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This page is about an attempted an hero.


—Etika chanting a promise he could never keep.


Etika World Network (Powerword: Desmond Amofa) is a nigger who uploads videos to YouTube on his channel with private videos and has over one million subscribers. He is known for reacting to Super Smash Brothers and occasionally wanting to show his dick to his audience consisting of mostly male viewers who are under the age of 18, as shown here. He is also known for jerking off to anime girls and screaming at the camera whenever something relating to Smash, Anime, or Nintendo is announced.

His rap career[edit]

He used to be a famous rapper before becoming primarily a gaming and news channel. He used to be known as the Iceman back in the ghetto, where he would shout random shit into his garbage microphone and call it music. He then decided that making his shitty music wasn't getting him anywhere and that he would need to yell at video games to become famous on that piece of shit site.

Typical Content[edit]

Etika needs JewTube Ad Revenue so he acts like an asshat in front of the camera in all of his videos. He also occasionally goes on rants about being black and complaining that he can't fuck his Hentai Girls in real life. He also plays games that more popular Youtubers play in order to get attention. He is also a fan of Undertale as well, meaning that a lot of his fans are furries. He also likes talking about long Subway Sandwiches and play games such as Minecraft, and watch Anime such as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure on stream with commentary as if his sperging will stop the video from being taken down.

Etika reacts to Budd Dwyer's Self-Pwnage[edit]

Naw nigga iz u serious?! He akchually soowiside?


The fake Switch in question

One of the most common phrases he has in his videos (besides 'nigga') is him talking about the Nintendo Switch's Joy Con controllers. He coined the phrase when he watched the original Nintendo Switch reveal trailer and kept going on about how great Nintendo is, talking about the amazing controllers. This sparked a numerous amount of forced memes and raids made by him with his fans spamming 'Joycon Boys' in the chat. One of his most notable spamming 'victims' were no other than Game Theory himself. He also had a fake Nintendo Switch made for him to show to his fans that Nintendo had sponsored him but he didn't realize that the font on the buttons are wider than what was shown in the trailer or that he could've had the Nintendo Ninjas come to his house and have a little sit down with him.


On October 25th, 2018, this crazy motherfucker uploaded a video on his main channel called "nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga" BAWWing that his Twitter had been V& because he had said 'nigga' and tried to go on a rampage spewing out of his large gaping hole he calls a mouth, that it wasn't racist in order to please the Jews who run that piece of shit in the first place. The following is the masterpiece he uploaded to his main channel.

n.b. He was in a mental institution as he made this video.

He also made a bunch of strange posts on his Facebook and uploaded 3 different random videos, one of which consisted of Hatsune Miku hentai that ended up getting his channel that had nearly 1 million subscribers get terminated.

As always, his fans came rushing to Christine, his Ex, and kept asking her what was going on. Naturally, she told them to fuck off. So they ended up going to his other friends, Fiona and Alice, who told them that he would be alright and would need time off from his Youtube channel. Of course, the fans didn't like this and went and went crazy all over his subreddit, claiming that he would kill himself over making near daily content.

The Return[edit]

After doing all this shit he went back on his Reddit and announced a video on an apology he would make on his Twitch, (which later got b& after he said Nigga again) talking about how it was all an ARG and that basically, you're all retards for even worrying about him. Of course, this "ARG" was actually an excuse to hide his absolute state of retardation, and many people rolled on with it because they cared about his BBC.

His new main channel (which lasted for only a couple months) had a fraction of the subscribers that he originally had and has all the videos privated so that only his true fans can watch him jerk off to more porn. At this time, he doesn't look as if he cares that people are stealing his videos and making fake channels in his name.


Around April 15th, 2019, not even a few months into a new start on his new channel and the fucker had another mental break down. He uploaded a video on his channel of random porn clips and images while laughing hysterically, which YouTube was then quick to take down his channel. He uploaded cryptic stuff to his Instagram, and tried becoming an an hero on Twitter. He was thrown into an institution for a couple days again and comes out as what had appeared to be perfectly fine. No one knows what exactly caused him to act like this, but it gets even better.


