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BoyWrite is a forum which is a part of the network of sites within the Free Spirits Coalition. Begun by a pedophile named Bristol, the site is a place where pedophiles can post their original poems and fictional stories relating to the boy love community. At one time however, the board became a political battleground amongst some of the more prominent posters. Eventually the debates and subsequent flame wars would move to the BoyChat forum, returning BoyWrite to it's original purpose.

Formerly run by Jimf3, the site is now under the care of Hulann. Arguments amongst the regular posters of the board still continue to this day, however rather than being over politics, they are moreso over the writing styles of various posters.

More Information[edit]

If you have further information regarding the formation of this site, it's history, the owners and/or the members, please contact admin@wikisposure.com.

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