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Daniel Alexander Robert Thorlby
Age: 31
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Pensioner
Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom
Physical Description:
Weight: "skeletal"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dyed Black hair
Organizations: GirlChat, TkGL
Daniel Thorlby is a pedophile and an active participant in several pedophile groups and websites where he shares his desires for sexual activity with children.
File:Carrollingian - Pictures of Me - 05.jpg
Daniel Alexander Robert Thorlby
File:Carrollingian - Pictures of Me - 07.jpg
Daniel Alexander Robert Thorlby

File:Carrollingian - Pictures of Me - 03.jpg

Carrollingian AKA "Daniel Thorlby" is a pedophile activist currently living in the United Kingdom. Daniel claims Saudi Arabia as his homeland although he is a British citizen. At the age of 15 he created a stir when his involvement with a 9 year old was discovered and he was sent away to boarding school in England. He is a member of the British National Party and in 2008 lost his campaign for Newcastle City Council.

As a member of Girlchat, Daniel frequently tried to get other members to join a "pedophile war" with Anti-pedophiles. He felt they needed to all come out and force society to accept their pedophilia. He wrote often of preying on neighborhood children and had frequent arguments with parents of little girls and law enforcement who demanded that he leave their children alone. He claimed he wanted to be a writer and wrote a long essay for IPCE recounting the stories of other GirlChat members. He also wrote the Paedophilanian Times, a series of fake news reports in which he mocked people for not wanting their children to be sexually abused.

Daniel chose the nickname Carrollingian due to his obsession with Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland. He states that he is an exclusive pedophile with an age of attraction of 6-11. His roommate is also a pedophile Brother Chubba with whom he shares a computer.


Mmmmmmm I had a good day. Not a Furbyday though...

Because unlilke a Furbyday I wasn't just looking!!! I saw my 6yo YF again today, the one with the paedophobe dad I wrote the letter to.

We haven't cudled and kissed that much before! I bought her some white chocolate which made her lips taste rather sweeter than they probably would have done otherwise. She asked me to go swimming with her tommorrow but I'll have to decline. Her dad would tear me limb from limb. Besides, seeing her in a swimming costume... well...

We are so close. She loves me and I love her. I could just stroke her all day long the way I did today. Her bottom is so soft and so are her cheeks and she has a precious belly and legs. Mmmmmmmmmmm...

H. Pierce misses the point. He talks of the 5 dollar bills for a 10 dollar bill exemplifying a way to trick a child analagous to the greater sexual pleasure felt by an adult. But sex is not taking anything away from her (except virginity which has artificial societal importance attatched to it) just because the adult's pleasure may be greater. H. Pierce you sell us out without just cause.

You also talk of the adult inevitably loosing control. You must be talking from some sort of experience. I know I'VE never lost control. If its consensual and the child thinks is good then yes, it IS ok. If you stick your finger in her pussy then no, she probably doesn't know its CALLED finger fucking and the significance that an adult attatches to it. But she can see the finger. She feels it in her pussy. She knows the actions that are going on, and she will enjoy it, and unless you want to attatch some sort of guilt to that artificially like society does, then it is ok.

Our Investigation[edit]

  • We noticed a pedophile named Carrollingian posting on a pedophile message board.
  • He posted an email address on the board GirlChat.
  • A search of that email address led us to the name of Daniel Thorlby.
  • Public records search of that name confirmed all of the information he provided on the pedophile website.
  • Photos in his public album confirmed his and Brother Chubba's assertion that they were roommates.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known E-Mail Addresses

  • danielthorlby@hotmail.com
  • thecarrolingian@hotmail.com

Known Screen Names/Aliases

  • Carrollingian

Known Websites


Last Known Address[edit]

Gladstone Street, Lemington

Last Known Phone Number[edit]

07748 755060

Additional Quotes[edit]

This weekend has not gone well. On Friday I spent the day with her. We kisssed (and I could tell she's been eating the white chocolate I bought her,) and cuddled loads. I gave her piggy back rides and shoulder rides and lifted her and stroked her, and everything else. At times though she did not seem to be actively enjoying, more just nonchalantly accepting.

She used to love me, and actively participate in everything I did with her. In fact I remember her deliberately kissing me of her own volition just on Friday (the chocolate flavoured one.) I think though that I spoiled it by going too far after that. I was acting too much as though I was in love with her, which might have made her see it as an imposition to be put up with because I'm her friend, not because she likes it.

