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This article is an inside joke.
You can fix it by totally defacing, defaming and defecating on it.

2013 FOTY winner.

EDF2: Faggot of the Year Awards (Prepare my son, for edit wars)

2012 recipient proudly displaying his coveted fagtag and medal

AIDS. Cancer. GRIDS. Just a few words to describe the shithole that is EDF2. A raging circlejerk filled with bronies, furfags, traps, jews, niggers, abbos, junkies, sperglords, twinks, pedophiles, closet homosexuals, about tu fity dA tarts, weebs and raging homosexuals all idolizing a disconcerting obsession with rape.

Annually, EDF2 votes to crown the Faggot of the Year. While many people attempt to act as faggots for the purpose of trolling trolls, there are some amongst us for whom the faggotry runs in the blood. These attention whoring, unfunny, obnoxious shitheads are what keeps the turbines spinning on the EDF2 hate machine, provoking and absorbing all the focus and personal attacks that an internet message board can provide. Without these wondrous creatures, EDF2 cannibalizes itself to the point of anarchy and chaos, so it is only just that the winner of this completely democratic election win the ultimate prize.

Removal of their unchecked privileges.

The winner is granted a permanent fagtag which prevents them from creating threads, editing their posts, uploading images, and using the shoutbox. For aesthetic appeal the Faggot Champion is blessed with a pink username and a flashy medal to display on all their posts.


The Faggot Awards have a long and lustrous history however all records preceding 2011 have been destroyed by a fat unfunny cuntwhale. All was not lost however as the award ceremonies were saved by a local bridge club and the power of DDoS. Together the survivors continue the journey into the depths of autism and degeneracy.


2011 saw a large array of notable faggots. DrMusic reigned supreme with her were-quadposts and Fumo was spreading the teachings of social justice and Anonymous to all. In the end, only two made the cut, and the voting began.

Lolgo.png 2011 Faggot of the Year Awards

Faggotaward 2011 result.jpg

S4 won by a landslide after using his main and sock puppet account to argue with everyone who posted any type of comment in the thread. This award carried an extra special stigma as he was later de-modded, permanently tagged, and banned. Rumors still circulate that S4 is amongst us using a number of sock puppet accounts to make smartass comments with.

S4 has recently resurfaced in 2014 in an attempt to re-establish his crowned faggotry:
S4 returns.jpg


2012 saw an influx faggots and swift fagtagging banhammer consequences.

Lolgo.png 2012 Faggot of the Year Awards

  • Racketeer - Known for making psychotic rambling posts threatening to dox forums users, also known for posting a pictures of cum in his palm and admitting to being a pedophile and shitting his pants after eating too many tacos. Went insane after a screencap of him talking about his boyfriend/girlfriend dumping him on another forum was posted on EDF2 and hasn't stopped freaking out since. Comes back to the forum once ever few months to be humiliated again and leave.
  • Kibou - Gender-confused twink and incessant shitposter, Atomic Joe "accidentally" ran a spam cleaner on him and deleted all of his posts, leaving little evidence of his extensive faggotry. Not that it stopped him for rebuilding his post-count with more shit. The only contender in the 2012 awards nominated despite being a faggot on purpose.
  • Fumo161 - Officially sanctioned representative from Anonymous, was doxed and exposed as a ponyfag. Butthurt to the point he dropped his password in the shoutbox. The first faggot on EDF2 to be forcibly removed from the forum, starting this glorious tradition. In response to the doxing he quit the forum, made a few socks that were exposed by admins to keep him from returning to the forum so he couldn't infect more users with the gay and is now playing Eve online alone in his basement. Attempts to call his house remain unanswered.
  • Swishy - Hyper-GOTIS attention whore who stumbled upon EDF2 by accident. Within days she was posting nudes. Within weeks she was lying about having cancer, being pregnant, and having an abortion. This attention whoring was met with a swift doxing that sent her into hiding and literally changing addresses. The massive wall of dox and other humiliating information was never exposed to the public but it is known she quit the internet and is raising her autistic child she had by mistake with a drunken fat guy who hits her.
  • ExplosiveDiariah - Also known as ElectricYiff, spent his entire tenure within the community trying to convince everyone he was not a furfag. Eventually lost his shit when new staff were selected which resulted in one grand spectacle of flooding, fagtagging and ragequit.
  • KKKoonhater - Spent his first few months posting his cock and trying to get anyone to pay attention to him. Finally got dealt with for parading his suspected sock account, fat girlfriend around the forum in the most blatantly obnoxious ways possible. His lovey dovey smoochie poochie bullshit was later stomped out with trolling and a ban after he made threats to hack the forum with the help of his "troll crew" consisting one, old troll/failure named Flaglerchat.
  • Messyjessie - Queen of pure shitposting. This junkie herpes infected prostitute was brutally exposed and sent into a wild psychosis fueled with hate, anger and contempt for everyone on the forum which included posting nudes, making death threads and writing a suicide letter. Later banned for getting her boyfriend/client to post Zaiger's dox he found on google.
  • Beefrave - This former staff member is back for revenge against that fucking Meepsheep. The king of autism entertained the masses while at the same time keeping his true intentions a secret. Later exposed as a pedophile who believed he can not be doxed and banned for the second time after harassing Zaiger via voicemail.
  • Drmusic2010 - The were-creature took EDF by storm with her quadposts of terror in a never ending attempt to convince everyone she is not retarded, not a furry, doesn't masturbate at all, and that Magnum needs to be banned. Her spree lasted many months until she was brutally raped, having everything from a nude video leaked to all her online accounts compromised.
  • FührerReloaded - Became extremely angry one day that his tryhard attempts at proving he is a master troll were not rewarded with praise and shitflooded the entire forum with the pain series. Not many fucks were given but it was fun while it lasted.

Faggotaward 2012 result.jpg

And the winner was Racketeer in a landslide victory thanks to overwhelming homosexuality.

Rejected Nominees of 2012

Due to the ten option limit on polls a number of worthy nominees did not make the cut.

