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Josh / Joshua
Age: 47
Birthdate: January 27, 1972
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown (Claims to be Student)
Location: West Coast of Canada
Physical Description:
Organizations: BL.net, BLISS, BLOC, BLOL, BoyHome, BoyMoment, BoyPassion, Boylove.net, boyzparadise.net
Josh AKA boyscents serves as a moderator and administrator on several pedo sites on the Internet. His AoA is of little boys between the ages of 4 and 12. He watches little boys at the mall and at the movies, being careful not to be caught by the child's parents.

Boyscents AKA Josh/Joshua is a pedophile who is very active on "boylove" sites across the Internet. He is a member of BL.net, BLISS, BLOC, Boylandonline, BoyHome, BoyMoment, boyzparadise.net and the now defunct Boylove.net and BoyPassion sites. He states that he also serves as an administrator on BLOC, and is a staff member at BL.net and a couple of other sites as well. Clearly this pedophile, who refers to himself as being "shy", isn't quite so shy about seeking the company of other pedophiles.

Josh states that he has been a "boylover" his entire life, and is attracted to young boys between the ages of 4 and 12 years of age, although he can be attracted to 14 or 15 year olds as well. He goes for boys who are into skating and has posted that he loves their baggy short/pants and dirty, sweaty, socks after they've been skating all day. He has also posted that his fetish is of boys in silk boxers and wearing white socks. He is attracted to boys with gray eyes and blond or brown hair, with a bowl style haircut and "beautiful" lips. He also believes the age of consent laws should be for children age 14 and older.

Stating that he is "out" to his parents, who have accepted his position as a "boylover", Josh also says that he only looks at boys and never touches them. He has also commented that he believes pedophiles should be shot, because they are abusive and not to be associated with boylovers. Oddly enough, he fears being "busted" by parents of children whom he hovers around at the mall and at the movies, where he says he enjoys doing most of his boywatching.


In a discussion about boy's underwear, one poster named "TigerBoy" posted, "It sure is a big turn on, wet white shows almost everything which is almost like having no cloths at all." In his reply, boyscents stated:

So fookin true [Smile] and huge turn on , esp when they all wet , makes ya wanna dry them off with ur tongue.

YEs all the time LOL, i go to movies to boywatch mainly unless its a movie like 300 were i go to actually watch it LOL

If i had a car i would hehe id be a VERY bad stalker ( well harmless one, id look but wouldn't touch ) ...i do that in the mall ill see a cute boy and id hover around him and his family but at a good distance cause don't wanna get busted esp from the parents LOL

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We first noticed Josh posting as "boyscents" on BoyMoment. From there we gathered information from his profile and his posts, including his posting of his first name, Josh.
  • Searching the Internet, we then found Josh on BL.net, where he is listed as a staff member/moderator. We also found a free web host where he was a member, and links to his membership on BLISS, wherein he discussed his memberships on other pedophile forums, as well.
  • Further investigation lead us to discover Josh on BLOL, and the now defunct sites BoyPassion and Boylove.net, where he confirmed his first name being Josh, as he would sometimes sign his posts.
  • Our investigation into this individual is ongoing at this time. We will update this article with information as it becomes available and has been confirmed.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • boyscents

Last Known Address[edit]

This pedophile states that he is located on the Western Coast of Canada, however an exact location is not known at this time. If you have information leading to the address and/or telephone number for this individual, please contact us.

Additional Quotes[edit]

Hmmmmmm Boyscents are very intoxicating

I think boys who do gymnastic's is very hot them wearing those tites and there sexy white socks , very hot hehe

My name is Josh , i live in the west coast of canada and been a BLer most of my life even when i was a little kid , loved boys and will love boys till i see the big guy in the sky.

I love skater boys when they wear baggy shorts/pants and have dirty sweaty socks from skate all day

Boylovers- are there for the child and WOULD NOT do anything that would hurt the boy in anyway, may it be sexual abuse to mental abuse , they cherish everything about a boy and want the boy to grow up healthy and happy ......

Pedo's - Abuse children for there own sexual desires , there dick thinks for them which is wrong, and i do think they should be shot, as it gives us true boylovers a bad name

Additional Information[edit]

  • Fears losing his Mother, who he states is in her 60's
  • States that he drinks, but does not use drugs
  • Enjoys graphics and using PhotoShop
  • Favorite boy actors are Cole Sprouse and Stephan Enquist

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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