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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
The original work of a true autist.
Not even for the camera, pal.

A well-known fact of the internet is that bronies never learn. As an asspie-riddled virgin with rage from the Great State of Texas, Evan Gragg doesn't understand one bit why all bronies are hated. In addition, he is also a Bible-thumping libertarian socialist, who has no concept of how government works (which is typical of libertarians and socialists) and sticks to either his Christian, Aspie, or brony hugboxes when he meets people he doesn't like. He also churns out self-inserted Dragonball Z and My Little Pony OCs like no tomorrow and cries whenever nobody likes them. One of his OCs is Darth Vegeta Vorhees, a fusion between Vegeta, Darth Vader, and Jason Vorhees, a character he actually cosplays as. Darth Vegeta is like his own Sonichu. He also thinks it's a good idea to throw Nazi imagery in because he thinks it makes his "OC" look more villainous.

*Smug Asspie Intensifies*

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The subject of this article is a virgin with rage.

Evan is an unemployed, autistic, virgin, tinfoil hat-wearing cosplayer and internet tough guy who lives in Houston. Growing up, his parents sheltered him from the world while at the same time doing as most other parents of asspie virgins do and tell them how Unique and special they are for having Aspergers compared with the normals. This probably fed Evan's ego, for it's quite evident in his incoherent rants about nearly everything that pisses him off. Top it all off, it also manifested into his personal self on the internet, which is also evident in his Mary Sue and self insert OCs he has created, whether it be Dragonball Z or My Little Pony, he seems to have no grasp of it.

He has a group of characters from all franchises united together called the "Super League", which is made up of The Juggernaut, Hulk, He-Man, Superman, Thor, Vegeta, Goku, Hercules, Piccolo, Thunderbolt Ross, and Tien Shinhan. As if a Super Hero collaboration hasn't been done before, especially ones from completely different backgrounds.

His love life

Even CWC is too good for you.
Menza, it's like Mensa for aspies.

While Chris Chan continues hopelessly on his love quest, Evan has come to realize how hopeless he is and has thrown in the towel in his quest for china, thus surpassing even the King of Cringe himself in the sheer amount of rejections. Observe.

Evan's Hugbox

Evan was bullied in school, his former classmates doing the Lord's work.

Because he is a pathetic specimen of the male form and a flaming furfag, no girls will fuck him. A hugbox was set up for him so he could have a safe place to hide when his autistic outbursts become too much for the outside world and so that he can cry about being a virgin unabated.

A true friend would take one for the team.

Evan also revealed that his hurt feels could possibly lead to An Hero. Unfortunately, we're probably not that lucky.

His politics

He is a self-described Centrist and Socialist Libertarian who has been banned from Liberal and Conservative Facebook groups alike. He is also a tinfoil hat-wearing fan of Alex Jones and thus, pisses off every soldier with which he comes into contact.

Internet Tough Guy

Even though he was bullied, Evan doesn't understand irony. But the true violent nature of the autist is never too far under the surface. Bare in mind that Evan is also a brony and a furfag, which also means he's a pussy.

How did that work out for ya?


This is disgusting & should be banned.


SlashinatorX, after trying to blank the pain series.

You are all a bunch of flaming idiots if you don't take this down.


Slashinatorx, giving a piece of his mind.

Girls would have sex on the couch with Chris-Chan watching Gilligan's Island rather than kiss me on the lips.


—Evan Gragg

This is Chris Weston Chan.


—Evan Gragg

I'm not devoid of friends, they're just busy


—Evan Gragg


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