You are right Warrior. Why should we value virginity, when sex is something which is good? What is more important about a sexual experience is enjoyment, not the timing. A six year old can have good sex same as she can have bad sex. She can be told what will happen, but even an 18 year old will not know fully what to expect emotionally as an outcome of having sex. There's a first time for everything. I know 18 year olds who cried after loosing virginity.

What is important is that the child enjoyed sex and knew physically what was going to happen, and that emotionally she loved and trusted her partner. That is the best example of what sex should be about that I can think of giving the child.

As myself and Warrior have been explaining, there are so many intricacies about why or why not someone should consent to sex, young or old. Plainly and simply, if the child consented, and she enjoyed it, the man wasn't taking advantage of her. What if it was the man's first time? Was the child taking advantage?

Tommorrow will be amazing. I get to spend Christmas with my 7yo cousin. I'm telling you she is HOT. Last year I was very upset at entertaining unwholesome thoughts in my head about her. Now that we get along better and that I am used to those thoughts I find them slightly more acceptable, but my sexual desire for her is very mild in comparison to what it is for other girls. So no problem. If we do end up doing something then so be it (I'm staying the night.) I alraedy had more than a few kisses the last time I was there!

You wont catch me in a damned psychiatrists office not ever again. They're useless and dangerous. Every experience I've had with them has confirmed this. It IS true, I know that now for sure. And I'm sure they tracked down my YF, even though I didn't tell the psychiatrist her surname or address. All the kids I know have suddenly started acting strangely around me. More furtive and anxious, like someones warned them of some grave danger. Its horrid. I know the way kids act in situations like that because its happened to me before. I'm very angry at the system for always destroying me and taking away all the good that comes of my life.

I have a WONDERFUL campaign proposal

We all confess to our workmates that we are paedophiles. That way we get sacked, and qualify to go on the dole, becasue you can't get dole for leaving vouluntarily. The extra dole needed to support the entire paedophile population of Britain will be so great that tax will sky rocket, but only for the paedophobes, who will then be financially ruined.

I'm free! All police proceeding dropped!!!!!!!! The police found nothing on my computer whatsoever, of course. I bet they're dissappointed. It's not fair. I sort of wanted to drag them through a hedge backwards in court. Its O.K. for me to say it now I suppose, but I had great guys on my side! My friends (friends, not acquaintancies!) include a magistrate and a CID detective. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!!

Are you a goth? If so, me too. What are the Yahoo details? I'm nice, but I sure get angry when it comes to antipaedos. I remember being one of the few who supported violence against anti-paedos in a thread a few weeks back.

I was getting quite in with a group of LGs starting about three months ago. One of them in particular, a darling little six year old, started getting very close a few days ago. It was then that she gave me the first cuddle. She was so cute. Anyway, by last night it had progressed to the stage where we were constantly at each others side, occasionally cuddling rather protractedly, whispering 'I love you, I love you' in each other's ears.

There is nothing wrong in my opinion with nude erotic photography, and find pornography quite smutty. BUT the tradjedy of our situation as paedophiles is that we are so incredibly repressed by the faults of our society that giving in to the curioity that we all share for the pornographic is inevitable, and totally understandable. It will probably be done by all of us sometimes.

Oooooooh I'm beginning to like you more and more these days, Terrorist. Of course the answer is yes.

...My fantasy at the moment is to form a paedophile army, then to stage a demonstration for pro-paedophilia in the middle of some big city. All those paedophobic bastards who come out to throw rocks at us and shoot us, and all the police who come to break us up etc. will then be legitimate targets for all of the PLO (paedophile liberation organization) snipers that are staged around the area.

That way, you don't kill innocent people, never kill closet paedophiles by mistake, and never target children (ultimate hypocracy, and kids are only puppets for their parent's opinions. Only when they grow up should they be judjed for their opinions.)

And this will only be legitimate because there is NO OTHER WAY. Paedophiles do not WANT to be violent. But what other option is there. We are still RIGHT. Just because all other options for paedophile liberation have been exhausted, does not mean we have stopped being RIGHT. We must continue to do something!...

Now back to reality. If the police came knocking on my door, I would take a few of them down with me. I think I've said this before. Be warned, Mike.

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