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Location: Believed to be in AZ
Physical Description:
Individuals: Rookiee, Boystory, Technea
Pedophile Websites: Paiderastia, BoyWiki, Free Spirits Coalition
Ashleigh is a pedophile activist who is part of the movement to spread propaganda to the public in an effort to normalize pedophilia and gain acceptance from society.

Ashleigh is a male, self-proclaimed pedophile activist who is closely associated to another well-known pedophile Rookiee and the now defunct Pedologues podcast.

Ashleigh has also been linked romantically with Boystory AKA Lenny Leopold. They were introduced when another pedophile, Technea, invited Ashleigh to come visit with himself and Boystory after having met each other online through their Sure Quality Radio and Rookiee/Pedologues associations. At one time Ashleigh and Boystory were known for having a boylove comic strip which they shared with their peer pedophiles online.

More recently, Ashleigh had been keeping a blog in which he had attempted to salvage deleted copies of posts from the old Paiderastia blog. Rookiee had deleted Paiderastia after he was outed in December 2006. Ashleigh's blog and archives have since been deleted by Blogspot.com and the member address taken over by an anti-pedophile blogger in an effort to keep pedophiles from spreading their propaganda via the internet.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

About Boys!!!

BOYS ARE YUMMY NUMMY GOODNESS!! Ashliegh "giggles" That is All! Carry on!

Now on shows like Pushing Back, Oprah, etc... while they wish to help children, are in Fact stealing their very freedom to exist and think for themselves by saying the they cannot consent. Parents treat they're children as property, cause that child is their "off Spring" that may be true, and with the Religious Right, they "Groom" the children to conform to they're ideals and values, no matter how perverse, taken away the child's free will by the fear of going to Hell. Before you Judge this post, take a LONG HARD look around , at yourself, your children, your youth friends. Are you doing for them the best possible service in what your taking away from them...Namely they're own bodies, and the right to do with it as they please, and with whom they wish - child or adult.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first came across Ashleigh during our investigation of Rookiee and his Paiderastia blogging sites, and noticed that Ashleigh was listed as a co-author of the blogs.
  • In our search, we discovered that Ashleigh had been mentioned in the Pedologues podcast series, and that he had actually gone to meet two pedophiles offline whom he had known through his online pedo activities. An account of his meeting was detailed in one of the Pedologues episodes and included information about his becoming romantically involved with one of the boylover pedophiles.
  • Further searches resulted in the discovery of another blog in which Ashleigh attempted to archive posts from the deleted Paiderastia blog. As our investigation continues, we will update this article whenever further information is found.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Ashleigh
  • Ash

Known Websites

  • Paiderastia - terminated
  • Blogspot:Neither Here Nor There - terminated


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address[edit]

Believed to be living in Arizona with Leonard Leopold AKA Boystory; however, this is unconfirmed. If you have information regarding this individual's address and/or telephone number, please contact us.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Enjoys drawing and creating cartoons, especially as they relate to boylove pedophilia.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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