  • Baya Rae 4900 - This former moderator was excluded from the poll because that wouldn't be giving anyone else a chance (srsly).
  • Rev Junko - A 15 year old chubby fag who was being used as the forum's punching bag on a regular basis. Eventually left because he has become "too mature" for EDF2.
  • ChristianWarrior94 - The sites admins insist that he is not a sock puppet and is honestly trying to convert every one of us to Christianity. Excluded for not posting enough in 2012.
  • Umkemesik - This "1337 hacker" was kicked out of the forum for being a fat, internet tough guy who was dismissed from the army for stalking. So what did he do? Try to brute force Zaiger's password and stalk him too. Later made 8 sock puppets trying to come back to the forum. Finally let back in because Zaiger thought he was pathetic and felt sorry for him. In late 2013 he got mad at a sysop and called him a drug addict after he refused to edit this article to make Umkemesik look better.
  • Trixie - Though she was already showing signs of excessive faggotry she was not added to the poll to give her one final chance to reform. Shortly after the contest ended she pretended to have cancer and was added to the 2013 nominations despite this happening in 2012.
  • DocEvil - Former moderator who was forever disgraced after having his mod privs taken away for being a faggot. Threatened to get his revenge on EDF2 and beat up Zaiger at ROFLCON. Disqualified because his drama was sooooo 2011.
  • LIL COS ANIMOSITY - Nominated for molesting his baby daughter at the trailer-park but disqualified for rage-quitting in 2011.
  • Negi Springfield - Already the biggest faggot every year.
  • Tyciol - Despite being a known pedophile he did not cause enough drama to warrant a nomination.


The year of 2013 was marked by the disappearance of an active bureaucratic presence followed by all out civil war. Through the fog, the light of faggotry shined to lead the way, and these faggots were able to cruise under the radar and avoid getting banned. Be warned, the info documenting these faggots are most likely biased butthurt responses from people who don't like the way they were described.

Professionals attempt to diagnose Likeicare.
  • Milwin - Aspie shitposter that spends his time pretending to be a piece of toast and making endless references to it. Made a 'movement' called "#freescum2013" that attempted to ddos a user's abandoned wordpress because he didn't post enough and got tricked into believing he had inadvertently taken down all of wordpress using only two computers.

  • Likeicare - A young gentleman from Australia and EDF's resident zit-faced crackhead. He joined the forum to share his own dox and dick then claim they are fake docs, that he is undoxxable, and is just playing a persona when someone calls him out for his sheer faggotry. He smokes meth and spends all day making unfunny shitposts then accuses everyone of 'making no sense' despite the fact that he himself literally never posts coherent sentences. Insists he didn't want to win and got into an edit war over this article.
Onideus End Game Boss of the Internet.jpg
  • Onideus - ED SysOp disgraced crybaby (banned and threatened to take down ED, but failed and went back to lurking on Facebook) and veteran faggot "Onideus" is no stranger to hate. However he is a stranger to concise responses. Saying the slightest negative thing about him results in numerous pages of text that send the regular posters into a feeding frenzy. Notoriously accused of being a pedophile, babyfur and diaperfag. He has had his own ED article for over 6 years.
  • Oddguy - AKA "Yitzhak" is an insufferable faggot who is Jewish enough to be Adam Sandler, besides the fact he is virtually a hobo with wifi and a job as a hotel bellboy. Being the attention whore that he is, and because nobody loves him for being a fucking Arab from New Jersey, he likes to bring back old threads just so people can re-like his inane posting. He hopes Tom Preston will one day come to visit him, so he can finally have a romantic candlelit dinner, as well as a nice cumshot in his white mouth.

Too Gay to lose!

  • Trixie - Long time user brutally assaulted after her USI reached breaking points and she faked cancer for sympathy, resulting in a doxing and her private nudes put on public display. It was also exposed that she was having liposuction to shed her excessive 700 ponds of fat. Afterwards she spent an entire year lurking with a fagtag responding to anyone who tagged her with a comment that she is too busy to respond. Came back to the forum in late 2014 to reveal that not only had she indeed lost all her weight, but she was even uglier than ever.

The BMO civil war in a nutshell.
  • Uberfukken - Got greatly enraged when Meepsheep & cia decided to fuck with the forum's hugbox-like routine by implementing the easily annoying BMO, a bot that spat out random burps quoted straight from Urban Dictionary. Much to the surprise of everyone, this caused a civil war that divided the forum betweeen Meepsheep's IRC friends, Uberfukken's supporters and people who only stayed to watch the slapfight while eating some delicious popcorn. Uber used his moderator status to set the example by encouraging half of the forum to also become deeply enraged at Meepsheep and his butt-buddies which only resulted in them doxing anyone who told them to fuck off. Severe lashings were given to those who suggested that maybe feeding the trolls might not be such a good idea. Uberfukken's brilliant strategy worked so much that nobody in #buttnerd noticed the drama - eventually #buttnerd got stoned and forgot they were supposed to be trolling EDF2. Had Uber finally realized that feeding the trolls only results innocent women and children getting doxed? In the end both sides made pathetic threats to call the party van on one another and today you can find Uber lurking on #wiki, obsessing over Meepsheep and waiting for any new information about him.

  • Schnookums - Schnookums came to ED by way of FurAffinity with extensive wiki knowledge after having been involved in furfaggotry for the better part of a decade. Initially his intentions were to write a buttmad attack article, however, because he has no job, no friends, and is on extensive amounts of mood altering medications he stayed and began to harass every single person who made an edit anywhere. For roughly six months Schnookums made a comment on every single talk page, multiple times, spreading his Schnookums Icon3.png furfaggot squirrel dick icon to the masses to promote fur acceptance. Schnookums decided his e-peen wasn't big enough so he started a fight with an oldfag. He spent two solid months googling the individual out of extreme butthurt, disguising it as a troll and tried to get 888chan to join him and got told to fuck off. This war was short lived and Zaiger told him to stop, so he stopped. Schnookums couldn't hold it in long however as one week later he was editing the oldfag's article again. Zaiger once again told him to shut the fuck up, and Schnookums responded the only way a faggot knows how -

Why Uberfukken never had a date.


