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The English MULTICULTURALIST Defense League (EMDL) (Demographically it is becoming less English and more and more Diverse) are a street protest organisation combating the overwhelming influx of insidious Islamic ways threatening to engulf the United Kingdom ever since football matches became too expensive and well policed for them to attend and give some cunt a good kicking. The EDL are often erroneously described as being racist however given that their ranks include persons of non-caucasian ethnicity and differing religious ideology; including an entire Jewish division, this assertion can be easily discounted.

What makes the EDL much more dangerous is how it reflects a wider political and cultural war.


Arise Sir knight!
Self perception
U WOT M8?!

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson (Real name: Steve Lennon), a pseudo-nationalist, pro-multiculturalist, race and cultural egalitarian Irish drunk founded EDL sometime in 2009. For four years he led the organisation down a promising road of football hooliganism, participating in one-hundred-man brawls and occasionally protesting Islam or something. Tommy and the EDL claim to only be against radical Islam, not realizing all Muslims are psychopathic con-men and murderers. So according to the EDL, the fact that 5% of the population of the UK is Muslim and growing is A-Okay as long as they're peaceful and tolerant.

Tommy sides with the enemy

Tommy left the EDL in 2013 after being recruited by a muzzie to join some tolerant circlejerk; he had seemingly become "worried" by "far-right extremism" within the group. Tommy now prefers Muslim brotherhood to the EDLfags.

I don't want to lead the revolution against Muslims.I believe that the revolution needs to come from within the Islamic community and they need to stand up. And I believe this is a step forward not a step back.


Tommy goes to prison... again

Having already served twelve months for assault prior to EDL, Tommy returned to the clink in January 2014 for mortgage fraud, presumably having taken some tips from his new totally not dishonest swarthy bum-chums. Robinson can expect to spend the next 18 months in a 15% Muslim populated prison. But he totally won't get raped or murdered because not all Muslims are bad.



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