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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Neil Nordeck
Age: 59 (Approximately)
Birthdate: 1960
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Small business owner: Nana Organics - organic fruit, organic vegetables, juices distributor/wholesaler
Location: Laceys Spring, Alabama, United States
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Doublespeakeasy
Neil Nordeck writes 'erotic' stories about child molestation and abuse.

Neil Dennis Nordeck AKA Byteman2000 writes 'erotic' stories about children being abused, intended to sexually excite pedophiles; Nordeck publishes the stories he's written online, at Doublespeakeasy and ASSTR.

Nordeck has authored quite a number of these stories which go into explicit detail of the sexual abuse, some even involving infants. Reoccurring themes to Nordecks stories include: urine, incest, showers and both male and female victims. While Nordeck insists that his stories are entirely fictional he remarks that many were inspired by events in his life.


"Yes some of my early works are true to my own young life and to be honest even some of my M/b works in general have part of my own childhood in them as I might have wanted it to be and even some of the feelings that I did have."

The following excerpts were taken from various stories authored by Nordeck:

Danny and Uncle Dave

"As I started with the shampoo I suddenly felt something odd around my cock. Kit was playing with the water that was dripping off it, occasionally touching the head. In moments I got a full erection which had her giggling and curious wanting to touch it. "Mom will get mad if she finds out" I said looking at her. "I won't tell, I promise" she replied, "Please" with hearing that I let her satisfy her curious nature fondling my cock and in a few moments maybe it was my young harmones I came shooting wads of cum all over her stomach. I had been masturbating for almost two years and had started cumming a little over a year before. At first Kit was scared but I told her it was ok that I do it all the time. With that she seemed ok about it with me washing her off we finished and got out. After that we continued with are afternoon showers and fondling each other for some years to come. When Kit was 11 we had progressed to the point of me poking my finger in her butt and finally getting her to let me put my cock in her butt. We kept fucking like that for almost another year when one day when I started to fuck her that way I slipped hitting her pussy instead sending my cock all the way up inside her. Kit had lost her hymen some time before that probably with my fingers, but that day changed things between us again progressing to us having full sex till I left for the military the following year. "

Tricks and Treats

"The woman thought for a moment then let her 5 year old sit in my lap. The little vixen set down dropping a leg on either side of mine began bouncing with the train's movement. This gave me an instant boner. There was no way the little girl couldn't have noticed it each time she brought her little ass down but didn't say a word. By the time we got to the end of the line I had came inside my pants all over myself. Lucky for me my pants were dark and I was wearing a jacket so no one was able to see."

Grandpa's Surprise

"At 5 months he was getting pretty good already of trying to reach for things. Feeling his little feet brushing over my ass and sac while I masturbated with him between my legs and I kneeling down I found myself getting close to cumming. That was about the time I felt his big toe on his foot hit my ass hole sending me over the edge. Wads of cum shot everywhere, his face, mouth, chest, and even head. Damn I hadn't felt that good in a long time! Taking my cock and pressing it to his mouth Donny opened it sucking on the head taking he last few droplets off.

Picking him up he looked so cute still smiling as big as could be. "Papa's going to just eat you all up" I said as I began licking my cum off his face then down his chest. Moving on down to his little cock I just had to sample him taking it between my lips began sucking him for a few moments before standing up to finish washing us both off."

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We were able to make a connection between Byteman2000 and Neil Nordeck using information published by Byteman2000.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • Byteman2000
  • Neal Burr
  • Neal Norbeck
  • Neal Nordeck
  • Nnordeck

Known E-mail Addresses

  • byteman2000@yahoo.com
  • byteman2000@aim.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

196 Glengarry Drive,
Laceys Spring, Alabama,
United States

12065 Lemon Crest Dr
Lakeside, California,
United States

Additional Quotes[edit]

More excerpts taken from various stories authored by Nordeck:

My Sons Lessons, ch 2

"As I got out of the pool, my cock was still semi-erect I thought about Chris being only 9 years old. I wondered if he would indeed want to suck my cock and let me cum in his mouth as well. I thought about tonight, maybe I'll get him to shower with me and we can explore each other's bodies some more. Maybe I'll let him sleep with me tonight and make love to him. Maybe I'll let him slide that cock of his up my ass and show him how much I really do love and care for him. All the thoughts, the fantasies, the maybe(s) but now it was time for me to prepare dinner."

The Parents Assistant, ch 9

"By Two that afternoon I had sucked this little 7 year old off five more times. With each time there came a small amount of cum that came out of his cock. I figured that if I worked long enough with him that I could probably have him putting out a nice little amount by the end of the month. I knew that it was going to take some time and training before he would be able to control it or to fill my mouth with a good portion but I would have him well on his way. It was about 2:30 that afternoon when I prepared lunch and we ate. Afterwards we lay down on the sofa together, with Mike dozing off almost immediately. While he slept I got the lube and once again worked his ass hole up, then began to push my cock into him. This time it seemed a little easier, his muscle seemed to relax and accept the intruder with less resistance. Mike didn't wake only gave a little gasp then moan as I slowly worked my way into him. I took my time wanting this to last, began working my cock in slow strokes in him. I reamed his little ass for almost an hour cumming twice again in him before dozing off myself holding him close to me with my cock still buried inside him like a butt plug."

The Slum Lord

"Going back into my bedroom I turned on the TV popping in a tape that I made from some downloads off a few underground sites. Laying back in bed grabbing my cock I watched as a guy about 45 was getting ready to fuck a nice little ten year old. Naturally the little girl is crying that it was hurting her, should be considering his cock was not only huge but fat too"

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