Schnookums had his SysOp privileges removed which effectively makes him a Disgraced Encyclopedia Dramatician. Later Zaiger told Schnookums to shut the fuck up for the third time, which caused such enormous butthurt that Schnookums archived the entire talk page without a backlink and tried to spam the forum.

  • Gigantopithecus - The only user to ever receive 4 separately earned fagtags (Rackateer had at least six), Giga is quite possibly the most unfunny butthurt person in the world. Attacked Likeicare when he first joined the forum for his shitposts only to have the tables turn and get attacked himself. It is widely speculated that Gigantopithecus is deeply in love with Likeicare and has even gone as far as to attach his image and likeness to full-sized body pillows. Soon after being nominated he began editing this article and threatening to dox those who revert his butthurt. Ended up being doxed and running away.
  • Phobos - While his time was short on ED, he made his mark by attempting to implicate Oddguy on child pornography charges (and unintentionally implicating meepsheep instead) and doxing Uberfukken. Received a fagtag for incessant shitposting, and was eventually threatened with his own dox resulting in his unexplained abrupt disappearance. His last words "SHUT UP!" still echo though the forum in their ALL CAPS red text.
  • Linkermann - The only nominee who believes having a banned account should make him win, Linkermann recently revealed himself and his dozen sock accounts to prove that he is the king of faggotry. WolfSinister (who was considered for nomination in 2012 along with two other socks), as he was previously known, was banned for extreme faggotry and received a frontal team assault from two admins, has since been posting under a number of different accounts until settling on Linkermann. His faggotry is evident in his obsession with the furry fandom and questionably homosexual innuednos. Rather obsessed with otters.
  • SWFan - This true vigilante is out to free the world of the perils of furfaggotry in the most austistic way possible: labeling them as liberals. Despite that the majority of EDF2 users are not US citizens, SWFan pours heart and soul into long winded political rants fusing the furry fandom with everything that is wrong with America. Known for stalking Equivamp, looking like a potato and on-and-off quiting the forum due to butthurt.

  • Dr. Rice - Long standing ED user, obsessed with irrelevant Sand Nigger drama, political drama, Fascism and thinks he has magic powers. Notable faggotry includes taking everything super seriously, freaking out over FBI threats due to the massive amounts of little boy porn he is in posession of, pretending to be a teenage girl to lure in more victims, and talking about how he is under drone surveillance by the NSA, which, considering the child porn, could be true, though not for the reasons he likes to tell people. It should be noted that Dr. Rice thinks he will always win in an argument on the internet, but to this date hasn't won a single one.
got so butthurt about this that 2 years later he is still trying to revert it to his edit to make himself look better and ended up making it a lot worse

  • Sexlord66 - This autistic moron immigrated here from Nuchan when he realized his mention on the Nuchan article had been turned into its own article. He dragged his ass into the wiki and contacted a a couple of admins to request that naked pictures of himself be removed. Instead they lured him into tinychat promising to remove the pictures if he shoved a sharpie up his ass and held a sign saying he loved ED while naked. Only to have that screencaped and added to the article as well. Later he staggered into the forum to complain, but his protest fell on deaf ears and to this day he is still negotiating having his nudes deleted in exchange for more nudes.
" sexlord's 9/11 post"
  • Pinktits - Pink's short-lived adventure began when she arrived on the forum and pretended to be 17 and in search of pedophiles. Before any user could expose his illegal desires her dox were pulled to save us the embarrassment of yet another user being picked up by the party van. The dox showed that she was, in fact, eighteen years of age. She quickly exposed a few more stupid details about herself, got called fat and posted a couple or butthurt posts before disappearing. It was believed she had rage-quit but was later discovered that her brother is an IT guy who found out what she was doing, took away her computer for a month and later gave it back with ED blocked.

Finally Milwin won due to democracy and strong campaigning which bought many new users to the forum.

Rejected Nominees for 2013

  • Twought - Confirmed for maybe not being the sock of Gigantopithecus. Was added to this list but deleted by an unknown sock before the poll was posted. Made personal army requsts trying to get EDF to fight his war with some Sonic forum for him, and when he got told no, was doxed and had his plan told to said forum instead. He vowed revenge and made a few futile attempts to slow down the forum with spam, made videos and offered to join Phobos in his war with EDF2.
  • GuessWho - Psychotic moron who believes that the moment you have sex you are forever an evil whore and raping non-virgins is impossible. Also deleted before the poll was posted and will be carried over to next year alongside Twought.
  • Asalieri - Nominated but not added to this article on time.
  • Starwind3437 - Asalieri's pedophile fanboy who was also not added to this article on time and will be nominated in 2014.

The 2013 Campaign Trail

The following threads are a recorded timelapse of the 2013 Faggot of the Year awards.

Lolgo.png Official Nomination Thread
Lolgo.png The opening ceremony
Lolgo.png Milwin's Scumhook Flirt Thread
Lolgo.png Milwin's ddos thread
Lolgo.png Linkermann Exposed
Lolgo.png Likeicare posting his penis again
Lolgo.png Giga's 40 page introduction to EDF2
Lolgo.png Dr. Rice Callout Thread


This year saw a large abundance of faggotry as well as the absence of many past FOTY. Overall it was pretty uneventful.


In the end, Schnookums won after almost everyone agreed that he was in fact a tremendous, cock sucking furfag and quite possibly the lowest form of life. He attempted voting for himself to prove that he doesn't care and to stop himself from winning, and also started numerous, unrepliable private conversations with members asking them to vote for him. When that failed he spammed one of the mods' sites and threatened to do the same to ED if he wins, and finally left when he won anyway. Oddguy made him FOTY shortly after 2015 started.



