exact same shit that Dross does with the only difference that he also makes videos where he swallows the cum of Dross. Oh wait Dross makes that kind of videos too.

-DalasReview: A spanish youtuber who is obsessed in seeing some other youtubers like "auronplay" and "wismichu" burn.

-Akaggi: A venezuelan user that uses multiaccounts (for example accounts as LadyJazz or clones user with robbed photos from others countries) for vandalizate videos against DrossRotzank.

And with that ends the list of his friends, a total winner right?


Dross blatantly plagiarize information from other sites without giving due credit. Also, he steals images from various pages so he can use them on his video-garbage.


One of his primary ways of attacking an opponent it is by accusing him of pedophilia. Likewise, he always claims that the user possesses child pornography. Thus, his army of Rat Kids will attack that user. Most of the times putting the channel out of commission, Another method he like to use when the channel is small is the typical false copyright infringement, it's ironic he suffered from this on the past.


Rotzank is just another journer with camera and an Internet connection looking for easy monetization by misleading the public with already refuted issues, which makes it a despicable and dishonest scum. It is also a dirty manipulator of Rat Kids, and an arrogant and vindictive slanderer.

The real problem, according to serious Youtubers, is not that the scum Rotzank make stupid videos, but that the Rat Kids will consider him as a role model, and believe the stream of stupidities being put on both channels he has created.

DrossRotzank always dreamed about having his own article in Wikipedia, but as for now, he must be happy to know he has one on Encyclopædia Dramatica.

Dross and Chango Forever both lynched after being caught for pedophilia.
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