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Thizz in peace, our hyphy overlord.

Welcome to the Thizzlehat Junction Center. This is your place to mention news and anything needing adminly attention. You can also use the shortcut TJC.

While you wait for attention, have a look at what needs to be done around here by clicking the shiny blue links below.

Real-time discussion about ED content and/or help from an ED Sysop can be found at #wiki and #ed on IRC. Check your fear, drama and faggotry at the door.

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Fashioned in the spirit of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary, Encyclopedia Dramatica's purpose is to provide a central catalog for the e-public to view parody and satire of drama, memes, e-pals, and other interesting happenings on the Internets. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, reference-style parody, to poke fun at everyone and everything. You can read more about the origin of Encyclopedia Dramatica in our About section.


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Police.gif Don't archive this section, simply delete resolved entries.
  • Other staff pls elaborate on this, maybe keep it at the top of the TJC indefinitely. No matter how small the meme or internet event, we need a place to be new user's muse for writing articles. Please add to this list, and the next person who archives the TJC leave this post at the top please. --Mantequilla (talk) 00:51, 7 May 2015 (EDT)
Should we marge Encyclopedia Dramatica:Needed/Proposed with the TJC? Maybe we sort out suggestions that aren't crap. Weasel avatar2.png reply 08:34, 7 May 2015 (EDT)

  1. - Mark Millar: The Kick-Ass guy. added 23:46, 17 May 2015 (EDT) by JuniusThaddeus
  1. We need need a Mark Miller Mark Millar article in order to balance all this Gamersate stuff out, and the Metal Gear Solid article needs more information on Ground Zeroes and its treatment of Paz. --JuniusThaddeus 23:53, 17 May 2015 (EDT)
  •  ????? What did Mark Miller do? G Head.png oddguy G Head.png 03:29, 18 May 2015 (EDT)
    • Sorry, I just realized that his surname is "Millar", not "Miller". Oh, and he makes dumb products. --JuniusThaddeus 07:44, 18 May 2015 (EDT)
  • lol what a faggot... I guess no one was impressed with his "acting". G Head.png oddguy G Head.png 07:53, 18 May 2015 (EDT)
  1. leftypol - It's the 8chan board that's basically /pol/ for communists G Head.png oddguy G Head.png 12:03, 29 May 2015 (EDT)
  2. RevLeft- Internet's biggest communist circlejerk.Why did noone ever write an article on it?--Boudica 19:02, 16 June 2015 (EDT)
  3. Serenity (Comic) - /co/ marathons/storytimes this classic christian comic every Christmas and Easter. The creator of the book has responded to /co/ as well.--Desu walk.gifTalk to me|Contribs 10:05, 16 June 2015 (EDT)
  4. Zoey Tur - Transsexual Twitter-favicon.png Zoeytur threatened so send Twitter-favicon.png benshapiro home in an ambulance on live television (Dr Drew) and later threatened to curb stomp him on twitter for stating his beliefs that Bruce Jenner is a man no matter what he says. Google will give you a lot of information. They even had an outlash at the official ED twitter account if you search both names together. --Mantequilla (talk) Mantequilla.png 00:50, 21 July 2015 (EDT)
I'll start on Viper the Rapper, Serenity aand WIREDCheckmark 2.gif later tonight.--Desu walk.gifTalk to me|Contribs 18:36, 10 July 2015 (EDT)
  1. From May 2014: ASU student assaults man carrying a sign. KYM has a deadpooled entry. yes this is old, but it would be interesting to know more about the people in this video. There's a dubstep remix here: SoundCloud Icon Orange.png zmcd/mark-mark-mark.YouTube :-hipcrimeEmote Pop tart cat.gif 23:06, 16 November 2016 (EST)
  2. White Girls Fuck Dogs - new meme
  3. Wew Lad - meme
  4. Seapunk - cousin to Vaporwave
  5. Eugenia Cooney - neogothic, emo youtuber who may be anorexic, lots of drama surrounding her, Onision, MrRepzion, and It's Black Friday are involved. --Desu walk.gifTalk to me|Contribs 01:18, 6 December 2016 (EST)
  6. Bashar al-Assad President of Syria, Putin's butt buddeh.
  7. Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories - covering notable conspiratards and etc
  8. David Duke - Former leader of KKK, notable neonazi, had hand in creation of stormfront, notable infamy
  9. Inauguration of Donald Trump - massive protests, riots and drama, spawning new carl the cucks like Luke Crywalker.
  10. Kellyanne Conway - how is she not a rapidly-growing article already?
  11. Ben Fritz - Twitter is tearing this guy a new asshole. He is the guy who wrote the pewdiepie article that lost him his contract for making nazi jokes. Turns out he is a hypocrite (surprize!), Twitter is tearing him a new asshole and trying to get him fired for making mazi jokes himself.
  12. Shadow Brokers L33T hax0rs
  13. The Internet Of Things - How are we ignoring this? Sure, hook your fridge, car, lighting, TV, and central heating up to the internet. What could possibly go wrong?
  14. Culture wars -hipcrime Emote Pop tart cat.gif 18:12, 24 April 2017 (EDT)
  15. HanAssholeSolo - Guy makes a CNN Trump gif and gets his life destroyed because of it. Intense drama right now
  • Created, leaving this up for a while. Plenty more needs to be added —Oblique (chats) 20:29, 5 July 2017 (EDT)
  1. Boogie2988 fat fuck and autist nerd, recently getting cucked by his ugly ginger whore wife like crazy, epic lulz ready to be milked.