Clown nigga

On April 29th, after the Instagram and Twitter drama ensued, the police took note of his suicidal tendencies, and got a call complaining about him yelling shit about "JOYCON BOYS" and shit about revolutions out of his apartment window for what looked like no reason at all. They arrived at his apartment in the afternoon, packed with "Tom Clancy Level Shit", and demanded that Etika opened his door immediately. Being the Nigger he is, he refused to open it and had random moments where he yelled more out of the window, hoping to attract the attention of his fans, who, being the Thanos that he is, would come to help his black ass. He also even gave out his Instagram to the poor onlookers out in the street that had to be completely closed down due to his newfound ability to contact the demons of the underworld to come and push the police away from his apartment because "it didn't make him feel safe". The full 40 minute standoff between him and Officer Matt(plus the rest of the New York Police Squad) is shown below, with the aftermath being the next video. He should consider his ass lucky that Matt didn't shoot his ass through the peep hole after it was sawed off the fucking door.

Part 1
Part 2
Fuck you pig, I'm Etika!

It's known that Christine has said that she has completely gave up on even speaking to his ass after all that has happened. It isn't known what has happened to him, but it is certain that he is detained and in a suicide watch program. Lol JK the retarded "doctors" at the hospital discharged him after a couple of hours despite being sent there THREE TIMES!! His fans and donators (the ones who gave him over $1,000) gave up on him and started to create lists of alternate streamers to watch instead. LOLTyler1 has showed up on many of these lists, because at least his retardation is somewhat controlled and partially acted.



Well now that he's got the attention of all the white knights around the many platforms hes in, he's now starting to adapt the way of the Jew as well. On April 30th, it was announced that he would stop using both YouTube, and Twitch as streaming/upload services and instead try to make a profit off of it in the worst way possible. He signed up on a service called OnlyFans, which allows him to do the same shit he does on Instagram and YouTube, but with moar paywalls. Fans were upset by his decision to do something this maniacally retarded, that more people went to go and cry on his subreddit.



Gay Theory: ETIKA IN A CULT?!?1?![edit]

The following is a theory circulating his subreddit suggesting that all his behavioral changes could be linked to an online cult. tl;dr is in the story.

Etika's last stream before going crazy this month was with a man named Rey, a guy Etika hasn't really spoken about in the past. Fast forward to when Etika was in a standoff with the police, he kept asking Rey to come over and help, indicating he was still in contact with Rey. That same day, Etika blocked a bunch of his friends who spewed out "ignorance" to him, and if Rey wasn't one of those people, that means he is enabling Etika, or fueling his delusions by going along with what he's saying. (Because any friend who rejects what Etika is saying has been cut from his life; Christine, Sky, Fiona etc).

Rey, however, isn't the one friend of Etika that is still in contact with him. As you can see on Etika's Instagram, there's a picture of a girl named Izzy, Rey, and Stormieboi all holding a copy of Etika's release papers from when he was discharged (it should be noted Stormieboi was wearing Etika's Red Robin shirt on her Instagram story today). Additionally, there's another picture on Etika's Instagram where he's with a group of people (all unfamiliar faces) doing that strange gesture of partially covering one eye. And finally, earlier today during Etika's Instagram livestream, he was with a man named Austin who was going along with everything Etika was saying, even defending him too.

So what does all this mean? Well, it means that there's a number of people who Etika is associating with that are also acting very weird, going along with what he's saying as if it is a shared ideology. This is supported by an Instagram user who Etika has been DMing a few days ago (forgive me for not being able to remember the user's account name). Someone reached out to the user, and they explained what Etika meant by "God" and "death", which further reinforces the idea that all of this is some kind of shared ideology (the glue that holds a cult together).

Finally, we have the Venus Project, a Satanic cult located right in Brooklyn. While there obviously haven't been any direct connections linked between Etika and the Venus Project, it does put Etika's Satanic videos in context. This is one of the weaker arguments supporting this theory since fans are still scrambling to investigate what the Venus Project is, but here's a link to their website if you want to check it out for yourself:

tl;dr: Etika has cut off all of his friends who reject his bullshit, and only associates with people who act just as strange as he does. Etika has also been talking to people who share is weird God ideology. Conclusion? He might just be in a cult and got his head fucked with. I will be updating if more information becomes available.

You may be thinking, blasphemy! Well, it's a more believable theory than this all being some ARG.

To give more evidence to this, Etika mentions the Venus Project in a "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me" video.

Etika and his butt buddy cult kike

In a stream highlight he name drops the name of the leader of the Venus Project.

Buy my peephole goyim![edit]

On the topic of Rey, Etika's supposed cult connection, last Friday his "best friend" started an auction on Ebay for the remains of the door the police broke down.

The nose knows...

But don't worry, it's (((totally))) for Etika's recovery fund.



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