  • Sir Wulfington - Joined the forum to try and get EDF to troll some guy on DA who had the audacity of not accepting his criticism. When this failed, Wulfington went on a butthurt rampage, explaining to everyone on the forum that he is obviously much smarter than them and put everyone on ignore. Later got butthurt again because we don't treat black people nice enough and is now hiding in the GamerGate thread.
  • cyn - Aspie attention whore with tiny tits who quit EDF because everyone was rude to her for being a retard. Doxed so that she could come back for EDF to be laugh at some more. Her husband likes to dress up as DBZ characters.
  • Comcastboy- Tryhard wannabe troll. Still on the forum due to joining after the new "no doxing" rule.
  • cybrex - Trolled off EDF after one day. Joined thinking he would troll us but was doxed within hours and begged for his account to be deleted after his dinosaur erotica was posted on his intro thread.
  • SailorSonic - Another GOTIS infected 12 year old who thought EDF was her personal myspace and put on the internet tough guy act when she was told to shut up. After informing EDF that she wasn't and there was nothing we could do to her, she ended up literally crying on camera when people caller her a nigger on tinychat. She then sperg-spammed the forum with her own dox and was banned.
  • Lilycuster - Came here from Ogrish or some run-off of it thinking she was tough shit. Posted her old-lady tits on the forum and acted like a cunt until someone posted pictures of her daughter. Ran back to her original website and got trolled there as well. Ogrish was spammed with Wilkins Coffee and much merriment was had.
  • Silverhaze06- Thinking he was a master troll he joined EDF, got butthurt at CallMeMaggot and tried to hide his butthurt by spamming everything until people stopped calling him butthurt. Then he attempted to pretend to be his own ex-girlfriend to get us to troll her for him, but when she was contacted and exposed the fact he literally sucks dicks for money he left.
  • XxTryingTooHardxX - Nominated for BAWWWing, quitting the forum, flouncing about how EDF is evil, then coming back and trying to pretend like nothing happened. Quit again, came back for the second time to play it off as a troll before quitting and returning for the third time.
  • Zaiger - ED admin "Zaiger" is nominated for his new "pro-lolcow, no fun allowed" policy and because he insisted I add him as a nominee.
  • MessyJessie - Recently unbanned and still retarded, Jessie was nominated because she's addicted to the forum and has no friends. Already nominated for 2015's FOTYA for starting 2014 off strong and threatening to kill herself yet again.
  • Schnookums - Crybaby zoophile who got to be a moderator for exactly one day before being demoded for being a retard and rage-quitting ED to edit wikifur instead. Known for begging people in privet conversations to give him Uberfukken's dox.
  • HideousShitFinder - Regretted joining almost the moment she made the account. Was promised that it would be deleted if she posted her tits. She did and left, but the account was (obviously) never deleted. Later hacked by someone on 4chan.
  • fxhd - Spammed shit and was an annoying tryhard. Doxed and quit.
  • White nationalist - Jumped to the defense of fxhd and suffered the same fate.
  • IKillFurfags - Acted like a tard and bragged about how he can't get doxd. Ended up getting doxd anyway and exposed as a furfag himself despite his username.
  • Watership - WatershipsDown, the autistic pedofur, spent his time acting like a tard, posting his shit art, and refusing to leave or admit he can't draw. A quick lookup uncovered pictures of him celebrating his 19th birthday with a cake that had his fursona on it.
  • gert7 - Lonely. Has no friends. Spends 24 hours a day in the shoutbox talking about his depression and hoping that someone will talk to him (they never do). Too scared to post on the actual forum or just kill himself already.
  • HomsarSumo - Came for the sole purpose of making personal army threads about people he didn't like on DeviantArt. While the first thread was successful, when the second failed to get anyone to care he began making new threads about every single new piece of art this person posted and didn't stop until a mod told him that he would ban him.
  • Turbogook - Got butthurt over a mod changing the titles of his news thread and wend apeshit. "Takes a break" from the forum every other week.

Lolgo.png FOTY voting thread


Nominations for the 2015 Faggot of the Year award began on October 10th, 2015 with a nomination thread and voting for the top 10 biggest fucking faggots of 2015. Sir Wulfington led the pack (getit?) until the very end when Boudica climbed to first place after a hard hitting campaign message.

Lolgo.png Official FOTY 2015 Top 10 Nomination Vote Lolgo.png Official FOTY 2015 Voting Thread (Later Narrowed to Two Candidates)

2015 Faggot Campaign Flyers About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Foty 2015 nominationsfix.png

In the end, the list was narrowed down to 10 candidates. However, in the first of many FOTY firsts, the extreme and unprecedented levels of faggotry of Romeo Rose, who joined after the initial nominations were completed, caused Lemon Hornet to be dropped from the Top 10 and Romeo Rose to be added in his place. For the first and only time in FOTY history, two contenders were tied at 63 votes each. This unprecedented situation led to a second-round vote between Sir Wulfington and Romeo Rose.

Foty 2015.png

On January 22, 2016 this final round of voting completed, and it was determined without a doubt that Romeo Rose was indeed the biggest faggot EDF had seen in 2015 despite having only joined the forum 10 days before the end of the year. To celebrate his victory, in addition to the shiny rainbow medal and permanent fagtag, one enterprising EDiot created a website in his honor, which has since been taken down but can still be viewed here. We encourage all of you to visit and pay tribute.

