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Jesse Daniel McManus
Age: 30
Birthdate: June 9, 1989
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Student, Daycare teacher, Camp Counselor
Location: Newmarket, New Hampshire
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Slender
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Pedophile Websites: Boyland TeenBoysWorld
Jesse is a "boylover" pedophile aiming towards a career in education.


Jesse McManus AKA Balas AKA BalasSinRazon is a young man with dark secrets. He is a pedophile, specifically, a "boylover" who has been posting to several pedophile forums for awhile now. Balas is a proverbial "wolf in sheep's clothing." By outward appearance alone, McManus is a fine, upstanding young man. He is the son of a teacher, an honor roll student, and a volunteer camp counselor at a camp for the disabled. By all appearances, he is on the fast-track towards a degree in Early Childhood Education -- which, of course, is the dream job for any pedophile.

Jesse McManus has made sure he has plenty of opportunities to be amongst children. He works at a local daycare/preschool with children ranging from toddlers to 6 years of age. He has admitted to having a "special" attachment for "W," a 5-year-old preschool boy enrolled at the preschool. He previously has been employed as a game room attendant at Chuck E. Cheese, and volunteers his time during the summer as a counselor at a camp for disabled children. Additionally, Jesse maintains contact with several young teen boys, many aged 13-15-years, through online social networking sites.


I visited Spain and was in Iloret Del Mar, which is on the MED. OMG! There were alot of boys wearing speedos! I stayed out on the beach for two solid weeks and the sunburn was worth it!

Re: Boy Watchin':

I used to work at Chuck E Cheese's as a gameroom attendent. That was a great place to not only see boys, but to meet them. Seriously, I walked around with token weighing my pants down so every time I took a step I sounded like bloody Santa Clause. And whenever a game broke down, who did the boys turn to for fixing? Me, of course.

There was one time when I was fixing a game with the help of one of my managers when a boy came over to investigate. He was very figety, especially with my ear. But when he could no longer see inside the game from around us, he sat in my lap. It's nothing that hasn't happened before, but when you're trying to do your job, it kinda gets in the way. :P

Now I work at a daycare and a preschool, so I see and meet all the boys I could ever want.

Our Investigation[edit]

The following are the steps we took in our investigation, which allowed us to connect the screen name "Balas" to the real name of Jesse D. McManus:

  • We first noticed that someone using the screen name "Balas" was posting on several pedophile websites. In one of his posts, he explained that "Balas" was short for a longer screen name, "BalasSinRazon"
  • A search for the name "BalasSinRazon" led us to his YouTube account, as well as to a profile on a site called ModelMayhem. *The YouTube profile indicated that his first name is Jesse and he is located in Newmarket, New Hampshire. It also listed a link to another site he belongs to, DeviantArt.com and to his profile there.
  • From the DeviantArt profile lead, we not only discovered yet another screen name, but we also found that he lists himself as being a camp counselor at Camp Fatima; a camp for children with disabilities. The DeviantArt profile also contained a link back to the same YouTube account, confirming that they belong to the same person. He also listed e-mail contact information, a variety of instant messaging accounts he owns, and several photos of himself on the DeviantArt profile.
  • A search of an e-mail contact listed on his DeviantArt profile led us to the location of his MySpace profile, a profile at DcTalkUnited, a homepage he once maintained at Piczo.com, an old Xanga journal, and yet another profile on a Final Fantasy forum. Each of these profiles provided matching information, a variety of screen names that he's used on the internet, and cross links back to other sites he belongs to, such as the DeviantArt site. As our search expanded using the information found on each of these sites as well as the e-mail account information, we were able to find where he listed his real name as being Jesse McManus, with a date of birth being June 9, 1984.
  • Searches using the name Jesse McManus lead us to confirm that a Jesse Daniel McManus was a 2007 graduate of Newmarket High School, thereby confirming his name and location were indeed correct.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Balas
  • BalasSinRazon
  • charritkidd
  • JF-Kidd
  • JF.Kidd
  • One Que J
  • G3M1N1 K1D
  • BsR Jesse
  • HackerJ
  • Squirrel.Kidd
  • you_notme
  • Duma

