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Elizabeth Ann Warren (née Herring) is a 69-year-old Democrat who currently serves as the senior United States Senator for the state of Massive Jewtits and is widely regarded as one of the progressive liberals' most favouritest politicians and a top contender to become the Democratic party's 2020 presidential nominee – which is utterly hilarious when you realize that this withered old cracker bitch only got to where she is because she abused affirmative action and pretended to be an Injun in order to get a job at Harvard and advance her career. Much like the majority of the other female democrats—including Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Jeff Flake and Lucifer himself—Warren is also completely fucking useless.

Because of Elizabeth Warren's past antics of trampling all over an innocent and more deserving minority's job opportunity, President Donald J. Trump has taken to nicknaming her "Pocahontas" to mock the fact that she's just another typical privileged white woman who believes herself to be immune to the consequences of her own poor decisions. In response to being given this hilarious nickname, Warren has shown absolutely zero self-awareness and has repeatedly accused the president of being "racist" – yes, the woman who tramples over real Native Americans and goes around in redface actually has the gall to call someone else a racist.

The 1986 film entitled Soul Man was loosely based on the life of Elizabeth Warren but featured several major alterations that included changing her from a bulldyke into a man named Mark Watson and having her wearing blackface instead of a feathered headdress. The film was a financial success, but the alterations ensured that Warren never made a dime off the film and was unable to sue the film's producers for stealing her story.


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