Romeo Rose Wulfington FOTY.png

Romeo Rose FOTYfix.png
  • Romeo Rose Lolgo.png Guy who can't get laid makes documentary about kissing - Romeo Rose is best known on the internet for his website Sleepless In Austin where he offers $1500 to anyone who can find him a girlfriend who meets his exact specifications. This earned him a few interviews on local TV stations as well as a brief mention on the Howard Stern show back in 2013. In December of 2015, an ED user wrote an article about him which inadvertently led to him joining the forum to defend his ass backwards views. Romeo quickly set off the autism alarms with his long winded rambling, incoherent threats towards his "haters", spamming his entire collection of personal photographs, and extreme, unrelenting narcissism. Shortly thereafter, numerous new members showed up who apparently had been tracking his activity for years which led to an autism overload from both sides that left EDF in complete shock and awe. EDF user Sugar Bombs attempted to reason with him over Skype which led to Romeo having a complete mental breakdown, throwing a screaming fit and making physical threats to a very calm and collected Sugar, all of which was recorded and posted on the thread. Romeo has since flounced from the site no less than four times, threatened ED with legal action, and reposted blogs which he believe undeniably implicate ED for promoting a meth and pedophile ring. This drama is ongoing and many predict it's nowhere close to ending.

Rejected Nominees

  • Boudica - Boudica is a former ED admin who contributed absolutely nothing to the wiki and used her powers to act as the humor-police to new users despite being painfully unfunny herself. On the forum, Boudica was best known for getting incredibly upset with anyone who disagreed with her angsty teenage political views, which included but was not limited to hating conservatives (even though she was overwhelmingly racist) and being a closet feminazi. Boudica spent most, if not all, of her time on ED arguing with admins and sending disgusting nude photographs of her saggy tits to anyone who was nice to her. After having flounced from the site on four separate occasions as well as two separate bans for her to "chill out", Boudica eventually quit ED forever. (Top 10 Finalist.)
  • Devan Devil - While this faggot nominee didn't have a dedicated thread or a specific incident to campaign with, Devan Devil made his mark with a three month spree of making the dumbest comment award for every thread he posted in. Whether it be about politics, another user, or just shooting the shit, you could always count on Devan to try exceptionally hard to fit in with the most idiotic assessment of the situation intermingled with spouting off an old in-joke he didn't understand. Devan just wanted to be liked and he made that very clear in the shoutbox every time he butted into a conversation, but unfortunately August rolled around and it was time for him to start freshman year of high school. Due to being a low intensity nuisance, Devan was not able to secure his nomination for Faggot of the Year.


  • Devi Ever Lolgo.png The Devi Ever dump thread - Known tranny lolcow, joined the forum after a successful and heart-warming AMA on KiwiFarms looking for more friends to solicit funds from in the internet drama community. His reception on EDF was not what he/she/it expected and after being ridiculed for one day he deleted all of his posts and made a final plea to never have an article written. He would later go back to Kiwi Farms in an attempt to deny his involvement with EDF claiming that was not himher, however an admin followed it to KiwiFarms in order to debunk that lie. After being proven 100% that it was him, Devi Ever ragequit Kiwi Farms as well. Thus far, an article still has not been written because nobody actually cares about this ugly transvestite whore.
  • TheDOSFag Lolgo.png Immelmann - DOSFag first made his way to ED via the wiki where he contributed nothing but a FAQ about himself and became friends with the sock account of disgraced ED admin and former FOTY nominee, Onideus. After discovering the forums, he began his conquest of finding friends by making a personal army request against some DA tart while going into extensive detail about his love for fanfics and the incredibly uninteresting origins of his username. DOSFag was fittingly deemed a faggot almost immediately, and fell victim to clever social engineering that resulted in him sharing his autistic fanfic in private message, which was then immediately shared with the forum. DOSFag then stated that the only way he would leave ED if an article about him was created, which led to an article about him being created the very same day. As promised, he left. Months later, DOSFag was spotted on an autism support forum ranting and raving about how evil ED is. Screencaps of his activity there was posted on EDF, which led to a raid of the forum, and ultimately DOSFag and numerous EDiots being banned as their admins made a mad dash to suppress the chaos. (Top 10 Finalist.)
  • Kyle Perkins & *Julianne Irace Lolgo.png Juliannne Irace thought she was hot shit - EDFB drama that eventually found its way onto the forums. Julianne Irace and Kyle Perkins were in love, however that love turned sour and Kyle spent his life stalking her through various online communities. Julianne found her way to the ED Facebook group and tried making friends through shitflooding and threats. Kyle followed shortly after and then wrote an article about Julianne, becoming some kind of EDFB shitty attack article hero. Once Kyle found his way to the forum, he was met with skepticism and then was under investigation by lead detective Maggot who found that Kyle was a narcissistic pedophile. Maggot then wrote an article about Kyle which led to his immediate quit, and both will forever have their autism forever documented on ED servers. Despite this, both had so few votes they were eliminated in the first round on nominations, proving that nobody on the forum gives a shit about things that happen on Facebook.
  • LemonHornet - While this user only uses EDF sporadically (under the disguise of a multitude of sock accounts) LemonHornet is a well known figure on ED's Cytube channel for his perpetual and prolonged butthurt. Originally thought to be a dunce bitch from Cali, and later discovered to be a 14 year old nigglet, LemonHornet got everyone's attention by making some of the most retarded observations known to mankind and replying to everything under the sun with costanza.gif. LemonHornet then spent an entire year joining the Cytube channel in 3 minute intervals, multiple times a day, to spam his feeling about ED being a bunch of cucks. While it's arguable that there is some validity in that statement, Lemon's dedication to spending a year of his life spamming nonsense into a chatbox was determined to be worthy of a nomination.
  • Likeicare - Self proclaimed hard-chat king, nominated this year for being an internet toughguy. Accomplishments this year include making Boudica cry, making Weezus Christ cry, and authoring an uncensored blog called the Love Palace aka EDF Rumor Mill. Apparently that's not enough to be faggot of the year because he didn't get enough votes to make it past the first round. Uber and Likeicare were called out by Weezanons unknown for patting each other on the back for both being nominated as faggots, but receiving the lowest number of nomination votes.
  • LonnieRohn Lolgo.png I would like to have a ban please - Nobody really knows who LonnieRohn is. Some suspect he created a "pls ban me" thread and then self-doxed begging users for IRL harassment, however these reports are unconfirmed because nobody gave a shit then and nobody gives a shit now.
  • MessyJessie Lolgo.png New User "MessyJessie" Confirmed Insane Whore - MessyJessie is a long standing figure in the Faggot of the Year awards, having spent 3 years of her life seeking revenge on the evil ED admins who exposed her as being an STD infected prostitute. Although she has never won a FOTY award, Jessie currently holds the most-viewed lolcow thread on EDF. Throughout 2015, she used countless sock accounts and was eventually allowed to return because admins got sick of banning her. She was then a regular forum user and bounced between being civil to batshit insane on a day to day basis, giving thorough psychoanalysis of each member's apparent mental disorder (See Also: Projection). Shit hit the fan when another user photoshopped an image of her dead grandfather in a gay sex orgy, sending her off the deep end and once again making baseless threats against admins. An agreement was finally reached where the image would be deleted if she never returned. Jessie has not returned since. (Top 10 Finalist.)
  • Oddguy - Oddguy somehow managed to be nominated but was not on the voting ballot. Users suspect Jewish conspiracy.
  • PMFO Lolgo.png Trolling da space battles communities - An actual 12 year old on the internet, PMFO's short forum tenure was marked by spamming randumb "gecko jesus" rants in every thread, being a general nuisance and inadvertently doxing himself on the first week. No big deal he said, and continued spouting come at me bro and other 9gaggeries. After a picture of him wearing a birthday cone was posted, "What a beautiful young man" he proclaimed. He seemed indestructible. Until a picture of his house was posted, then he agreed that if the picture was removed he would leave the forum forever. EDF obliged, removed the picture, and he left. For a week. He came back with a gimmick sock account pretending to be a jew, and a week after that came back as himself to continue his master trolling of EDF. Until the picture of his house was posted again, at which point he released this video and was never seen again:

