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It's entirely my fault.


—Finally a rape liar who gets it

Eleanor de Freitas enjoyed hanging at seedy motels and in her closet.
How Eleanor's "clients" viewed her.

Eleanor Poppy Miranda de Freitas (a.k.a. Ellie de Frietas, Portia Pickering, Goddess Portia and EDF) was a mentally ill 23-year-old British whore and prostitute who, after a long night of consensual fucking with a 36-year-old millionaire named Alexander Economou in 2012, decided to pull the same bullshit that every white woman does and went crying to the police to falsely accuse Alexander of raping her. Fortunately, the police weren't retarded and quickly realized that actual victims do not typically go dildo shopping with someone who "raped" them the previous day.

After the charges against Alexander were dismissed, he still wanted justice and spent a fucking boatload of his own money to prosecute Eleanor for her crimes. After being informed that false rape accusers are not afforded the gift of anonymity, Eleanor quickly began to panic. Realizing that she had absolutely no chance of getting away with it and not wanting to be legitimately raped by fat bulldykes in a British wimminz prison, Eleanor decided to finally do the right thing for once in her useless life and hanged herself in her fucking closet.

Following Eleanor's much deserved death, her dumbfuck parents—whom she had previously falsely accused of poisoning her and holding her captive—decided to bitch about how their worthless cunt of a daughter was dead and proceeded to place blame on Alexander EconoLodge and the Crown Prosecution Service.

One Night in Portia Pickering's Vagina[edit]

Eleanor Poppy Miranda de Freitas (Yes, srsly...) was born on June 26, 1990, to parents Miranda de Freitas and David de Freitas.

It was after I found out she was a prostitute that I ended the relationship. She then became bitter and reported to me to police as revenge for dumping her.


—Alexander Economou Archive today-ico.png (archive)

How's It Hanging, Ellie?[edit]

Errie-Chan make Rogan Paur's kokoro go "Doki Doki"!

I have given up caring if he reoffends. I reported a crime in good faith...the police have done nothing to protect me.


—Ellie, butthurt that she lost anonymity Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I know how selfish it is but I really feel there is no way out.


—DO IT FAGGETTE Archive today-ico.png (archive)

If I were to lose the case I know that I would have brought huge shame on the family.


—Errie bring much shame to famiry Errie commit seppuku Archive today-ico.png (archive)

It's entirely my fault for what has happened and there are many other events which make me make this decision.


—Ellie, admitting that she lied Archive today-ico.png (archive)


Eleanor De Freitas chose to falsely accuse him of a crime, chose to kill herself. Her victim had no choice.


Emmanuel Goldstein‏ Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Eleanor De Freitas. This NUTTER falsley accused a man of rape, and then topped herself, cos she is a coward!!!!


—NIGEL FARAGE‏ Archive today-ico.png (archive)


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