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Alex Anders
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat and Free Spirits Coalition
Alex Anders, a self-proclaimed pedophile, tries to hide behind many different aliases/screen names and is a well-known member on many pedo sites, including Free Spirits Coalition and BoyChat.

Alex Anders, whose real name is unknown, is a pedophile activist who is a member of BoyChat and the Free Spirits Coalition. He also posts on many media sites, using several different screen names/aliases, and has written many short stories which focus on relationships between young boys and adult men.

Alex Anders has posted that he believes the government is going after pedophiles, even if they have not committed any crimes. He cites sex offender laws, which he states are designed to deny basic rights to anyone who is a sex offender.

The eagle/hawk and cup symbol Alex Anders uses in his signature is indicative of his "Church of Zeus and Ganymede" site, which he has duplicated on many web hosts across the internet. The site uses the ancient Greek lifestyle to justify pedophilia as a sexual orientation in today's society, a popular form of propaganda which is pushed on the public by pedophiles today.


Among mortal Greeks, the men as a group saw to the upbringing of the boys from the age of six or so. It was considered to be essential that the youth become strong and agile of both mind and body. Upon entering puberty it was usual for a boy to have an older male lover, who would guide the youth by noble words and example. The lad would learn philosophy and martial arts, would develop his body in the gymnasium and his mind in the academy.

On the issue of immorality, it is clearly not immoral to have a loving relationship with anyone of any gender or age. Nor is it immoral to give physical pleasure to a young friend who wants it.

Our Investigation

  • While investigating another pedophile, one of our volunteers came across Alex Anders and began to notice that he was quite active in posting on many sites across the internet. He inadvertently revealed his e-mail address in one post, which we then used to search for further accounts on the internet.
  • Using his screen name and e-mail address, we were able to locate a wide variety of screen names and aliases that he uses to post with, mostly to media sites and in posting his short stories regarding boy love pedophilia.
  • We are still investigating this individual at this time, but will update this article as we are able to confirm other information or when new information becomes available.

Online Accounts

Known Aliases

  • Alex Anders
  • alex ander02
  • Alexander Andrews
  • Kevin Clain
  • Bagoas Alexander
  • Edward Zeusgany
  • Bagoas
  • Etienne Emil
  • Stevie James
  • Zeusgany
  • troyboyd

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites

Additional Quotes

So, What Are We Going to Do About It?

Posted by Alex Anders on 2005-05-12 13:44:33, Thursday

An irrational fear of pedophiles, including boylovers, is sweeping the nation. Based primarily on the false notion that anyone with an attraction to minors cannot exercise any self control, extreme laws are being or have been enacted. Agencies of law enforcement, including investigators, prosecutors and judges are routinely violating the basic legal rights of suspects, the accused and the convicted.

We need a defense. A BL Defense Fund that would do the sort of things the ACLU does, but focused on our concerns would be helpful. Perhaps Free Spirits could take the lead in creating such an enterprise. Or we might want to encourage the ACLU to do more. They would I think, if boylovers made more contributions and told them why they were giving these funds.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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