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Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Managing Director of a Medium sized IT Company
Location: Sydney Australia
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: ArtSapience.com
-:A:-:R:-:T:- is a the owner and administrator of ArtSapience.com and obsessed with viewing, collecting and disseminating sexually suggestive photos of children, also known as "NN" and "Child Modeling."

-:A:-:R:-:T:- is the financer, administrator and member of the pedophile Website ArtSapience.com. The site is primarily used to trade photographs of children posing sexually in lingerie and sexy clothing (also known as "NN" and "Child Modeling").

Art claims he is sexually attracted to his own children (ages 8 and 11) and is afraid there is "no limit to what he might do", so he requires viewing Child Modeling pictures to keep him from molesting children and going to the "hard core" child pornography.

When his Website was "outed" on AboutUs as a pedophile website, he instigated a huge edit war. During this edit war he claimed that ArtSapience.com was not a pedophile site, deleted most of the damaging posts and deleted his avatar of a preteen posing seductively in a see through lingerie top (screen shots below have been edited). In the end, he was able to convince the administrators at AboutUs to remove a "Warning of pedophilic content" tag on his and other Child Modeling web pages with a more subdued "Warning of questionable content" tag.

Despite the modifications to ArtSapience.com to hide its true nature as a pedophile website, the current state of his website and accompanying wiki make it clear he is a provider of pedophilic content, a defender of pedophilia and obsessed with trading sexually explicit photographs of children.


I know my little girls wear tiny bike shorts and lycra bike shorts all the time mainly because I like to see them in that stuff

I have 2 beautiful little girls aged 8 and 11 years old running around the house everyday, I see them in there panties and I see them when they get out of the spa, shower and the climb on me and trub up against me all the time, they are my children and to feel sexual excitement when around them because they are beautiful scares me.

I have for years found away to get rid of the urges tensions by using nn model for relieve, that does mean I am addicted to the pictures, yes some are and I was at one point years ago addicted to them I admit, I had more pictures than I could possibly view, I was simply collecting them for more and more fresh and stimulating needs... you also begin to accept that behaviour in the images/videos as common social behaviour between adult and child, this is where the danger is, this is the point that children are moved into harms way... I have a collection simply because I know what it is like to be around my children and if I have no other girls to look at I can only think of my daughters beautiful bodies which leads me to wanting more and there are no limits to what I can be trusted to do with them so I don't want the path for my families sake and especially for my daughter's wellbeing...My wife and I decided it is a good thing I have nn pictures for this reason, it would be stupid to think that if you put a man in a room with something he finds sexually appealing that he wouldn't opvertime find a way to justify acting on those desires. But same man, same room, same desires but this time the man has some material to think about instead to relieve that tension in private, the two could go on for years without problems, this is similar to my situation. I have been there with the addiction and deleted everything I had about 3 times now and recollected each time, after you have collected once you know all the tricks to collect again and that is part of the trouble, you know just were to look and how to get it faster than the last time you were searching...hence, if you give in you end up with a larger collection than last time you thought it was to much. It plays on your guilt when you have that much contentm does everyone know you have it (they do now lol), are they just keeping quiet for some reason. You start to get paranoid and on it goes... I limit what I have in regards to the preteen and teen material, I have A LOT of 18+ those barely legal type are fantastic but the desire for the younger type is always going to be there so until my daughters get older and I don't feel that way towards them,ie when they are old enough to have a grown up conversation about grown up things and the desire will not be as in my face everyday. Until that day I think it best to have nn material as a backup plan in case I have one of those days where the urges are really great and have no other outlet for them except my beautiful girls laying on their beds in the panties willing to do whatever I want. it's not worth the risk I feel, I don;t want to fantasize about them, if I must think about younger girls I want the fantasies to be directed at other girls that no matter what I think about them never get hurt. Well Sandra is different (she has been around for years, they are kind of an ongoing thing...) but not an addiction. her pix have helped me out so many times over the years (find Sandra's site and he is probably a paying member)...except my sexual desire is for the younger form... we may be able to help each other find solutions that we each use to hold back from harming and simply enjoy what unbelievable gorgeous sexy soft skinned long legged tight arsed girls are out there.

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing. The majority of the research in this article came from posts Art made on his own website ArtSapience.com and the public forums of Aboutus.org.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • -:A:-:R:-:T:-
  • Art
  • Sapience
  • ArtSapience

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

266 Barrenjoey Road
Newport Beach NSW
Australia 2106

Last Known Phone Number

+61 405471455 (0405471455)

Additional Quotes

This quote from a man who wants to have sex with his 8 and 11 year old daughters:

Many parents believe nudity is both physically and emotionally healthy for children. Web columnist Stacy DeBroff suggests that nudity in very young children also helps with toilet training.

More to the point: SO WHAT if someone is attracted to younger girls. The fact is that most men are and many women are, but the vast majority are in total denial about it.

Additional Information

  • Claims to personally know the photographers who make soft core child porn photos AKA "Child Modeling".
  • Also an administrator at several Websites:

Administrator to multiple websites and no not all of them are related to the Art Photography Industry, I also have 4 other websites relating to IT and all the while maintaining my current position as Managing Director of a Medium sized IT Company

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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