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fiki fiki fiki
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Rapefugees are rape-prone mobs of Muslim sand niggers or actual niggers who immigrate into a country in order to fuck and cuck the native people, mostly weak willed, guilt-ridden liberals. They are the driving factor behind the currently ongoing European Rapefugee Crisis. Technically speaking, Christopher Columbus and the Britfags who colonized America were not rapefugees, as they took their spoils by force and without native capitulation. A rapefugee is what happens when the Chancellor of your country is a woman.

Rapefugees are a lulzy result of liberalism, tolerance, multiculturalism, and pro-immigration open border policies. By letting millions of sand niggers into your country, all who follow a brutal Dark Age cult where gender rights do not exist and any woman who showed one centimeter of skin is a whore to be legally raped, what's the worst that could happen? Oh I don't know, just thousands of violent gang rapes by migrants raping all your white women on New Year's Eve 2015. The roving rape gangs had much success in Cologne, Germany, every major German City, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, France, and Austria, since everyone knows white women are the most attractive people.

The religion of peace

When Ronald Reagan said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!", and with the accidental dissolution of the Berlin Wall, it eventually led to a flood of foreign invaders using rape to terrorize a nation. Where's your Berlin Wall now? Over 3 million Mideast immigrants are predicted to penetrate Europe by the end of 2016, with 10 million more Mudslimes to overrun Europe by 2020. Anders Behring Breivik tried to warn Europe about multiculturalism, but they didn't listen.

Whereas the Fugees embarked on their European tour in 2005, the rapefugees embarked on their biggest European tour in 2015. Some argue the term "rapefugee" is unfair, saying that many women were only groped and sexually assaulted, not all of them were raped. Well that's a relief. Nothing to see here folks.

What they really are[edit]

Did you know? MOST of the so called migrants are military age fit young adult males coming to western countries for financial reasons, fiki fiki and literally to conquer the land. Between them there are criminals in their home countries escaping persecution, disease carriers, ISIS fighters and monkeys who don't even know how to pack a plastic bag of trash and throw it into a trash can. The head pro-migration libtards know this very well and try to hide these facts, others are that retarded that even getting raped wont change their wrong perceptions. Instead of asylum seekers they should be properly branded: "Villa seekers at white's expense".

Following videos are getting mercilessly baleeeted by youtube so please consider the poor refugee feelings and DONT PLAY THESE

  • Poor rapefugees share a secret with each other on how to not be diported by disposing of their IDs [1]
  • Kebab: Muslims are here to takeover [2]
  • Leftie NGO caught teaching migrants to fool EU border guard [3]
  • "Gibs us money" the compilation [4]
  • Beloved moslems use subsidized apartments given by governments to run scams [5]
  • Migrants Are Scamming Taxpayers Out Of Billions by Applying for up to 12 IDs for Welfare Programs [6]
  • Migrants Are Now Being Told to Lie about Crimes Perpetrated to Avoid Deportation [7]
  • Muslim orator on streets of germany says sharia will dominate the west [8]
  • Bald muslim demands welfare checks or he rapes [9]
  • Honest nigger answers why he comes to europe [10]
  • Leftie doctors give migrants "sick notes" so they not be deported [11]



The crisis was created in 2014 and 2015 during the rise of ISIS. The United States destabilized and destroyed several nations, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, which produced millions of displaced peoples- the most since World War II. Just a decade before the rapefugee crisis began, general consensus was that these nations were our enemies. The idea that we should house and nurture these savages would make you the laughing stock of the town. In just a few short years, Marxist brainwashing caused the leftist hivemind to mindlessly argue for bringing in millions of these dindus to their nations. Angela Merkel, the cunt ruling Deutschistan and the United Nations, pushed for massive immigration, despite the majority (40~68%) of eurofags being against this. However, these countries, like the United States, aren't true democracies, so the voices of the people mean jack shit. Millions of these savages were quickly imported into cucked nations like Sweden, Germany, France, and Great Britan, causing crime and rapes to skyrocket. The marxist police state often refuses to thwart crime, instead covering it up and arresting and fining those who speak out. Already, thousands of areas in Europe are now no-go zones for the police and have been fully conquered by muslim filth who often push their destructive barbaric savage religiosity as the common law- with little to no resistance from the true authorities of their nations. This aspect has been spotted in the United Kingdom as early as the 90s, but is now commonplace among most European countries.

What does a rapefugee look like?[edit]

SJW want to end the sexist practices of the Patriarchy such as manspreading

Rapefugees are always of the shitskin variety, where rape is a time-honored traditional custom. The birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia, has no written law which criminalizes rape or says how to punish it. In the birthplace of Islam, there is no prohibition against statutory rape, and there is no such thing as rape within marriage. All women who dared wear revealing clothing, such as a bikini, were legally sanctioned to be raped by everyone- and these rape victims will be punished by Sharia courts as adulterers. Also, the Quran says that a woman's testimony is worth half a man's in court, so if a man says the sex was consensual, she's fucked again. If there are not four male witnesses who will testify to a rape, the rape did not happen, and the woman is to be flogged (or stoned if she is married).

