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Evalion = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Eva wearing her rabbit fursuit. She also has a panda one. Yes being a nazifur is a real thing.

Twitter-favicon.png Evalion (Powerword: Veronica Bouchard) is a young Canadian woman who has become e-famous after producing dozens of lulzy videos on YouTube. These projects were conducted from a standpoint of trolling, presenting the truth in a lulzy and offensive manner. They often targeted Jews, Niggers, Muslims and other degenerate plagues upon the white race; all for great justice and for shits and giggles. Her channel quickly pulled in viewership within a month of its creation, at one point gaining 16,000 subscribers within a day, and became the most infamous channel among the JewTube community at the time. She started to get attacked and mass-flagged by kikes like Onision and LeafyIsHere, which resulted in her eventual termination from YouTube. This story has made international headlines and has raised debates about free speech and censorship, further emboldening the current cultural wars playing out, and has significantly increased the amount of normies getting redpilled and joining up with the 4th Reich. However, it did not take long for the alt-right, the major driving force of her support, to turn on her after several investigations into the life of Evalion revealed her to be a troll, whore and jew. A year after her original termination, she has returned under several alts to spam the series of tubes up with more sorry ass propaganda, this time written by a different boyfriend, one who is far more leftist than her other. It is presumed that as of the current year, her vagina fully resembles an Arby's roast beef sandwich. A typical occurrence with "liberated"[citation needed] western women past the age of like 8.


The confessions of an attention whore

Veronica/Elegon/Evalion is a girl with a troubled life. Her parents had a bad divorce when she was young. She was raised by a single mom, and if you know anything, kids raised by single moms are often end up worse than those raised within a strong nuclear familial unit. A lot of the time, children raised by single parents grow up to become serial killers, psychopaths or worst of all, weeaboos. It is believed that she is mixed race and possesses some Kike blood. This is believed to have caused her an identity crisis, as having mixed blood does for most mongrels. She could never get a job because of all the fucking immigrants coming in and takin aour jawbz. She was to big a coward to speak of her life problems, as it would be politically incorrect and she would get v& due to Canada's faggy Hate Speech laws.

The only boyfriend she ever had was a 34 year old man from Germany(lol) that she met through the internet. So Evalion, the unhappy teen that she is, made the mistakes that other similar cunts made, one of which was running away from home. She went to the train yard and jumped on a train to take her as far away as possible. She picked the first train that left off and it just so happened to be the Trump Train! This train has no breaks, and the train is crashing with no survivors!

She remained a nobody until she put on a rabbit fursuit and bawwwed over her now ex-boyfriend. She literally looked just like this. She started to make videos a few years ago, but after having limited success, came back in march 2016 under the alias 'Evalion' and produced the 60 videos we all know about today; the evil Nazi bigoted Fascist videos that triggered so many faggot leftists and got her b&.

She was being used by a group of people that idle in the #chimpire IRC to eventually boost their own e-celeb careers after a manufactured fall from YouTube and later resurgence (she's already taking over some parts of Reddit), taking advantage of the "alt-right" phenomenon. They are a bunch of faggots from Reddit that moved over to a le Reddit alternative known as voat.co, which doesn't censor free speech and has thus become overrun by trolls and /pol/lacks; although the two are one in the same.

Essentially, she is a political stunt-cunt for fame and shekels; and previously came to a small degree of notoriety in the past following drama that occurred between her "online boyfriend", Michael Constantine, a fellow YouTuber (Jewgle hangout [1]). The image of a Skype conversation to the right, shows that she camwhored for some random guy. An audio clip is also rumored to exist, however, Constantine appears to have made amends with her, inviting her for an interview on his channel. A sex tape also exists in which she pleasures herself in both orifices with bowling pins and other assorted objects; however, this is rather sensitive information as she was likely underage at the time, and could possibly get you v& IRL. So... we're gonna avoid showing you this shit.

After all of this, she disappeared off of the internet for a while and has now come back under the name Evalion, (just like we told you a few minutes ago) which was then terminated because of a flagging campaign headlined by one of the most despicable human beings of all time, Onision. Since Evalion is a young, ignorant fool who doesn't know how to stay anonymous, it has been concluded that she lives in Pickering, Ontario. Living in a cucked up country like Canada probably explains why she is retarded enough to publicly describe herself as a National Socialist. As she is still young, hopefully this is just an edgy phase and she will eventually realize how stupid Socialism and its forms are.


