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Your mom posts nudes on 4chan, advance token to POTN.

EDopoly is a game similar to Monopoly in that it copies every aspect of it, however one noticeable difference no matter the outcome, you will be spending the rest of the evening fishing tokens out of your ass.

How it works

Since EDopoly exists only as image files, you as the game master are charged with the task of putting it together. Prerequisite materials include an actual Monopoly board and half a liter of semen based adhesive.

The Board


Shitpost Metropolis Noob Intro Forum #forum Anime Portal
EDF Arcade News Forum #ed Furfaggotry Portal
Hard Gay Chats #wiki DeviantArt Portal
Softwarez Portal Thizzlehat Junction Center Chanarchive E Place
Anonymous Portal Recent Changes Anonmgur Zaigerwalk
Chans Portal Main Page SrsVPS
Cloudflare Quote of the Now Collect 200 Dongs Inbox
Seven Proxies Picture of the Now Just Spamming Pop-up Ad
Video of the Now Lurk
Article of the Now Server Crash

The Money

Event Cards

Chance and Community Chest have been replaced by Inbox and Popup Ad for a lack of better creativity.

Event Cards
Inbox Popup Ad
  • You've been banned from facebook, advance to go, collect 200 dongs.
  • costanza.jpg, advance token to the Chan Portal.
  • Message from Dr. Rice about the NSA tracking your every move, advance token to nearest proxy. If already owned, pay double.
  • You create terrible OC that made the front page, advance token to nearest XOTN. If already owned, pay double.
  • Accidentally click the IRC tab and advance token to #forum. It's empty.
  • Someone made a payment to the wrong Paypal account (yours), collect 50 dongs.
  • You doxed the Sheriff, get out of jail free.
  • You're grammar sucks, go back 3 spaces.
  • Silkroad busted and so are you, go directly to jail.
  • Hosting bill is past due, each domain pay 25 dongs, each server pay 100 dongs.
  • Buy fartboxpuncher.com for 15 dongs.
  • You said something absolutely retarded, advance token to QOTN.
  • PM from Zaiger begging you for money, advance token to Zaigerwalk.
  • Write a blog, pay each player 50 dongs for making them look at it.
  • Asalieri threatens to sue you, everyone laughs. Collect 150 dongs.
  • 1,000,000th visitor, advance to go, collect 200 dongs.
  • Complete a survey, answer every question dongs, collect 75 dongs.
  • Malware infection, pay 50 dongs.
  • Click here to learn how to beat the breathalyzer test, get out of jail free.
  • CP popup, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dongs.
  • Facebook worm is successful, collect 50 dongs from every player
  • 12 hours of clickfraud, collect 20 dongs.
  • Your youtube video about auto-fellatio goes viral, collect 100 dongs.
  • Last Resort, pay 100 dongs.
  • Web maintenance, pay 40 dongs per domain, 115 dongs per server
  • The nudes you posted are now featured on Adult Friend Finder, collect 10 dongs.
  • Your domain fartboxpuncher.com sold, collect 100 dongs.
  • You may have won a free iPad, collect 50 dongs.
  • Meet a 4chan girl in your area, collect 100 dongs.

The Tokens

There are a wide variety of tokens to chose from, all of which are readily available in any EDiot's home.

  • Random action figure
  • Expired condom
  • Pocket size Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion
  • Pokemon
  • AIDS virus
  • Day old pizza
  • Dildo
  • Shot glass
  • Dildo

If you are Onideus you can also make your own tokens with legos and diaper rash cream.

Initiating a Trade

Most trades are initiated by firing an LOIC at the another player's cellphone. They will become aggravated at their inability to watch gay porn between turns and holding their penis ransom will often result in property acquisition. If that fails, this video will provide some advanced tips for trading with the more stubborn players.

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