Current Tasks

Feel free to pitch in any work we need done. We mainly need maintenance on XOTNs and the new portals, along with detailing any current shitstorms going on.

  1. As always, staff, please set XOTNs. Always ensure the next 3 days are set.
  2. Build up the Politics portal
  3. We need to have miniflag icons uploaded for every country possible, mainly for High Score.

Vox Dramatica Award

We need to award VD for the months of March, April, May, and June. Are you a frequent contributor? Do you think your edits aren't shit? If so, explain below why you think your shit smells sweet and you'll probably get the award!

Can someone please fix images and image uploads

I haven't been able to upload images for the last 2 days. Now all the existing images on older articles (like 9/11) aren't showing up. — GirlOnInternet SquiglySmall.png 11:32, 10 September 2017 (EDT)

"ok working on it" - Zaiger says he's working on it. Hold onto your butts! (and watch out for raptors... and lemon whores... gawd damn lemon whores).
--Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 01:46, 11 September 2017 (EDT)
RIP Haley Paige. — GirlOnInternet SquiglySmall.png 12:37, 11 September 2017 (EDT)
Restart! periodic restarts! this server is getting annoying. -LIODPhoenix Emblem.png 04:30, 11 September 2017 (EDT)
We need new servers, check out my post at the bottom. --Mantequilla (talk) Mantequilla.png 15:31, 11 September 2017 (EDT)

Nigglers Gonna Nig About The Word Nigger

There is a giant shit storm abrewin after Pewds fired off the N-Bomb on a live stream. Shit so crazy the game dev of the crap he was playin during the stream had a pissy fit over it and is threatening to DMCA... everything... literally, gawd damn EVERYTHING!

Dis gun be good!  :D

--Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 08:08, 11 September 2017 (EDT)

  • Online community pretends they didn't hear nobodies say it 12 times before lunch yesterday. TylerRosenow 15:25, 11 September 2017 (EDT)
Only 12?
Nigga, nigga, nigga... crackers actin like they ain't ever hear nigger. --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif
Jesus is my nigger...
Christian swag, yo! --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 04:48, 12 September 2017 (EDT)

Slight update, Polygon wrote this wondrously inaccurate article which was so full of fucking shit I sent the following to the "lawyer" who wrote the stupid mess:

