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Age: late 20s/early 30s
Occupation: PC Technician, Substitute Teacher
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, GirlLove Garden
BB is an out pedophile who enjoys looking down little girls' shirts and hopes to catch glimpses of their underwear while on the playground.

BB is an out pedophile who is a long term member of GirlChat and GirlLove Garden. He is married and works as a PC Technician, but has posted many times about doing substitute teaching work with elementary children. He is a moderator on both GirlChat and the GirlLove Garden forums as well. He posts often about ways other pedophiles can protect their identities and their computers from law enforcement. He says his wife is aware of his attraction to little girls but expresses her discomfort regarding the subject. He says that she is "understanding." BB has a collection of pictures of child models that he says he wouldn't mind sharing with other girl lovers. His dream job would be to have a coast to coast radio show so he could discuss pedophile issues and views, and become the next Howard Stern. BB has also mentioned working at a summer camp around many children. He has an ongoing relationship with a YF named "Maggie."


Subbed 2nd grade today. There was this wonderful 8yo who violated the dress code by wearing a loose fitting speghetti-strap shirt. I lost track of the number of times I saw a beautiful sight as she leaned over my desk to talk to me...ah...

I love working with 4 year olds! In the past week, the girl's have figured out this fun new game. They run to me with a huge wad of those little plastic chains (with easily interchangeable links) and yell "Tie me up, Mr. -BB-!" Ah, I love hearing those words :) I think I've got several of the sweet little darlings hooked on bondage for life now, LOL. But, even more fun than that is when they decide to tie me up....Wahoo! Try to imagine the fun of having about 5 4yo girls tying you to a chair :)

Then, of course, there's always outside on the playground. There, I can scoop them up in my arms and spin them around and no one thinks I'm some horrible monster for having physical contact with them. The best part about the playground is the swings :) Once you get an LG going high enough, her ass is coming right for you and if you expect to keep her going on that swing, you're just gonna have to touch it. What a wonderful invention the swingset is; you can touch anyone's bottom and it's perfectly ok because there's really no way to avoid it! For the LEOs in the crowd, don't worry your little heads about this. I don't grope them or try to feel them up or linger that contact any longer than neccesary to send them off again. I, sir, am a perfect gentleman (at least, towards children)! So, don't bother trying to track me down because I haven't done anything illegal and I won't either.

One last thing I saw today. One LG leaned over where I could see a good 2 inches of her panties and those were the coolest looking panties I've ever seen. They were, like, shiny! Shiny like those spacesuit clothes you see in old 60s scifi movies. My wife tells me that LGs have been wearing those for quite a while now. Guess I don't get that many panty shots, huh? Still, they're cool! When I have a daughter, I think I'll buy her a pair of those. Hell, when she's old enough, I'll try to find her a shiny training bra too! LOL.

Ok, that's it. Just wanted to share those wonderful Pre-K experiences with all of you :)

waves to all GLers

waves (finger) to LEOs



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Our investigation into this individual is ongoing.

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  • BB

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  • bbthgl@fastmail.fm
  • bbgl@ziplip.com
  • bb@alicemail.net


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Additional Quotes[edit]

Gettin' kicked in the balls by a LG is one of my greatest fantasies.

I'd love for a pretty LG to kick me in the nuts 'til I'm dead!

In general, I'm attracted to girls ages 4 to 15 (being attracted to anyone over 12 is rare, but I do have a little hebe blood in me, lol). Within that group though, my primary AoA is about 6 to 10 yo girls.

My story? Well, I don't really have much of a story. I first knew that something had to be different about me when, at the age of 9, I had the hugest crush on a 4 year old. Not so bad, right? Well, my age preference never really changed much as I grew older. The age range did move up so that now I prefer to look at 8 - 12 year old girls, but really anything between 4 and 15 is nice eye candy. Well, growing up with this preference I knew something was different about me. I remember the first time I read the word "pedophile" I was so happy because I finally knew what it was called!

I have quite a few friends who know and none of them have a problem with it. They all know me and know that I've never acted on it and I never will. My wife isn't very supportive, but she is understanding and I can live with that :) She prefers to ignore it whenever possible (which is good).

I guess that's really all there is to it. Not much more.


I, too, have shared my little secret with my closest friends. In fact, I have a large group of friends who know and simply don't care. You know how when there's one gay friend in a large group, the gay guy gets teased relentlessly? That's the way it is. I have heard so many pedophile jokes from those people, but it's all in fun. That alone makes me much more comfortable (the fact that it's something they can laugh and joke about rather than despise me for).

I have a couple of close friends that I'd really like to "come out" to, but I just can't. They're friends that I work with every summer at a summer camp. I think it would just be stupid to let people know who work with me around kids. I fear, however, that it may be terribly obvious. Someone there once made a comment about how I hang around the girls so much and he made an obscene remark about it. I made a big show of telling him that child molesters are sick bastards and that it was nothing to joke about. Hopefully that disuaded him from any suspicions he had.

Anyway, I hope you can see by this there are benefits and hazards to coming out. Choose carefully. Sure, there's a large group that knows aboutme, but I also would trust everyone in that group with my life.

Additional Information[edit]

Had aspirations of becoming a sex researcher:

When I was a teenager, I had hoped to one day become a scientist who studies sex (like those who work at the Kinsey Institute for research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction)

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