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Why would you even try to download that DRM infested piece of shit?

EA Download Manager, A.K.A. EADM, is a failed downloading service and a poor imitation of Steam. Electronic Arts noticed that they could make a lot of money on the game download bandwagon, but fucked themselves over by including SecuROM into the downloadable games. When somebody downloads a game with EADM, they have to dick around with the activation code they are given in order to get the game to function. Unfortunately, most of the games do not work even when the code is activated. Basically, EA gyps people out of their money for games that they cannot play and are deserving of this for buying shit games from them.

Fortunately, American Express (lol irony. AMERICAN EXPRESS IS RUN BY JEWS) understands that EA sucks and is run by Jews. Apparently, EA will not refund any games that someone buys except under "special circumstances". American Express permits customers to void this agreement and say fuck you to EA while getting their money back; otherwise, a lawlsuit ensues.


They'll control damn near anything.

The EADM had many problems upon release and this has not changed. One of these problems is that it won't allow the person who bought the game to play it. The player has to utilize a code into the program in order to "activate" it. Most of the time, the codes don't even work and the person is gypped out of what is rightfully theirs. After this, the customer can contact EA support, which will not help them at all. Instead, EA sends the customer an e-mail reading that they need information to resend the code/confirmation e-mail or that they are working on the problem. This is complete bullshit, but buys time for EA to count their money that was taken from you.

Another problem is that some people have difficulty uninstalling the games from their computers. Once uninstalled, the game will start installing again, leaving the user baffled as to what is going on. This leads many people to believe that EA Download Manager is shit.

This is mindblowing. God damn you EA, I will never purchase another thing from you again after this game.

I purchased Battlefield 2 Complete Collection through EAStore, and tied it to my account under EA Download Manager. I was testing it on Windows 7 Beta. Now I have reinstalled XP, and redownloaded the game. I click to play, and am told something about needing to login to verify...EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY LOGGED IN!! I used EA Download Manager to download the game for gods sake!

I clicked ok where I was supposed to be redirected to some sort of login page, and nothing happened. Now, every time I try to play Battlefield 2 by clicking play on the download manager, I get a black screen for 2 seconds and then it closes. This is obviously some bullcrap limiter that the Download Manager has applied to my game. I CANT GET AT MY OWN GAME!

I am totally using Steam after this fiasco. That is, even if this problem gets solved. I hear that this support service is horribly slow. I am totally using Steam after this. Congradulations EA, you are on the verge of losing yet another customer due to your ridiculous usage limitations. I BOUGHT THE GAME, LET ME AT IT GODDAMMIT!


Butthurt user bitching about how he cannot play his games.

I paid for the Battle Field 2 complete collection yesterday, and it simply does not work. Downloaded the 3.5GB, activated the keycode, and it installs but won't run.


—Complete waste of money.

Banhammer Drama

What admins on EA support and forums do when they ban someone.

According to EA, if someone talks back to an admin on an EA forum, they will face the banhammer right away. This indicates that EA really doesn't give a shit about their customers. One incident that illustrates this point concerns a complaint to an admin about how bad Spore is. The admin became all butthurt over this comment, saying that the game was created for fun and creativity. Instead of being receptive to advice on how to make the game better in a patch or giving a warning, the admin banned the user. The user is not allowed to play the games that he bought with his hard earned cash because of this ban. People are now wondering if this action is even legal.

So if you have SPORE and Red Alert 3 and you get yourself banned on our forums or in-game, well, your SPORE account would be banned to. It's all one in the same, so I strongly recommend people play nice and act mature."


—EA Community Manager Jew on EA forums.

They can not include this in their Terms and Conditions, because it would violate laws, for example if you live in an EU state EA is clearly violating EU privacy laws. I suppose the US has similar laws which forbid companies gathering information about you without notification.



SecuROM and Lolsuits

Spore and a bunch of other games not only had SecuROM included with them, but also viruses that made people's computers a bitch to use. SecuROM software cannot be removed from a person's computer without reformat. Many people are butthurt by this, but one person has taken action. Melissa Thomas was fed up with it and filed a lawsuit against EA. EA is now upset about this.

We’re not saying there shouldn’t be DRM or that there can’t be DRM. What our clients are saying and what our firm is saying on behalf of its clients is that disclosures are required. Consumers have a right to make an educated decision about what goes on their computers. Software that can potentially harm peoples’ computers, etc., is just not acceptable unless an adequate disclosure is made.


—Lawyer pwning EA.

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