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Encyclopedia Dramatica:Article of the Now/October 8, 2016

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Manlytears aka Shortstuff aka Acbn aka manlet aka Britbong aka Dominic Vanner is a notorious self-important britfag "troll" on /v/ and Second Life, a short stack of shit who takes pleasure in posting pictures of himself on the internet like the sobbing attention whore he is. Manly tends to hover around 4chan's video game board days on end pitifully attempting to rile up the many /v/irgins that lurk there, this is due to the fact that he lives on the Isle of Wight, a backward country bumpkin island where the only other pastime available to him is sheep-fucking. Manly's other pastimes include scamming 12 year old boys on steam and telling everyone around that will listen what a masterful troll he is.

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