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The kind people at EQ2Flames' Nagafen server came up with a generous way to assist newbies in EverQuest II. Then a good fellow called Pudaan decided to share it at EQ2i, the EQ2 Wiki, titled as "This isnt sea world". However, the admins there are being a bunch of fags and have deleted this important piece of information! Since we here at ED want you to get the most out of your EQ2 experience, we have mirrored this for your enjoyment.

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  1. Head to Fens of Nathsar, it is off Kylong plains which is accessible from Commonlands docks or Antonica docks. Take the boat from one of those docks to Kylong Plains. After arriving in Kylong head north. Map of the area - Kylong map.jpg
  2. After arriving in Fens of Nathsar you need to head to the Isle of the Forgotten Ape, this is a dangerous run but if you are careful even a level 10 can make it there virtually unharmed, Map of the area - Fens map.jpg
  3. Once on the island head to the Northern most tip, loc(-1,410, -412, -2,939) Once here you must wait for the boat that comes everyday at around 4am gametime. This portion of the quest is known to bug out and skip a day or two, just keep waiting and the boat will eventually show up. Don't worry about the monkey he won't attack you. The Tangrin is a raid mob that spawns every week but there is also a spawnable version that we will use for this quest.

Ape island2.jpg

  1. A few boats will arrive as you can see on the screenshot, once the large boat comes closer to shore you will be able to board. Once on board talk to Lucius Wavedancer for the quest Monkey Business. Wavedancer.jpg
  2. Once you receive the quest Monkey Business from Lucius the real fun starts, Lucius will give you the item an oddly shaped whistle

Oddly shaped whistle.jpg

  1. After receiving the whistle from Lucius you must purchase some fresh bananas from another merchant on the same boat, his name is Floppies T`Pain, the bananas are 10 silver each. Fresh banana.jpg
  2. Stand anywhere on the ape island and play your whistle (if you turn your music up you can actually hear a rough tune of "Tempted by the fruit of another" by Squeeze) This will summon the quest version of The Tangrin and also take a banana from your inventory. Once The Tangrin spawns he starts going apeshit on the boats that are docked up, you have 5 minutes to run around the island and find a beehive. It is a harvestable bush that can randomly spawn anywhere on the island.

A large honey filled beehive.jpg

  1. Once you have the beehive in your inventory find tangrin by the boats and right click the item and use it on Tangrin, this will make bee's swarm around his face and cause him to cease attacking the boats and run into the ocean.
  2. Once the boat is freed you can get back on board and talk to Lucius again, he is very grateful for the defense of the boat and offers you a ride back to Freeport or Qeynos to complete your betrayal quest.


  • Betrayal to either Qeynos or Freeport
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