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ablcop, BLcop
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Police Officer (possibly retired)
Location: Unknown
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat
BLcop AKA ablcop is a police officer who brags of his boylove pedophilia, and posts on pedo forums about his victim and his experiences as a "boylover".

BLcop AKA ablcop is not only a pedophile attracted to little boys, but he is also a sworn officer of the law. He is a long time member of the BoyChat forums and has shared his experiences on the IPCE as well.

BLcop, who has been a member of BoyChat since 1998, states that when he was in high school, he longed to become a police officer. During his senior year, he actually became a police cadet with the city police department where he lived. He contends that he was a good, church-going, citizen, who was in denial about his true identity as a pedophile, managing to separate his life as a boylover from all other aspects of his day to day life. He shared a story on the BoyChat forums about his sexual desires for a little boy from his church, and how he tried dating a girl to help him get over his feelings towards little boys. But even as he dated this girl, he was sexually attracted to her 8 year old little brother. BLcop states that he did not give in to his feelings towards the boy, but would later wish that he had given his "love" to the child because of the tragic way the boy's life would turn out many years later. From that time on, he has vowed to do whatever he can to "show boys love, and help boylovers see their selfworth."

BLcop has also written about discussing pedophilia with a prisoner whose custody he was charged with, further indicating his blatant disregard for the position which he holds as an officer of the law. Although he doesn't post quite as often, BLcop has continuously mentioned a YF, a boy who has been his victim since the age of 7, and who would be approximately 16 years old currently. He has also posted in regards to offline contact with other pedophiles by telephone and may have had contact with others via face-to-face meetings as well.

BLcop has posted about police harassment, stating that although the police cannot add a known pedophile's name to a sex offender registry, they can and will harass the pedophile anytime a child is missing in the area or any allegations of sexual abuse arise. He has also posted regarding a college friend who served 3 years in prison for molestation/child rape, and in his post he focuses the abuse of the child onto social services, calling it "therapeutic abuse", which is common propaganda in pedophile circles. Little else is known about BLcop at this time, however our investigation is ongoing.


When I saw one a beautiful hot looking boy walk by, and my heart raced, and my longing soared, I WAS a boylover.

When I was alone in my bedroom and EW from church, or the paperboy who I adored flashed through my mind (and I had to jack off) ..I WAS a boylover.

The parents were working professionals, so that meant Josh was always babysat for by Sarah or the older sis, but most times Sarah. And of course there I was right there babysitting with her (cause I was the boyfriend).. but of course every time I saw him, I was slipping out of my “compartment” to the real self..boylover. I wanted so bad to talk more to Josh, or to even play with him. But I was trying to change and with the feeling I would get by being his friend,..I would never escape being a boylover...

...I’m a police officer now, booking assignment. I get a call from downstairs, we got one to book. The guy walked into the station, (covered on blood) double homicide. Josh shot Sarah and his older sister to death. I hold his hand to finger print him. Perhaps if only I had held his hand when he played on the floor, alone. I’ll never know the answer will I.

Our Investigation

  • We found ablcop AKA BLcop, on BoyChat as a regular member and long time poster on the site. In one of his posts, he linked his e-mail address so that other members could contact him.
  • As we were searching for information on BLcop, we discovered that he had posted a lengthy story on the IPCE site regarding his meeting with an inmate in a holding cell while he was on duty as an officer.
  • All other information within this article comes directly from posts made by BLcop on the BoyChat site. Our investigation is ongoing at this time.

Online Accounts

Known E-Mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • ablcop
  • BLcop
  • blcop
  • blc

Last Known Address

The location of this pedophile is currently unknown. If you have information regarding his address and/or telephone number, please contact us.

Additional Quotes

I know for certain from that experience, and others that boylovers have so much to contribute to make things better, my yf teaches me this everyday.

You are right Robbie, good did come from Josh's story, cause it changed me and makes me SOO aware with my YF, and what I have (we) have. I have worked through what happened to Josh in my own way, but dredging it up again left me drained. My yf came in while I was here crying at the keyboard (he knows the story) and I cried on him.

Additional Information

  • Mentions having brothers and sisters, however there is no indication as to the total number of siblings.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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