Known E-mail Addresses

  • ACE_cheez_it@hotmail.com
  • HackerJ@hackernetwork.com (defunct)
  • Squirrel.Kidd@gmail.com
  • Sir Fratley
  • AIM: BalasSinRazon
  • AIM: G3M1N1 K1D
  • AIM: One Que J
  • MSN: ACE_cheez_it@hotmail.com
  • YIM: LilKiddSpe
  • Skype: BalasSinRazon

Known Websites

File:Jesse McManus 1293077504007.png

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Websites about Balas


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

Manchester, NH

Additional Quotes[edit]

At work at a daycare with about 4 or 5 6-year-old boys and I love them all to that jazz. I'm their teacher at school, their friend in public and that's about as far as it goes for them and me...

...I have no problem getting physical with them and they know it. With some of the other teachers, pattycake and tickling is about as physical as it gets, but I'll actually get down and wrestle them like a guy should.

...Just tonight I was talking with another one of my friends. A 13-year-old to boot, who lives two time zones away from me. I know he likes me more than a friend, even if he's a little too under-experienced to know it for sure yet.

Given his situation, I know it's an important thing for him to have me around and I know that he knows it too. I've watched as my increasing presence in his life has just made his personallity and openness bloom quite nicely. Even he's said that he's far more open with me than anybody else he knows, barring family of course. I'm still leaving the decision about whether or not he loves me up to him though. We've touched the subject before and I've made sure he knows that I love him and that's all I need. I don't need him to requite the feeling, but I'll be there to help him comprehend his feelings for me better. I won't tell him what love is, but rather let him figure it out on his own so he'll be able to define it for himself in the future. All I can say about it is that he's said that being with me has made him "tingle" and feel "warm inside."

Re: Size Matters?: I've never really thought about it, but I guess if I had to say, 2-4 inches with no preference on thick or thin.

...not only have I volunteered to take care of mentally retarded children, but I've done it twice! Soon to be three times. For the past two years I've volunteered at a summer camp instate that does a week dedicated to exceptional citizens. So it's not only children, but adults too. So far, I've only been able to volunteer as a waiter, because of my age, but this year I applied for a counselor. (And I may have stated that I wanted a camper younger than me on my application. :P)...

Additional Information[edit]

  • McManus has also expressed an interest in photography, outdoors/nature, religion, music (including christian rock), swimming, soccer, comedy, art, poetry, writing and Spanish. His favorite color is blue.
  • Attended Newmarket Junior Senior High School

Balas' "Young Friends"

As a regular poster on the pedophile forums, Balas has not only shared ways that other pedophiles can meet young boys, but he has openly discussed a relationship that he had formed with a 5 year old child, referred to as "W". The young boy was enrolled in the preschool program where Balas was employed:

...Only one time has any of my preschoolers been anything more than a friend to me and me to them. There was a 5-year-old last year that I taught in preschool. He was like my brother. (Or by the way he was everywhere I was, you'd think he was my shadow.) He absolutely loved having me around and came to me for everything...

The following photo is of McManus and the child who is believed to be "W". We have altered the image only to blur the child's face and remove his name from public view, for his protection:

McManus also maintains regular contact with several young teenaged boys through a variety of social networking sites on the internet. Of particular interest to him seem to be two cousins from New York -- a 13 year old boy referred to as "P" and a 14 year old boy referred to as "R". McManus often jokes with the boys with suggestive innuendo:

...If you don't do me then you can't have a cookie. You know you want a cookie.

...Why don't you just follow me to my totally not creepy van out back, where nobody can see us, and I'll give you more cookies.

In addition to the specific children McManus has mentioned having had contact with, he was also found to be associated with YTASK, a highly questionable, suspect channel on YouTube which sought to promote the videos of young teens and some pre-teens as well. YTASK has recently come under fire as possibly being run by a pedophile and as having presented itself as a safe environment for children, when in fact it may be anything but safe. He has also spoken of tutoring a fifth grade student in a neighboring elementary school, helping to take care of mentally retarded children, and of a previous job at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in which he worked as a gameroom attendant around many children. All of this is in addition to his employment with the daycare/preschool as previously mentioned.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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