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Age: 45 - 46
Birthdate: unknown
Location: US
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, FSC, etc.
Alexis is BoyChat's "historian." He created a page with the history of posters, when they came online, when they met in person, and some of the things they talked about. His history page also lists administrative history.

Alexis is a pedophile who was a very active poster at BoyChat since the beginning. He has also met a number of pedophiles in person, including Jimf3, Tygyr, and Adam The Baroque Keyboardist, who was his lover at the time. He recorded the history of the "boylove" community, including histories of its members, administration, and its continuous attempts to stay online.

Alexis took his screen name from a Latin poem, Virgil's Second Eclogue, which is about a relationship between a shepherd and a young boy named Alexis. Alexis also states that he was once heavily into the drug scene and that it almost ruined his life. His AoA is primarily of boys 11-14 years of age, but he states that it is flexible either way. He also has stated that he believes that if the "boylove" community is to ever be accepted by society, they must work to change stereotypes.


Children experience the feelings of pleasure from stimulation that we do. Many of them even have orgasms -- just because they don't emit semen doesn't make them less orgasmic. Some describe it as more orgasmic, in fact.

But in any case, I don't think orgasm is a necessary requirement for sex.

Even more about me

Well, I realize that my other "About Me" sections were on the down side... but in fact, most of my life, I've been very up. How is this possible??

The last two About Me's dealt with my 20s, particularly my late 20s. In my frustration at not finding love, I simply swept the love side of me away, under the carpet. I focused on other things in life, such as friendship and writing. I found joy and happiness in these things. Eventually the hidden love came back and struck me upside the head, and then I had to experience unhappiness in order to put it back in my life. (Details forthcoming upon request.)

When I was a teenager, though, I was deliriously happy most of the time. I knew I loved boys, and I was secretly proud! Boy, was I proud. I'd always prided myself on being different from everyone else anyway, whether in wearing glasses or being into Roman history, so when I figured out I liked boys too, it just fed into the equation. It sucked not to be able to tell anyone about it, and it sucked that my best friend didn't want to experiment with me, but so what! I was still special.

I turned 17 and got into punk rock and started wearing weird clothing. All of a sudden I was popular for being weird! I was best friends with a beautiful 14 year old, and it seemed that life could not get any better. I was in touch with this vibrant underground world of music that was being made by kids, and I had a companion with which to enjoy it. We were weird together.

Only after my friend said no to me, after high school, did life take a downward turn... still, after freshman year in college, I learned to enjoy things again. Music, literature, history, eating and DJ'ing are still the best things on earth. Oh yeah, and love. That too. Well, I'm learning about it. But I still won't give up being weird!


Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first noticed Alexis as a regular member of BoyChat and noted that he had been there since the beginning days.
  • From some of Alexis' posts, we noted his e-mail address, along with some other personally identifying information. We also noted that Alexis is the historian for BoyChat and that he claims to have written a book as well.
  • All information obtained to date has come directly from Alexis' posts, however our investigation continues to date. We will update this article when more information becomes available.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Alexis
  • Lexus
  • 'Lexus
  • alexis77

Known E-mail Addresses

  • alexis@mrpost.com
  • alexis77@usa.net
  • alexis77@operamail.com
  • alexis77@hotmail.com

Known Websites

Additional Quotes[edit]

In 1996:

If you're really that interested...

My name is Alexis, I'm 31 years old, and I live in the USA, and that's as much as I feel comfortable telling you here. That's because I am a boylover. I love boys in every size shape and form, but I particularly adore boys between the ages of 12 and 14.

Why? That makes as much sense as asking why someone is black or white, or straight or gay. I've had boylove baked into my heart for as long as I can remember. Certainly since I was a child.

For years I thought I was sick or evil or simply a freak. I had close friends, but I kept my closest feelings from them, except in self-loathing outbursts, particularly when I drank too much or did drugs. I did a lot of drugs until a couple years ago, mostly because that was the only way I could talk about my true self.

My friends knew better than to ever ask me about love or sex or boyfriends. I was supposedly an out gay man to them, but in reality everyone knew that the subject of love was off-limits. I was desperately ashamed that I had nobody to love and no experience other than some doomed infatuations when I was a teenager. The older I got, the harder this failure became for me to deal with. I compensated by being successful in other areas of life: academics, career, friendship.

The only thing that kept me going in the dark years of my late teens and twenties was my voracious reading. I read English, Latin, Greek, German, French and Italian. I also know a lot of history. From the age of 12 I knew that although I couldn't tell anyone that I was in love with younger boys, in other countries, other times, and in fictional and fantastic worlds, boyloving was not only allowed, but celebrated. Thank God for Virgil and Petronius, Mary Renault and Guy Davenport, Forrest Reid and Roger Peyrefitte, Henri de Montherlant and Paul Goodman.

These were my friends when I couldn't talk to anyone about my feelings: great works of literature and poetry throughout the ages that celebrated love between boys and between boys and men.

People tend to think that boylove is mainly a sexual thing. They're wrong. Sexual feelings may exist, yes, but they come after deep emotional commitment, the kind of despairing, risky commitment that few straight or gay adults will ever know. In the face of love like ours, the question of sex is almost irrelevant. I certainly cannot imagine forcing a boy to do anything he did not wish to do!

In the last year or two, I've discovered through the medium of the Internet that there are many, many other boylovers like me out there, and yes, boys who love boys and even boys who love men. And we are not monsters or predators or molesters. We are people like everyone else, with the desires that nature or God has given us. If society thought differently, there could be nothing wrong with a boy expressing his love for a man, or a man expressing his love for a boy. Alas, we live in cheapened, sickening, media-superficial times, and most people may NEVER be able to understand.

All I ask is this: open up your heart, imagine yourself in our shoes, and ask yourself: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


I've never seen a pic on the Internet that's never popped up again on a website or in a newsgroup. I've deleted my pics several times (and now I never keep them -- security is more of an issue than it used to be), and each time it got easier. They represent *something*, something more than just a collection of jackoff pics, but I'm not sure what it is. Maybe you're right and it's the only way we can have a collection of little buddies?

The label boylover liberated both you and me, and spoke to parts of ourselves that exist, that are fierce wells of desire inside of ourselves.

Boys should be free to make their own decisions about sex and love

There is an increasing tendency in society to regulate and legislate children's lives, including teenagers' lives

Parents are often jealous when their children have close relationships with other adults

Our society is afraid of sex and physical contact

Males and females have very different reactions to intergenerational relationships

People find something wrong in the idea that anyone would be attracted to a grown man

Fear of man-boy sex is often fear of feminization or emasculation of the not-yet masculinized boy

Many adults do not remember what it was like to be a child and project a false innocence back on their memories

Additional Information[edit]

  • Was involved in the punk music scene when in his teens
  • Sometimes signs his name as "Lexus"

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