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Ellen Feiss: High on MJ or just high on life?
Ellen Feiss is spotted at the MacWorld Expo 2005

"I'm Ellen Feiss, and Mary Jane's a hell of a drug."


—Ellen Feiss, take 1

Ellen Feiss is a somewhat comely teenager who appeared in one of the Apple switch ads.

“That being said, a lot of my fans have turned out to be nice, intelligent Mac using people.”

— Ellen Feiss

Her ad gained a worldwide following due to her allegedly marijuana-influenced performance. That, combined with her good looks (at least compared to most Apple nerds), made her somewhat of an internet celebrity - known as the stoner chick of the Apple Switch advertisements. Her popularity grew when she was spotted in the audience of an Apple keynote. When interviewed about her mental state during the filming, she claimed she had taken Benadryl right before.

She claimed that she wrote a paper on her father's PC and it ate the paper. Originally her dog ate her homework, but since Windows is known to crash (Beep Beep Beep Beep!), it was easier to blame the PC. She claimed it was a good paper and that she had to write a new one quickly, but it wasn't as good as the first one and got a low grade (apparently she was taking Benadryl at the time she wrote her paper as well). Her dad has since bought her a Mac, which she reports does not suffer from the all-too-common "paper consumption" ailment, however she continues to receive low grades due to the Benadryl habit she picked up.

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