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Thomas Richard Chunat
Age: 49
Birthdate: April 11, 1970
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Attorney
Location: Brooklyn, Ohio, United States
Physical Description:
Other: Body Type: 179cm / Athletic
Pedophile Websites: Visions of Alice
Thomas Chunat is a member of the pedophile forum Visions of Alice.

Thomas Chunat AKA A0036992

File:A0036992 - 05.jpg
Thomas Chunat AKA A0036992

Tom Chunat AKA A0036992 is member of the pedophile message board Visions of Alice, where he's made over 150 posts. In the posts made on Visions of Alice, Chunat described the sexual acts he'd like to perform on babies, toddlers, preteen children and teenagers. When asked whether he would be prepared to have to have sex with a child, Chunat's answer was that he "definitely would."

Chunat also explained that he used to have in his possession a 3-foot high plastic doll, which he had modified so that he could have sexual intercourse with it; sometimes while recording himself on video. Chunat would share moments involving children that he appeared to find sexually exciting; sometimes involving young family members/relatives while confiding in the other Visions of Alice members that "No one would be laughing if they knew what I was thinking."


If it were legal?, At what age would you play, sexually with a baby, what would yo do?

"Baby... Just look and touch and rub. Would like to massage the important part to see if she can reach orgasm.

Toddler... Look and touch and rub. Maybe try more than that. All depends on how she reacts. Would like to see if I could make her reach orgasm. Let her do whatever she wants to do with me. Of course if she seems willing, I'd ask her leading questions. "Do you want to..."

Pre-teen... She's curious about sex so I'd go for it all as long as she is comfortable with.

Teen... Everything"

Poll: having sex with a child

"I most definitely would. And of course only after making sure that she was totally willing. It would be awesome to spend time with her and tell her about how things work and how a man and a girl can show their love for each other. I'd let her do whatever she wanted and patiently wait for the day when she tells me she is ready for full love making. I wish there was a place on this earth that would let the girl decide when she was ready and not society telling her. It is ridiculous for the law to say a 17yo can't have sex with a 40yo but one day later when she is 18 it is all hunky dory."


"I used to have several dolls. My first was similar to Floyd67's. But that did not look real enough for me. So I bought a plastic one that was like 3ft tall. I cut out the crotch and inserted one of those latex vagina's. It was pretty satisfying. Then I bought a cloth one and did the same thing. I coated it with 10 coats of liquid latex and it really started to feel like skin. I lived alone and had a nice hiding place so friends or girlfriends wouldn't find it. Being with the dolls was always pleasurable. Even though I knew it was a doll the fantasy that I was creating was amazing. I also videotaped some of the sessions and when watching the videos it was sometimes hard to tell that it was a doll. If those tapes would have gotten out I am sure the overzealous police would have assumed it was a real LG. The dolls, clothes and tapes all got thrown out/destroyed when I got married. Sometimes I still wish I had them.

Some of you might think doing what I did was creepy or weird. But that is how I dealt with my needs at that time. Like someone said in a reply to this thread, its better then real CP (not that I would know).

I think they should make LG sex dolls legal and available. If they were readily available maybe they would satisfy the desires of some of the sickos that end up molesting."

Our Investigation[edit]

  • An individual posting under the screen name 'a0036992' on Visions of Alice had used the same screen name on other Websites, which contained identifying information.
  • We were able to verify that these accounts belonged to 'a0036992' as the information they contained was consistent with what 'a0036992' had revealed about himself on Visions of Alice.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • A0036992

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

6818 Glencoe Ave
Cleveland, Ohio
United States

Additional Quotes[edit]

Good Christmas stories?

"Only good thing was that my wife's two nieces were around alot. The one is a real looker. She is a tiny little blond. I don't even know her age but she is around 6. We babysat her and her 13yo sister on Friday. Then saw them again Christmas eve over another relatives house. I was alone with her a bit on Friday. She was running around the living room while I was pretending to watch TV. Actually, I was watching her every move and imagining that she was running around naked."

Are all men created hebe?