PMFO falls short of Faggot of the Year with this video

  • RabidAntiRadFem Lolgo.png Being an Anti-Feminist On Tumblr - RabidAntiRadFem made her way to EDF to share her exploits of arguing with feminists on tumblr, hoping to acquire many ass pats in the process to stroke her inflated sense of self worth. She instead was met with hostility as it was determined she was no better than the people she was arguing with. Her initial response was foaming at the mouth rage, typing her anger to anyone who disagreed with her, which consisted of the entirety of the DA subforum. She then foolishly proceeded to delete all her posts, which were quickly reverted and used to create an article about her. The rage reached breaking point shortly thereafter and she began spamming reports, demanding her account be deleting, and threatening the site with DMCA. EDF users responded by spamming her tumblr inbox with over 150 messages telling her she looks like a crack whore. She then closed down all her internet accounts spent months sending frivolous legal threats to CloudFlare which were systematically disregarded. Since then, she has reopened her tumblr account and continues ranting about feminists and now about how Encyclopedia Dramatica are a bunch of monsters. (Top 10 Finalist.)
  • SeeBeen - SeeBeen, a server administrator from the shithole country known as Serbia, answered Zaiger's call for a new sysadmin on Twitter after E flounced. While Seebeen did a fair job in moving data from one part of the internet to another, his chronic case of "new moderator syndrome" was made apparent as he joined the forum and went full Ellen Pao by enforcing rules that didn't even exist. Leaving behind him a trail of pointlessly locked threads, deleting user comments he deemed as off-topic, and banning people for being mean to him, Seebeen was the literal incarnation of a noob in God-mode. After being told to calm his shit 40 times by Zaiger and numerous unsuccessful attempts to remove Likeicare from the site, Seebeen has since given up on ED community management and has become sleeper cell waiting for Zaiger to die so he can permanently remove the forums for not respecting his authority. Failed to acquire enough votes for the final election because when people realize he's from Serbia, they're inclined to cut him some slack.
  • Sexlord66 - Nominated for both 2013 and 2014, Sexlord is a known internet menace who regularly posts pictures of his gaping assholes and the objects he inserts within. At this point his nomination into the FOTY field is institutional, however he fails break the top 10 any year because when it's all said and done, he's just an incredibly whiny bitch. When he's not spreading his asshole for the public eye, he's begging ED to delete his article, while at the same time using a sock account to add more content to it. In 2015 Sexlord was finally doxed, which lead to a significant decrease in his postings, something which most everyone is grateful for.
  • Sir Wulfington Lolgo.png Sir Wulfington Battle Grounds - Sir Wulfington first appeared on EDF in 2014 and was immediately involved in a DA slapfight over how he shouldn't be giving anyone artistic advice based on how incredibly untalented his own work is. After this short spat, Wulf spent an entire year reposting every meaningless Gamergate related tweet to occur on the internet. Once 2015 rolled around, he poked his head outside of the Gamergate thread and got into another art related argument that provided about 20 pages worth of text walls of him reassuring everyone how right he is. In a rare moment, the entire DA subforum ganged up on him and it wasn't long until the rest of EDF took notice and began digging into his past to find that he is not only a furry, but a bestiality apologist who was ridiculed out of a number of different forums, including but not limited to Kiwi Farms. Wulfington refused to take the hint and leave, instead replying to every accusation with giant walls of text for weeks on end. His narcissism eventually led to his downfall as within these text walls he accidentally disclosed information which would lead to his dox. Wulfington realized that having his IRL name tied to posts that support bestiality was not good, so he quit the forum, deleted his twitter, and vanished off the face of the internet forever. (Top 2 Finalist.)
  • TooGraphicForTV Lolgo.png Who do you like more? - TG4TV came to EDF by way of cytube, after having spent months in his own channel by himself. Being unemployed and on disability, TG4TV would stay in the channel 24/7 as he was attempting to court Wiz, who he thought was a hot native girl. Wiz of course was not, and then TG4TV found out that Wiz was instead a chubby native boy, he sent a private message to EDF's elite making a personal army request to get revenge on Wiz for catfishing the fuck out of him. The EDF users in question told him to fuck off, and thus TG4TV began his quest to "take out" the cool kids club on EDF. This didn't fare well for him, as within his first attempt he was immediately exposed for being a sad handicapped divorcee who spent every waking moment of his life fruitlessly trying to find love on the internet. TG4TV was ridiculed off the forum and retreated to the facebook group, and spent months private messaging people trying to convince them how he's not butthurt. He eventually quit ED altogether and has not been seen since. (Top 10 Finalist.)
  • turbogook - Turbogook is an Asian who posts his dick and has been around ED since forever. Turbogook's forum experience thus far has been raging at likeicare, talking to himself, arguing with anyone who replies and asking for help on his Kevin Mann article. General consensus is that turbogook represents the top 3% of most autistic users of all time and is currently the most autistic active poster. Fittingly enough, he spends most his time on EDFB.
  • Uberfukken - Uberfukken was nominated for going into damage control and doxing people after his love affair with Endsenten was brought into the light, taking himself too seriously as the years go by and continuously commenting on the fact that he has the most likes on the forum...within a page or two of saying that post ratings don't mean shit and anybody who cares about them is autistic . Failed to acquire enough votes to be in the top 25.
  • Vermin Lolgo.png Mod tag - Also known as "Animal" Brian Wilson and Sickpuppy, Vermin was supposedly a .com relic who returned to ED because he loved memes and sharing nude photographs of himself. His initial entrance in 2014 was met with a swift ban as he was determined to be a furfaggot attention whore who would contribute nothing to the site. Vermin would appear months later under a sock account, and managed to brown-nose his way to becoming an ED admin by kissing ass and writing unfunny articles about his numerous self proclaimed sexual deviance, which included asphyxiation and smelling like shit. Vermin's downfall began when he joined the forums and tried integrating with the community by encouraging other members to (literally) masturbate with him on Tinychat, and parading forum in-jokes that he was never involved with. He even went so far as to buy a Wilkins Coffee mug on eBay. Vermin mostly flew under the radar until he was made a moderator, at which point the entire forum unleashed an onslaught of hate and insults until he eventually had a meltdown which led to him getting banned for being a sockpuppet of a previously banned user. (Top 10 Finalist.)