Regarding your article on Polygon...
The DMCA specifically forbids any person, other than the copyright holder, or their respective agents, from filing a DMCA claim... in fact under DMCA doing so constitutes a form of FRAUD, which is a federal felony.
Even beyond that it's possible to file a DMCA claim IN BAD FAITH, which would also get you into a LOT of trouble. See Lenz v. Universal Music Corp., 572 F.Supp.2d 1150 (N.D. Cal., 2008).
Even further, game streaming most certainly is NOT illegal, on any level, in fact The US Copyright Office specifically states that “Copyright does not protect the idea for a game, its name or title, or the method or methods for playing it. Nor does copyright protect any idea, system, method, device, or trademark material involved in developing, merchandising, or playing a game.”
It's Fair Use and it's Fair Use on such a firmly established level that the game developer is clearly and deliberately attempting to commit mass copyfraud in the form of a SLAPP suit (as well as openly encouraging others to do so)... which will blow up in his face and he could wind up having to pay PewDiePie hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even millions) should he be able to file an anti-SLAPP suit (depending on what state it's filed in).

To which they then replied back...

Thank you for sharing your opinion with us.
Please bear in mind that articles posted by our attorneys are not intended as legal advice and are provided for general education and informational purposes. In particular, this article lays out the uncertainty of the legality of game streaming, the business considerations for both sides in the event of any DMCA actions, as well as the pros and cons of Fair Use defense and anti-SLAPP consequences. These business considerations (on both sides) are evolving and each situation is different
Regardless, we appreciate you taking the time to read our content and offering your perspective!

Which roughly translates to, "Yeah we probably done fucked up, but we got paid by Polygon to bullshit everybody so that's on them, not us."

--Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 16:20, 13 September 2017 (EDT)

need a donation to get shit up in working order

The image server and email servers are down, need a donation or 50-100 bucks. The sysadmin let the servers lapse and I am moving and just paid my deposit and have 2 dollars in my account. Can someone send a donation on paypal or bitcoin, please email me THIS IS NOT THE PAYPAL EMAIL. I WILL GIVE THAT TO YOU OVER EMAIL. --Mantequilla (talk) Mantequilla.png 15:30, 11 September 2017 (EDT) to:

I might have $5 left over on a cash/gift card somewhere, I'll try and find it. Won't make a huge dent, but every little bit helps. I've got $28 bucks on Google, but Google won't give you money until it reaches $100... and the filthy bastards on YouTube demonetized the video I put up for today so... yeah, fuck YouTube, I'm glad they're getting sued... in fact given that it's a class action suit I'm gonna see if I can join up. Although in hindsight I probably should have set the video to unlisted, I think YouTube largely ignores shit that's set to unlisted. At least that seems to be the case with the article videos I've got up, where the subjects have bitched about not being able to report them. --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif
Thank you very much. If anyone else can help so we can get the email back up and be able to verify new users I would get down on my knees and start sucking asap. Please email me for paypal address. --Mantequilla (talk) Mantequilla.png 14:12, 15 September 2017 (EDT)

Yay, Images!

Potato Thanks.jpg

It's like Christmas... in September... wait that's every year. --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 12:43, 15 September 2017 (EDT) W00t! --Mantequilla (talk) Mantequilla.png 14:21, 15 September 2017 (EDT)

LOLsuit And/Or DMCA Threats Incoming In 5, 4, 3...

Within two hours of finishing the Campo Santo article I popped on over to Polygon to this fun message...

