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Stephen Peter Wilkes
Age: 39
Birthdate: August 11, 1979
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Civil Servant
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Physical Description:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Some extra baggage
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: GirlChat, TkGL, BoyChat, Common Ground
Steve Wilkes AKA Brother Chubba is a pedophile and an active participant in several pedophile groups and websites where he shares his desires for sexual activity with children.

Steve Wilkes

Steve Wilkes AKA Brother Chubba AKA MortimerBlack is a pedophile activist currently living in the United Kingdom. Steve is a former moderator of both GirlChat and Common Ground. He is considered especially dangerous due to his self-confessed proclivity for the children of family members as well as the children of acquaintances.

One child in particular he first became attracted to when she was 3. He was devastated to learn as she grew up that she was interested in same-aged peers rather than with him. He is especially attracted to his sisters children and speaks of them often in pedophile forums, as well as his personal websites. He states that he is an exclusive pedophile without any interest in adults and is rather angry that child pornography is illegal. Steve has a roommate who is also a pedophile and a member of GirlChat, Carrollingian, with whom he shares a computer.


Me and [victim's name] don't get up to anytihng illegal...

but in a perfect world...hell.....it may be a girl, but I think i'd try all three holes....to be honest.

Shame it aint a perfect world eh?

Still, love is much more fun......hugs are nice..kisses are nice...thats al we need

I'm sure it was incredibly nerve wracking, as you may remember, when things started with me and [victim's name] I didn't just whip the thing out, it just popped out of it's own accord, I had the easy way out, with just the panic of what the reaction would be. At least you have time to gauge how things might turn out in the long run.l.

It all began when I was about 14-15, i realised that fantasies of women didn't really schling my dinger in the colloquial sense, and that little girls did! Seeing my girl freind [victim's name] (now 8 then around 3) after a bath (in a state which cannot be disscussed here) also tipped me off thatmy attractions weren't normal.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • Our investigation is ongoing.
  • We have removed the victim's name, but will divulge it to law enforcement if needed.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Brother Chubba
  • MortimerBlack
  • Wilksey

Known E-mail Addresses

  • brother_chubba @hotmail.com
  • brother_chubba @marmotmail.com
  • brother-chubba@hushmail.com
  • brother_chubba@lgsc.org

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes[edit]

Re: preferred age

I would say 6-14 but it has benn known to be flexible in both directions. (Mostly down though :)

Perhaps this works for you...but try being completely un-turned-on by thoughts of any female over the age of ooooooh well the oldest so far has been 15..and that was really pushing it..

I do look at little girls.....and do say "blimey she's rather attractive..i wonder what she looked like under all those unnessecary clothes" But this is not as good as sitting with my arm around [victim's name], watching Pokemon, with the smell of her hir filling my nostrils. then afterwards....sitting talking about anything that comes to mind.

Its not that people all think acting on our feelings is wrong, but any of us who ARE, could never talk about it. Those lucky bastards are out there...and we will never know. This site would not last five minutes if that sort of discussion were allowed.

ASGL-L allowed admission of illegal activity, but that was a long time ago and a totally different method of discussion.

To reach a wider audience (as we have) we needed to branch out to more mainstream methods, but these are far more tightly controlled by "The Man" and comes with unfortunate restrictions on what we can and can not discuss.

I know a couple of little girls (apart from [victim's name) who cn enchant me in the same way....one of which I am HIGHLY sexually attracted to (Rebeccah, 11 and so damn sexy I could cry) and Bronwyn, only 4 but so cute and so gentle and freindly. I dont know either of them too well, and I will never see Rebeccah again, but any time spent with them is good time.

Jasmine, my niece, she is amazing, so tiny and teeny, so beautiful. She still has misgivings about me, but seems to be kinda geting used to me, by the end of my last visit (this morning) she was quite happy to lie on a cushion beneath me and watch as I rattled her..erm...rattley thingy...then I watch as her tiny hands try to grasp it and stick it in her mouth...hehe... its so adorable really. She even to a shcne to my ring, grabbing my hand and trying to manouvere my ring nito her mouth too...hehe.

WEll..sorry to gush at you all....but I love em...I do

Each mad answer gained me a giggle for my Gigglometer....but that was broken as soon as I she decided to leap into my lap, I ofcourse had to retaliate by tickling her into submission, earning more giggles than the Gigglometer could handle. She then lay against my chest as we watched some toons.

and that was just one day!!!

the next day was much the same...but i had to go home early and she tried to hold onto me to keep me from going. It was cute. (HEHE...i was going home early to spend three hours with [victim's name]!! HA!....my life rocks!!)

Today she spent the whole time (about two hours) snuggled up to me, I had my arms round her...my god she's fit....I couldn't stand up for a while.

im 22...not had a "proper" girlfriend since i was 13...and am still a virgin. I don't care what they think...I love my family...and I get to spend X-mas with my niece and nephew...two of my fave people.

Fat Bastard

I visited my sisters this evening and she was having a halloween party, so it was my neice (3), nephew (4) and two other girls I know aged 10 and 5. Also the girls' mother (a major hottie for 27) was wearing a red PVC devil costume.

Spooky games, water fights (for some reason) and lots of sweeties.

gotta say it was fun!

Thats why im a LITTLE girl lover...

I like em little....but whatever floats your boat buddy

The beginnings of breats are passable..but pubic hair is an instant turn off.

Does anyone esle get REALLY angry when they see a hate filled TV program going on about the evils of paedophilia and how all of us are sick and either need psychological help or need hanging?

So basically they feel that if a man who downloaded a few kiddy porn pictures from the net once and was caught, gets out of prison and moves into their area they should all be informed that a "dangerous" paedophile has moved nearby....this kind of thinking makes me want to emmigrate...but where? Everywhere else is either worse....or getting to the same level....

AAAAGHHHHH!!!! Society pisses me off!!

Hello, it's me again, my life is in a strange place right now, I have one friend who knows about my sexuality, another who I really want to tell, I have a story I am writing about a girl lover (among other people) that is being bandied about my friends and acquaintances, which everyone says is great (smug mode engaged) and among all this happiness, [victim's name] is being extremely distant. She still comes to see me, but never wants to give me a hug like we used to, doesn't even seem to want to kiss me, she just sits on the Playstation the whole time she's here. Oh well, things change, it seems my little girlfriend just wants me to be a friend, it sad but I have to accept that..

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