IRC logs (#chimpire): https://archive.is/k8HYj
A conversation about her mixed race origin and camming on Voat (the information was provided by the beta Michael Constantine who lost her to someone with more money, apparently): https://archive.is/JtC8l
YouTube Breakup Drama - where Evalion is revealed to be a gold digging whore

18:21 <~Suspook> never once

18:22 < constantine> and never even touched her
18:22 <&cttechnician> this motherfucker right here
18:22 < constantine> just whined
18:22 < constantine> over her
18:22 <~Suspook> have i ever gave any girl online money
18:22 < constantine> sure
18:22 <~Suspook> im sure
18:22 < constantine> you just wrote her scripts, right?
18:22 <~Suspook> that is correct
18:22 <&myth> ROF1
18:22 < constantine> out of the good ness of your heart
18:22 <&myth> i love how Kowal1488 pings me every time!!!
18:22 <~Kowal1488> myth: you seeing this
18:22 <@watitdew> constantine: um, if you haven't figured out that suspook has a political agenda that he found elegon useful for, you're p dumb.
18:22 <~Kowal1488> lol
18:22 <&myth> cuckstantine how mad are you im about to put elegon on a stripper pole?
18:22 < constantine> fuck myth
18:22 <&myth> make her det real money
18:22 < constantine> and fuck suspook
18:22 <~Suspook> i was going to use her channel/followers as a bridge to chimpire
18:22 <&myth> fuck myth?
18:22 <~Suspook> it's about networking



—The following is taken from the irc logs

She had her scripts written by Suspook who is hoping to gain power and shekels from the resurgence of the right. Supporting this camwhore means you are supporting this hand-rubbing kike. We cannot allow people like this to gain power early on. It will only mean trouble for us later.

SJWs Attack[edit]

After her channel gained massive attention, the SJW faggots finally took notice and launched countless attacks against her; calls to arms to shut it down like the filthy fucking kike scum they are.

The faggot LeafyIsHere, who has around 4 million autistic subscribers, made a video on her which hit 4 million views. Leafy goes on a butthurt autistic rage against her using countless elementary-grade insults such as ad hominems and being a whiny little tit-faced bitch for 10 minutes. The emo cocksucker Onision made a video on her that reached around 200k hits.


The Shutdown begins.
b& by der jude
"Le me hate myself"

After the leftist faggot degenerates waged war on her, they got the kikes who control jewtube to terminate her account after a two day long e-war. The leftists rejoiced in victory, proud to be fighting against free speech, differing opinions / thought, and most of all, common sense. She recreated her channel after a few hours, but it was quickly shut down - again.

You can often find fucked up shit on jewtube, like gore (medical purposes), borderline child porn, furry porn flashes, etc; however, a young woman expressing how the jews had a hand in 9/11, are a filthy fucking piece of shit race that needs to be fucking wiped off the face of the earth, and control the mind, money, and morality of the masses, is going way too fuckin' far. Fuckin' holocaust #2 right there.

Woman hater Onision saw that this girl was getting attention, so he didn't want none of that, so he sent his braindead 13 year old subscribers to her channel in order to flag it. Turns out it worked.

Twitter Ban[edit]

She was banned from Twatter on June 12th, 2016. This caused even more drama and outrage regarding the event.

Media Mentions[edit]

On June 3rd, 2016, Evalion was mentioned on French TV, where they brought up many of her videos, including one detailing how the Teletubbies were a communist plot to destabilize the minds of Millenials. Other lulzy videos of hers were broadcast on national television, bringing in thousands of french fuckers to the Evalion story (and probably boosting this page by 2.5k hits)

The Return[edit]

Several months after getting terminated on JewTube, Evalion has returned from the grave around September 19th, 2016. Her new channel won't last long, so now's a good time to mirror what videos you can. First new vid, uploaded Sep 19. She is a member of Heathen Women, a new site for neonazi bitches. After being shoah'd on JewTube again, Evalion is back on vid.me now. On November 7th, she conducted an interview with (((Global News))), and new facts revealed that she had her laptop and other electronic devices seized upon returning to Canada from Germany. It is suspected that she will be charged for hate crimes. On the American election day, Evalion was interviewed on The Brian Ruhe Show, regarding the polarizing and grueling battle of Trump VS. Hillary.


It should be painfully obvious to any who aren't thinking with their dicks that Evalion was obviously just a troll, with her videos likely being written by her boyfriend. Apparently, they had a little breakup and the slut got a different man. She came out from under the table of sucking off her greasy neckbeard master around the middle of 2017 to shit out some more rubbish videos, this time defending Joseph Stalin, a communist dictator who grew to be one of the most evil and murderous thugs the world has ever seen. It is likely that she will cuck her current boyfriend and get another one, completely reshaping her weightless opinions to the wills of her next owner, akin to women in general.


On the 12 of June 2017, Evalion revealed that she became pregnant with her autistic husband's child, while flaunting her boobs around during the whole fucking video.

Luckily for the (((world))), she had a miscarriage.


Her Videos[edit]

Please keep in mind that these are all mirrors. They could easily be shut down so in the event that any of the videos go down, please add another in.


A Evalion Tribute Video

Evalion (I'm Not a Jew)

Evalion's Last Video

Evalion crocodile tears


Leafy the faggot attacks her again!

Evalion Will Never Be Forgotten!

Interviewing Evalion


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Sex Tape[edit]

See Also[edit]


Any mirrors of her videos can be found below; if you have a site with mirrors for her videos, add it to the list. We encourage you, the viewer, to archive and mirror what you can; this is one of the only ways we can continue to fight for free speech. We haven't conducted a virus scan on any of these, so you take your own risk by viewing or downloading from the following links; you have been warned.


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