Facebook like.png Vermin likes this.

  • Weezus Christ Lolgo.png Sexy Wiki Adventures 2: Final Reckoning - Also known IRL as Trevor Fitzroy (yes, he shares a real name with an X-Men villain) has been an active ED user since the .com era. Known primarily for his MS-Paint artwork and posting extensively detailed bullshit stories about his life such as the time he was raised by a pack of wolves, Weezus can be found on any given day in the ED Tinychat room talking to himself for hours on end. His faggotry comes this year in the form of a completely derailed thread dedicated to the doxing of a well known internet nuisance, instead making it about himself and how he's not upset on the internet, something which he explains in no less than 50,000 words over the course of two weeks. While his lack of understanding in how to not appear butthurt despite having been on ED for so long is astounding, it was not enough to earn him more than a nomination and he fell short of making it to the final vote. If you care for further details, he will gladly explain it to you over Tinychat for six hours.
  • Wiz - Wiz is a proud native Canadian and real-life social justice warrior who joined ED pretending to be a woman in an attempt to catfish anyone who took the bait. This endeavor was actually successful as he managed to trap fellow FOTY nominee TG4TV for the better part of two months. Wiz however had his own set of problems in the form of a desperate need for acceptance and constantly begging for admin privs on cytube to justify his existence. He was given these privs for a short period of time for the purpose of pissing off TG4TV, however lost them shortly after for faggot-enabling and being a constant nuisance with his thinly veiled social justice antics. Wiz got his ass handed to him when he doxed another user on the forum for being mean to him, which led to Wiz being doxed himself almost immediately and having his numerous youtube videos featuring himself as a chubby teen instead of the hot native girl he was pretending to be. Wiz would then become an in-joke on Cytube with his face plastered in the channel's banner declaring his mission to stop the white menace, which led to him flouncing from the site for a few months. Wiz has since returned and now keeps a low profile on the forum. (Top 10 Finalist.)
  • wretchedgretchen - Gretchen was nominated out of habit and really didn't do anything to deserve it this year. Unless you count shitposting in every thread and crying for an entire year about his disabled edit button. Once Gretchen was finally given his edit privs back, he emoquit ED forever and hasn't been seen since except in Cytube where he still shows up to complain about staff.
  • Zaiger - Head honcho, nominated for the relentless malicious pop-up ads and using official ED social media accounts to be a drunk Gamergate shill. Despite this, he failed to get enough votes to make it past the first round because nobody on the forum uses twitter and they all have ad-block.
  • zew0 Lolgo.png SoCal couch available for EDF folk passing through - Zew0 is a regular ED contributor who first got noticed by posting an unprovoked suicide threat video in the Kiwi Farms thread which featured him tying a noose around his neck and threatening to jump off the balcony of his second floor apartment. This combined with his countless attempts to get people on ED to travel halfway across the world to hang out with him and "sleep on his couch", eventually led to mass mockery and a new in-joke in the form of #couchcrew - a group of members who would incessantly remind everyone that they had a couch anyone on EDF could crash on. This mockery led to a meltdown where he threatened to murder admins, followed by a week long flounce. Zew0 has since returned and continues to contribute to ED while maintaining a low profile. (Top 10 Finalist.)



This year has been rife with other sites dumping their lolcows on us to troll and multiple suicide threats, but in the end, one faggot pulled through. After a second round of voting that was made for the sole reason of trash talking him and his runner up some more, Zew0 won and seemingly left the forum while emailing Zaiger he's going to kill himself.


