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Created: circa 1995
Referred to as: a.s.b-l
Based out of: unknown
Founder: A.B. Jongen
Purpose: Originally intended to provide support for pedophiles attracted to male children
Website Address:
Current: alt.support.boy-lover
A Usenet group for pedophiles who are primarily attracted to male children.

Alt.support.boy-lovers AKA a.s.b-l is a newsgroup e-mail list which was created by A.B. Jongen in mid 1995. The group was begun after Jongens polled members of pedophile web sites which cater to those who are attracted to male children, with the belief that a support system was needed for the group.

A successful venture for many years, the newsgroup provided a place for pedophiles to share stories about their experiences, ask and offer advice to their peers, obtain information through links and reading materials, and provided a place for discussion of issues as they relate to the group.

Subscribers include members from around the world; however the site has, in recent years, become little more than a battle ground for a group of anti-pedophiles and the pedophile subscribers to the group who engage each other in a huge flame war. While some exchange of information and advice does still take place, it would appear that the group has lost its focus on any goals originally in place.

Mission Statement[edit]

a.s.b-l is a forum for males to discuss their feelings toward boys. It is intended to provide a sense of peer support for those having difficulty with their feelings, for boy lovers who feel isolated with their orientation, for those who possibly have no other avenue of discussion than via a group such as this, and for anyone else wishing to be educated on the nature of boy love; who and what boy lovers are. Being a boy lover is not easy. Many have gone through life with intermittent thoughts of suicide, mostly due to the isolation they feel. Depression is a common trait amongst many boy lovers.

With a group such as this, the sense of hopelessness can be combated. Peer support is vital for anyone dealing with feelings that are difficult to talk about; the anonymity of Usenet is a useful tool for expressing thoughts that many boylovers otherwise find impossible to talk about in life.

In essence, a.s.b-l is for boy lovers who do not consider themselves in need of conversion to an orientation other than their natural one. It is hoped that peer support will help them to lead normal, happy lives.

Notable Members[edit]

Pedophile Activists

Anti-Pedophile Activists

  • bob&carole/bobandcarole
  • James Riske
  • Ralph

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this site, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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