ISIS soldiers have been told to rape women to "make them Muslim." Abducted Yazidi girls have been shown letters that say any captured women will become Muslim if 10 ISIS fighters rape her. The rape of non-Muslim women is not against Islamic law if they are captured in battle or bought as slaves. Islamic law also rejects DNA as evidence in favor of testimony. Many Muslim clerics blame rape on women.

Cologne attacks[edit]

Don't be racist and Islamophobic. Because of your bigotry against foreign cultural practices, you alienate disenfranchised communities such as the Syrian refugees

In 2015, stupid cunt Angela Merkel's open-door policy led to a deluge of 1.1 million migrants into Germany, many of them fleeing Syria. The filthy migrants saw this as an open vagina policy and "open season" policy on white female buttholes. The North African men took Merkel's "We Can Do It" slogan literally, and proceeded to fuck every white woman they could find who was celebrating the "New Year" according to the Gregorian calendar which was invented by infidels.

News of the mass sexual assaults was not news to CBS reporter Lara Logan, who was stripped and molested and fingerbang gangraped by a violent mob of dirty Egyptian Muslims in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring protests in 2011.

All I could feel, was their hands raping me over and over and over again...


—White lady journalist Lara Logan, about her rich multicultural experience in Egypt

News of the rape gangs was also not news to Britbongs, since the UK has had a 15-year epidemic of Muslim rape gangs raping British girls on an "industrial scale", with almost 400 British girls as young as eleven sexually attacked in Oxfordshire, and also Muslim rape gangs in Bristol, Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham, and Telford. In another example of how liberalism is its own worst enemy, local authorities failed to do anything due to fears of being thought of as "racist" or "bigoted."

Ironically, Germans who protested the rape gangs were attacked by police, who did fuck all on New Year's Eve. Shops in Germany are selling out of pepper spray, probably so it can be used on anti-migrant protesters. German vigilante groups have pledged to protect women against violation by Muslim savages, which of course the German government is trying so hard to paint as treason because Merkel deep down wants millions of sandniggers to give her dusty old muffin the only fun its had since before the lightbulb was invented. Worth noting is that last time something like this happened, something magical happened that made Germany great again!

Obligatory Gallery of SJW denialism and apologetics[edit]

Dalai lama irl troll.jpg

As always, the SJW at being confronted by the fact that their multicultural utopia was a utter failure, rather than admit they were the culprits of the expansion of a dangerous, militant and radical religious movement towards the Western Civilization, they retreated and back-pedaled with their usual damage control and metal gymnastics twitter tantrums.

But what "happened" to Jackie Coakley and Emma Sulkowicz,
are not delusions of twisted minds, right?
"I don't know how CCTV security cameras work": the Tweet
Clementine Ford priorities.jpg
"Complaints" like How men sit on public transportation,
Weight-loss supplements' ads and Women representation in videogames.
Frances Coppola - Rapefugees LOLWUT.jpg
But of course that intensive tanning sessions
and Arabic lessons paid by PEGIDA sure paid off!
Laurie Penny Mental Gymnastics.png
1. Instigate the massive immigration of people who can't adapt to western values
2. Claim that anyone who opposes it is a racist.
3. Time later, the "immigrants" and "refugees" you demand to be welcomed, rape the shit out of local girls and women.
4. People realize you are full of shit and start to calling you on your bullshit "humanitarianism"
5. ????
5. "I have been the target for 3 years nonstop of egregious online harassment in all levels."

If you wanted proof of exactly how back-to-front and upside-down the libfags of Europe have got this situation, look no further than this opinion piece in (where else?) The Guardian (Archived: Archive today-ico.png 1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2). TL;DR - someone in London put up graffiti praising the virtues of having sex with refugees. The author is shocked - because some of those refugees are women fleeing from countries where rape is a normal occurrence. Don't worry, love, it will soon be normal here too if fuckwits like you get their way, so they'll feel right at home.


With Open Gates

The migrant question

Sweden, no! :O

A Requiem For Europe


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Don't see[edit]

Subtle liberal brainwashing
How traditional power structures operate in Syria
  • Denial
  • Rape culture - because that's definitely not what is being imported to Europe here. No way. Uh-uh.

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The solution to this problem
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Case study: Germany, Jan-Feb 2016[edit]

You know it's true
White genocide timelapse.gif

(None of the following stories has appeared in English-language media, for some strange reason).

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  • July 2016: Leaked German police report confirms sharp rise in sexual assault and rape by refugees
  • Sept 2016: Six Iraqi and Afghan migrants arrested for molesting women at Austrian festival
  • October 2016: Iraqi refugee who abducted and raped 10-year-old boy at Austrian swimming pool (natch) claiming it was a 'sexual emergency' has his rape conviction overturned on the basis that he couldn't be expected to know the boy had any objection to being forcibly raped.

  • Raincheck: Germany, October 2016[edit]

    How you getting on, guys?


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