Foty2016 01.png
  • zew0 - One of the forum's biggest autists. Most notable for his last year entry into FOTYA of videotaping himself threatening to kill himself because we made fun of him and uploading it to YouTube. This year he upped the ante by trying to blackmail Sugar Bombs for nudes and ending up being blackmailed himself.
  • Bawwwtist Lolgo.png Huh...so I need dating advice. - Mongoloid who asked us for dating tips and, when people actually gave him sincere advice instead of calling him a faggot, turned around and started acting high-and-mighty as soon as that advice landed him a girlfriend. Eventually that GF literally cucked him instead of ever letting him fuck her and we all had a laugh.
  • SaytrSaturn/Zimiscrazy - Gay hairy homo who got doxed and had his nudes posted on the forum. Responded by saying he's actually an old ED user who was baiting people to troll this guy. He was told that the people responding already knew that, at which point he too was doxed and exposed as a brony, then deleted all his posts and quit.
  • kurisu - Jobless, closet gay, alcoholic who's girlfriend once made him cum in his own mouth.
  • Pachirisu Lolgo.png Hey everyone - KYM reject who joined ED to try and make us his personal army in his war on the KYM mods who banned him. The mods soon joined and informed us he was banned for being an edgelord who threatened to rape people on the forum because they made fun of him. Got doxed and exposed as a 13-year-old goat fucker. Quit EDF but later returned out of loneliness.
  • zaiger - Thanks to over a year's worth of fierce alcoholism half of the site's staff has been replaced with autistics, all of whom have been banned multiple times.
  • Nigger_Pussy Lolgo.png Hey guys! - Hillbilly, white supremacist who was appalled to find out most Nazis on this site are just trolling, and even those who aren't think he's a retard. Doxed, quit, has a disease that makes his nipples comically large.
  • PinkyEvey/spikedust - Two tranny pedophiles who joined the forum one after the other to fight each other over who's the biggest child molester and eventually both got butthurt at each other and quit without anyone on the forum caring.
  • MachomanRandalSavage - Newfag user was quickly disliked upon arrival due to his abrasive personality. upset by this, he covertly approached two other users in their inbox for advice. The two then encouraged him to act like an even bigger faggot, promising him it would earn him respect and kept going until he eventually got doxed.
  • Fukken_NewGay - MGTOW MRA who's on the forum to redpill us is currently awaiting charges to be filed over his recent sexual assault.
  • Volt11891519 - Autistic #GamerGate lawyer who we once encouraged to jeopardize his career by filing a bunch of baseless IRS audit requests against various SJW's gets beat up and robbed by a prostitute he thought was in love with him. Offers money to anyone on EDF who will help him end his own life. Never logs in again. Presumably dead.
  • Likeicare - Disgraced moderator. Upset by Vermin's article being deleted went on an autistic spergout.
  • Fatal_Exception_0E - Likeicare's would-be gay lover. Got trolled by him once and now, a year later, is still obsessed with him and mentions him in every thread/tries to dox him by asking him for dox and then cries when his love isn't reciprocated/everyone calls him a faggot. So pathetic and overly sensitive he had to beg to have his username changed multiple times in hopes people would not recognize him. But is either spotted again due to his faggotry every time, or is still trolled for it even by people who don't realize it's him. Got buff to overcompensate for his tiny penis that he gets super defensive about when anyone mentions it.
  • HomsarSumo - After making one or two successful personal army requests on the DA subforum was extremely butthurt when his following PARs were answered by everyone telling him to fuck off. In an attempt to "take his ball and go home" as it were (not realizing the big kids already have it and are not giving it back), he demanded the threads he started people were actually posting in be deleted and attempted to vandalize them. When his requests were denied and his edits were reverted he went on a perpetual spergout that has now lasted well over a year without anyone actually caring.




There was a contest, but it was put aside to give Zaiger the win, after he tried to kill ED and its forums because we were catching onto him and his use of ED cash to fund his drug habit (among other things). He failed, and thus won the award hands down,, losing to a guy who shot up a school and lost a fight to a couch. The other canidates include:

  • Al Gore/SatanicDruggie: A Blockland playing manchild and supreme edgelord who shocked the old media by shooting up a school in New Mexico after shitting up ED for nearly a decade with his neo nazi propaganda. Finally snapped and shot up a school 2 days before the site's 12th birthday. An even worse mass shooter than Randy Stair.
  • Sock Dog: Bug chasing hipster turned down by a female user. Went full MRA fedora warrior attempting to dox and shame, ended up doxing and humiliating himself after arguing for 60 pages in an autistic callout thread attempt where he accused the girl of being a pedophile.
  • Dropdatwat: Underage retard, won't shut up about his school work and brags about buying cigarettes. Still here, not shutting up, despite being given a clean slate after the backup restore. Cried desperately to not be nominated.
  • Urnotreallyalive: Onideus, nominated for the 5th year in a row. Never quits. Recently flounced/was banned from the site for what might be the final time after no longer being able to bribe Zaiger to unban him.
  • Tyrantrum: Know Your Name rapeugee, promptly thrown back in the ocean with the other rapeugees when his raft arrived at ED.
  • Ram Doss: Actual retard, spends his disability money on essential oils and then writes blogs about how it was DMT.
  • JuniusThaddeus: An ex-ED sysop. Was nominated for writing articles about people and then deleting them when the people he writes about google his username (which happens to be his real name) and call his mom. Claims to be retired, never actually leaves.
  • Donny Long: Kiwi Farms lolcow. Became our lolcow for a month while they were offline. Had an article, but Junius deleted it.
  • Jamie Leigh Fisher: Youtube personality, complete moron. "Cool mom, loving wife." Came here looking for viewers and left by deleting all her videos. Can be found demanding to speak to the manager at Walmart.

Disqualified Nominees

  • Akula: Jewish libtard that joined the site when he was about 14. After years of associating with ED, went to college and joined antifa. Briefly became a meme after a cringy picture of him in a socialism tshirt at an anti-trump riot was posted online. Probably wouldn't want his new friends to know about his history with ED and now regularly cries on Facebook accusing people who make fun of him of antisemitism. Disqualified for not actually being on the forum anymore.
  • D-Malice: Former staff member on the site back during the .com era. Recently convicted of molesting a 13 year old boy. Disqualified for not actually being on EDF anymore.


2018's foty ended with forum users Mikemikev and dropdatwat competing for top spots. Which ended with Mikemikev winning.


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