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angel boy
Age: 38 (if correct)
Birthdate: believed to be April 25, 1981
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Teacher/Coach
Location: Unknown
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BLISS, BL.net, BoyPassion
angel boy is a moderator on the BLISS forums. He also is part of the "BoyCentric" e-zine team at BLISS, and a member of BL.net and BoyPassion.
One of angel boy's many signature images

angel boy has been a member of the BLISS pedophile forums since February 2002, as not only an active poster, but also in the roles of moderator and contributor to their e-zine (online magazine), "BoyCentric". He is also a member of BL.net.

Although he has previously worked in the retail industry, it is believed that he may very well be working at this time as a teacher or coach in an elementary school environment. Throughout his college years, in which he stated he was studying to be a teacher, he did volunteer work with elementary students, sharing his experiences with his peers on the BLISS forums. He fell "in love" with a little boy in one of those classes and has written poems in which he pines over the child. He is an active runner and has discussed his coaching of students as well as his training for Ironman Triathlon events in his area, in which he has competed against a student who he had previously coached.

angel boy's AoA starts at 7 or 8 years old, and he claims that he is a virgin, having never had sexual contact with the boys in whom he invests his romantic and sexual feelings. He is known for posting that loving a boy is about much more than physical/sexual attraction, yet he occasionally posts comments which indicate quite the opposite.

angel boy is also known for his constantly changing signature images of young boys in a variety of settings. He has set up his photos so that they will post randomly each time he posts a new comment in the forums.


I am a perv sometimes; I won't deny that. In fact, just today I was telling someone else about how hott I think a couple boys are. I don't usually go much further than that, however; I don't feel the need to analyze what about them is hott, what parts of them turn me on, what I'd do with/to them in bed, etc.

I think I'm falling for a boy. He's a fifth-grader that I get to work with once or twice a week through a mentorship program that I am part of. More than anything else, he is one of the funniest kids I've met in a long time - very quick wit, always has a joke at the tip of his tongue - but also quite sweet and honest, as most boys are. He's not drop-dead gorgeous, and that's just fine... all I crave is a connection, a friendship. The program I work with is pretty strict about college student contact with little kids outside of program events, as in, it's kinda frowned upon... which is driving me nuts because I know that this boy is what I need right now, a friend in town, a better friend than any of my college friends would or could be or are... but I have no idea if it will work out, and that hurts...

It happens so easily, and usually I'd put up a fight, but I think I'm just going to enjoy it for the four more weeks that I have. He's eight, blonde, cute as a button, and has an english accent to die for. He has me wrapped around his finger and totally whipped, and this time around, I like it. I'm having so much fun teaching that I'm simply going to view this as a job perk and leave it at that.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first noticed a staff member of BLISS using the screen name "angel boy", and took note that he was also a part of the "BoyCentric" E-Zine team there as well. angel boy provided his age and an e-mail address in his profile, which we then used to begin our search for more information.
  • Using popular search tools, we were able to find that angel boy was also a member of BL.net. As we sifted through his posts, we found more and more personal information that he has posted about himself, including the fact that he was a college student and into coaching and athletics.
  • Following the e-mail address and screen name information, we also found a Yahoo profile in which he used the name angelblissboy. To date, all information obtained has come directly from angel boy's own posts. Our investigation is ongoing at this time.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names:

  • angel boy
  • angelblissboy
  • Lost Soul (may be spelled as "Lost Sovl")

E-Mail Addresses:

  • angelblissboy@yahoo.com

Other Contact Info:

  • YIM: angelblissboy


Last Known Address[edit]

Unknown at this time. If you have information regarding this individual's address and/or telephone number, please contact us at admin@wikisposure.com.

