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Betty Price
Age: 50s
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Housewife
Location: Richwood, West Virginia
Physical Description:
Individuals: Michael Price
Pedophile Websites: Roar for Freedom, SOSEN, Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign
Wife of a registered sex offender and RSO activist, Michael Price.

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Betty Price is a RSO activist whose husband, Michael Price, raped his own daughter. Together, they participate in many RSO activist groups. Additionally, they run Roar for Freedom an activist group whose goal is to abolish sex offender registration. She claims to be agoraphobic, but somehow manages to speak publicly about sex offender issues in order to try to change the law so that her husband will not have to register as a sex offender. She spoke December 1, 2007, at a rally organized by SOclear Media Productions in Columbus Ohio, where they hoped to stop a bill from passing designed to make laws tougher for sex offenders.

She also uses her yahoo group to beg and behave in passive aggressive ways to get money from the members.

Betty is a signatory on the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children and is affiliated with SOclear and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist.


They can treat is as such because all of America will allow them. This is why we need conferences/rallies and going in to schools to Educate. We have to get the word out. We are having another conference here on Oct 20 in Summersville, WV the County Seat. Then starting in January we will have one a month county seat to county seat. I am planning also to go into schools to Educate the Faculty, children and any parents that wish to be there. I have been invited from Tom Madison of So Clear to speak on Dec 11 in Columbus, OH. Mike will be writing something for that event.

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  • Betty Price
  • amber_leaf1957

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71 Oakford Avenue
Richwood, WV 26261-1313

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