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BoyBliss, BLISS
Created: November 9, 2001
Referred to as: BoyBliss, BLISS
Based out of: New York
Founder: Steven Jones
Purpose: To provide goods and services for the pedophile community, as well as a way to promote the ideals of "boy love."
Website Address:
Current: http://www.boybliss.net
Organizations: Boytales, Boylover.net, Boymoment, BoyLinks, Age Taboo
International forums dedicated to and operated by pedophiles who like young boys.

BoyBliss AKA BLISS is the name of an international online community for pedophiles who are attracted to young boys. "BLISS" is an acronym for "BoyLove International Support Society". Members of BoyBliss use the forums to discuss a wide range of topics, from sharing their experiences as boy lovers, to holding academic discussions regarding pedophilia. BoyBliss has also boasted of having members who are children in the past and that many members have met, some even regularly, in real life.

BoyBliss was the brainchild of Steven Jones, along with another pedophile by the name of Patrick (last name unknown). Patrick was known in the online pedophile community as "Boiforever". Both pedophiles had been regular posters on another pedo community forum called Boytales, with Patrick serving as a moderator for a short period of time. He became disenchanted when he ran into some conflicts with the board owners, so when Steven suggested they start their own board, Patrick followed his lead. Together the friends, who enjoyed both an online and offline relationship, formed BLISS. While Steven Jones is still listed as the owner of the site, many other admins have come and gone since the initial inception. In fact, Steven Jones has not posted on the forums since September 2004, leaving one to wonder what explanation there is for his absence.

BoyBliss is a good example of a distinct division within the pedophile community. Some members of BoyBliss are firm in their belief that adult/child sexual relationships can and do cause harm to the children involved, while others still stand firm in their belief that children see neither physical nor psychological damage as a result of their relationships with adults. The mindset of many is that children are able to consent, and that they are often the ones who instigate a sexual relationship with adults. Because of this division, BoyBliss has seen many heated arguments that have often resulted in the exit of some members, thereby making the community at BoyBliss an unstable one.

Mission Statement

The following is the mission statement as posted on the BoyBliss site:

  • To provide top quality goods and services to our constituencies and to promote the high ideals of Boylove.
  • Boys - To create an environment for boys both internally and externally that encourages them to achieve their fullest potential.
  • Love - To uphold love as our greatest asset and to facilitate an atmosphere conducive to good-will and caring between the members of our community and between us and our greater society.
  • International - To reach citizens of the global community with our mission and to unite our stakeholders everywhere in a cause that surpasses all borders, powers, principalities, and dominions.
  • Support - To further the emotional and psychological well-being of our constituencies and to establish for them a forum for mutual encouragement and open discourse.
  • Society - To advance the collective purpose of our community and to seek empowerment through the recognition that we are a single community bound together by a common cause and shared destiny.





Last Known Address

Steven Jones
33 Butterfly Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Last Known Phone Number



Pip14, a teacher from London, England who works with abused children, often speaks out against adult/child sexual relationships on the BoyBliss forums. More often than not, he is met with firm opposition. This quote by pip14, who was posting his farewell from the BoyBliss community, indicates his strong feelings towards the subject:

Everyone at BLISS knows how I abhor sexual relationships between children and adults.

That is NOT to condemn Boy Lovers. I am a Boy Lover myself and proud of it.

But I do believe that a sexual relationship between a child and an adult inevitably causes long-term emotional and psychological damage in the child - even when it is apparently consensual.

"To remain silent is to consent." And I cannot, though I have tried, remain silent, though I've not always managed it, when I find members at BLISS actively advocating and rejoicing in sexual relationships between children and adults.

Of course, there is so much more to BLISS than that. But I honestly feel that as long as I remain a member of BLISS, I am contributing to something that I know is wrong; I know it with every fibre of my being.

And now I am working more or less full time with boys who have been so damaged by so many forms of abuse, including sexual, I cannot stomach sitting with a child knowing that I may contributing even by silence to the abuse itself.

pip14 was met with the following response by White Falcon:

I hope you haven't taken my replies to any of your posts as "actively advocating and rejoicing in sexual relationships between children and adults". On the contrary, I agree with most of your points, and differ only with your assertion of the inevitability of the harm you describe. I certainly don't advocate sex on the basis that "it might not be harmful", but I'm realistic about the fact that no matter what we say here, there will be boys and men who engage in sexual activity, some of this activity will become known to people who will overreact to the situation, and that overreaction will cause harm to the boy. As much as you don't want the sex to happen in the first place, I don't want the boy harmed by that overreaction.

And then this response from Zoozoo:

What ever documentation, coming from past historical records and coming from recent scientific research will always be dismissed by you Pip. That's my only grudge with you. Now, please be kind enough to tell me how the hell we can find what is true or not if you already have made your opinion? And even more important, like I asked you some time ago, how much damage are you willing to do when a boy will have the courage to tell you he was happy having sex and understood what was happening?

From Jeffrey:

I agree with what ZooZoo and White Falcon said above. There are two sides to the coin. Some boys may be ready, some may not be. You have seen the damaged ones who were not ready. You have seen the damage that comes of telling someone that their innocent (and lovely) feelings are sick and evil.

No wonder these boys feel sick and evil and are disturbed. We've (our society has) taught them to feel this way.

And finally, pip14's response to the above:

And, yes, ZooZoo, I accept that the harm done to abused boys is almost always exacerbated, made worse, by uninformed people telling him that his actions are wrong, dirty, filthy and inappropriate.

But the actions are NOT the boy; the boy himself is NEVER dirty or even morally in thw wrong.

My argument is that adults should NEVER take the risk of injuring a child by engaging in acts, which while they may give the child pleasure, are ultimately unintelligible to him, and the chances are that he will feel used and abused as time wears on. And, of course, in no sense does the child NEED these sexual contacts; it is the adult who NEEDS them.

I have been a loved boy and a Boy Lover all my life. It took me a long time to accept as an adult that I could find lots of non-sexual ways, ways that involved no risk whatsoever to the boy, to express my impulses in ways that brought nothing but GOOD to the boy.

pip14 did leave the forums for a short period of time, but is back again as a regular poster, and the debates continue to this day.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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