"I think every guy is a closet GL. If a hot 16yo comes on to any guy and begs for sex and there is a guarantee he won't be caught, you know that he will be in her in a matter of seconds. Take the same girl when she is 12 and even if he is hesitant at first if she persists, I bet he'll give in and enjoy it. Take her when she is 8yo. He may resist but the moment she unzips his fly and lets her lips do the talking he won't make her stop, at least not until after he ejaculates. Take her when she is 4yo and have her lying spread on the bed playing with herself. He walks in and sees her. His first thought might be to yell at her but lets pretend she is a smart 4yo and tells him how horny she is and how bad she wants him to lick her and make her feel good. Again if he is guaranteed not to get caught, I bet he does more than lick. Of course, I am biased because I love LG's but I find it hard to believe that all guys don't find a hint of sexiness in all LG's. Given the right timing and unrealistic guarantees, I think all guys would explore the forbidden."

When did you realize you were a "girlover"

"The summer between grade school and high school. The little 6yo down the street hung over our house all summer. She was in her bathing suit almost the entire summer. I loved it when she would swing her leg over the arm of the lawn chair. I can still picture that beautiful, tan inner thigh/crotch area.

I haven't been the same since... thank God!!

If only I was as comfortable then with those feeling as I am now. Maybe we could have gone into my parents patio and done some exploring"

LG Clothing

"No, but I used to like going to the second hand store and looking through and occasionally buying used swimwear, underwear, dresses and school uniforms. Knowing what used to be against that fabric was exciting. If I bought any of the stuff, I'd bring them home and dress up my homemade sex doll.

That was years ago before I met and married my wife. All those clothes went in the trash a long time ago"

Couple more girl moments

"1)I haven't been on here in a while so let me tell you about some recently past moments.

My niece's Halloween/Birthday party. Two nieces both turned 13. One is my sister's natural daughter and the other is her daughter through her second marriage. What's really weird is their birthday is the same day.

Anyways, probably around 20 12-14year olds at the party. My wife is working so I am there alone. I took my camera and said my wife wanted lots of pics. The girls were hot. Not a bad one in the bunch. The best part is when I went to the basement for food. Many of them were down there dancing to music. I was the only male in the room. They were dancing all sexy and I was snapping away.

I was flirting with many of them and they were flirting with me. This one kept following me around saying "can I have your number? I am single and desperate" I was so tempted to give her my number but I didn't.

The best one there is my niece's best friend. She stayed when everyone else left. We had a campfire and she sat kiddy corner from me. She had on shorts and pink leggings. I could see well up her shorts.

2)My 16 yo niece came over to have my wife hem her skirt. She had shorts on and then put the skirt on so my wife could measure it. After she was done, she took the skirt off. It was nice seeing my niece taking off her skirt in front of me. Of course the circumstances weren't as they were in my mind but it was nice to pretend.

3) My 3yo niece at a party at my house. Looking for the cat in my bedroom. Cat is under the bed and she is using a flash light. On her hands and knees with the tiny little 3yo ass sticking in the air. Tells me to come down and look with her. I get on my hands and knees with her directly under me. Oh me oh my! If only there weren't 20 other people in the house.

4)My 3yo niece at Thanksgiving. Over my inlaws house. Time to say goodbye. Go give uncle a hug goodbye. She walks right into me and hugs my legs and buries her head in my pants. Top of her head is right below uncle's goodies. Everybody laughs. No one would be laughing if they knew what I was thinking."

I was on here Friday night and posted some posts. I also looked at some adult porn and downloaded some of the LG pics that are posted on here.

Went to bed extremely tired saturday morning and mistakenly left my hidden folder open.

My wife found them while I was sleeping. She was not too happy. We talked and she asked why I had so many pictures of young girls. I told her I like young teens. She said all guys like teens but why did I have pictures of kids. I really didn't know what to say. Just told her I download .rar files and don't always know what are in them.

She didn't seem to miffed about the LG pics. She was more concerned about the nude adult women because she feels that I don't find her sexy and need to look at other naked women. I told her that is not the case.

She also said some of the pics made her wet. I asked her which ones and she didn't get specific. But I assume she was talking about the adult porn pics that I have.

We ended up having some amazing sex. Then we went to our local bar. She got pretty drunk and started dancing with a fairly decent woman there that is rumored to be bi-sexual. I thought things may have been heading towards a threesome but my wife ending up getting sick and we left early.

I'm now kind of glad she did find my pics. She indicated to me that if I like looking at that stuff she'll look at it with me to spice up our sex life. So I figured we could start looking at adult porn of younger looking women. Then I could slowly move to jailbait in bikini's. Once that becomes acceptable maybe I could come across a LG in a bikini and mention that she is kind of sexy. Maybe my wife would be more open to my LG love than I thought. I'll have to move slow on this but hopefully someday I can be openly in love with LGs with my wife. Wouldn't that be awesome?

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