Polygon - Ban.png

...somebody sure is upset!  :D

I'll go ahead and prepare a DMCA counterclaim, because ten to one says they're about to pull a Renee Bracey Sherman on us, especially since they actually seem to believe they can shell them out without repercussion... boy are they gonna be in for a bad surprise, cause I'm not PewDiePie and I sure as shit won't miss out on a choice opportunity to rightly hammer a few legal nails right into their stupid gourdes. --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 13:09, 16 September 2017 (EDT)

I'm puzzled, what's going on? LIODPhoenix Emblem.png 16:41, 16 September 2017 (EDT)
Short version... Pewds accidentally belted on out the word NIGGER in a livestream, SJWs collectively shit themselves and mainstream media (jealous of Pewds viewership) have begun an all out assault, trying to get his entire YouTube channel taken down by filing fraudulent DMCA takedowns... giant shit storm ensues.
Read the article if you want to get the all the fun insights. There's a good chance Polygon and potentially others will attempt to file DMCA take dows against ED (like RBS tried to do back in July)... I mean seeing as how they literally wrote an article claiming they can do whatever they want with the DMCA...
--Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 18:09, 16 September 2017 (EDT)
Free-Time. These people have lots of free time. LIODPhoenix Emblem.png 03:32, 17 September 2017 (EDT)

Help Button

When you click the help button in the navigation bar it leads you to MediaWiki's help page... instead of, you know... the ED help page. That should probably be fixed. --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 11:00, 17 September 2017 (EDT)

Pepe Sues All The World

This was pretty hilarious...

Apparently this is The Year Of The Copyfraud. What's weird is that you think mainstream media would be doing more to step in and try to stop these morons, because if this shit keeps up, well, one or more of these copyfraud incidents is gonna make into court (like with H3H3)... and it's gonna set the framework for neutering the entire DMCA or possibly even destroying the DMCA outright. These morons really haven't thought this shit through too well. The minute that a particular law or rule set starts being rampantly and relentlessly abused/weaponized... that's usually the turning point at which such laws are then ripped all apart completely.

Still, if the creator of Pepe, or Campo Santo, or Renee Bracey Sherman, or Matt Hoss, or Russell Greer, or any of the other kooks and crazies want to openly commit perjury or file SLAPP suits while simultaneously invoking the Streisand Effect on a legal level (which will almost completely ensure unending propagation)... heeeey, it's all shits and giggles on our end! --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 07:57, 19 September 2017 (EDT)

I think we need an updated version of this...

Somebody get Chris Ray Gun on this! --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 08:07, 19 September 2017 (EDT)

Transane SJW Commits Suicide By Cop

Trannies gonna train wreck...

Sorry did I say tranny? I meant, "bisexual nonbinary intersexed" schizophrenic. Other crazies on campus later decided to make like ANTIFA and incite a riot... but unfortunately today is not yesterday and the world has decided it's had enough of the inmates running the asylum...

Dis gun be good!  :D

--Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 18:14, 19 September 2017 (EDT)

Oh and for the morons who wonder why they shot them instead of using non-lethal alternatives...

...yeah, never trust someone with a knife... if they don't immediately comply... shoot them. Don't hesitate. Better them than you. --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 20:16, 19 September 2017 (EDT)

SJW Shanks And Shills In The Ranks

One week...,_2017

That's the average amount of time it takes the SJWs that are presently obsessing over Encyclopedia Dramatica to try and target people we talk about or feature for "of the now" stuff...

I've been systematically tracking them for about two months now, which is one of the reasons why I started doing quotes with links every day instead of every two days, so I could speed up the analysis.

One of their primary forms of attack is to file false DMCA claims as well as try and get any linked videos flagged in an effort to demonetize them or taken down outright... not just the linked video either, I mean they go through their ENTIRE video libraries trying to get as many videos falsely reported as possible. And they are METHODICAL... I mean I'm pretty gawd damn OCD myself, so when I say these crazy fucks are being methodical, I mean, "Holy shit these people literally have absolutely NO LIFE outside of the Internet!"

So anyway, keep in mind that anything, and I do mean ANYTHING you set for "of the now" content is basically a target waiting to happen. I also suspect that they might be systematically targeting YouTube videos used in articles, although I haven't done any in depth analysis to confirm that (could just be happenstance).

Oh and doxing, or attempted doxing, as well as trying to contact/shame employers, friends and family; that's another favored tactic amongst these crybully shanks and shills. --Mimkrys Gift Apple.gif 01:06, 21 September 2017 (EDT)