Additional Quotes[edit]

i'm standing, chatting with a friend

outside the lunch room door he wants to keep on moving but i stay a moment more

i told him to go on and leave and don't wait up for me i'm going to stay for a young friend that i have yet to see

a teacher rounds the corner, followed by a big long line i search the faces anxiously for this boy of mine

he doesn't see me standing here until his name i call he leaps into my arms and we just hug there in the hall

his face is really beaming now what a great surprise! the love we shared is all still there i see it in his eyes

the little time that we can spend together makes my day but he has lunch to get to and i must be on my way

a final hug, a final smile and them we move apart i love you jakey, little bro you're always in my heart

I can still literally feel him in my arms, four years later, a phantom shadow of a boy sharing his love with me. Yet, when I move to hug this phantom shadow back, it disappears, taking a little part of me with it. Hope, I suppose, is what it takes... I don't kn ow if I'll see my Jakey any more, much less spend more time with him.

These two boys are absolutely amazing... they're smart, funny as hell (we discussed Bill Gates for nearly half an hour last week, and by the end we were laughing so ahrd we could hardly breathe), and damn are they handsome. My heart skips a beat every time I see them... [lovely eyes]

What I feel for this boy goes beyond simple friendship and surpasses mere obsession. I think it must be love.

For well over a month, I have not been able to go for more than a few hours without thinking of him. Some days, I can't go more than 20 minutes before the tought of him distracts me. This can be problematic if I need to be productive, because thoughts of this boy render me virtually powerless and unable to move.

Never have I had a more beautiful distraction in my life. He is starting to get tall now, with almost twelve years under his belt. His dark brown hair is cut neither long nor short, but falls just right over his tanned complexion. The windows to his soul (and what a soul it is) are remarkably like mine, brown with hints of other colors. When a smile flashes out from between his shapely red lips, universes are born, snows melt, warring nations declare peace, and the entire world gets a little brighter. My heart swells and nearly bursts each time I hear the music of his voice and the melody of his laughter. He has the slim, fit body of a boy who spends his free time playing every sport under the sun, a body that puts Michelangelo's David to shame, the body of a young sun-kissed Adonis or Apollo. To gaze upon him is to understand the true beauty of the human form, unblemished and perfect. He carries himself as if he knows this is all true, yet he does not want to upstage his peers. His quiet calmness and easy-going nature trump nothing but his own physical beauty as he radiates an aura of confidence that many only dream of having.

Our time together has always been short - two weeks out of the entire year, for the past three years - yet we know each other so much better than that time might suggest. To him, I am his best adult friend, a role model and mentor to help right his ship in the rough waters of childhood. To me, he is a touch of heaven, an angel and a blessing to lift my spirits in times of darkness and despair.

This boy will never know the true impact he has on my life, nor should he; his only responsibility to me is to be himself, for that is truly all I need. My love for him may change with him as he grows and matures, but it will surely always be there for him, for as long as he needs and wants it.

I've made a new friend recently. He's at the school where I work most days, and I think he is in first grade. He is, without a doubt, one of the most precocious kids his age that I've met, and he reminds me a lot of another boy (T, one of my boys [Smile] ) at the same school, who is in sixth grade and is my kryptonite. T has me wrapped around his finger and he knows it.

Anyway, my little friend B is all boy - blond crew cut, dirty knees, band-aid on one leg, and a hooligan whenever you turn your back on him! The child simply cannot keep yogurt that ought to go from the cup to his mouth from ending up everywhere. As he went to clean the floor under his seat, he dove headfirst onto the bench where he was seated... and slid headfirst all the way under the table. After that, I simply could not stop laughing, and I certainly couldn't be mad at him anymore.

He also stole my shades today - following in T's footsteps, of course - and got yogurt all over them! I gave the rascal some grief for that (ok, so I poked him in the sides a couple times... does that count?) but I expect I will have more shenanigans to deal with in the very near future...

Additional Information[edit]

  • Plays the flute and states that he nearly pursued a career in music
  • Has come out to 2 female friends but not to his family
  • Interested in astronomy
  • Participates in Ironman Triathlon events (swimming, cycling, running)
  • Graduated from college in April 2006
  • Into digital photography

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at admin@wikisposure.com.

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