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Cerius/Cerius Love
Created: 1998
Referred to as: Cerius
Founder: Howard Kline
Website Address:
Current: http://cerius.org (defunct)
Previous: http://DareToSpeak.net/pages/cerius/ (defunct)
Organizations: BoyChat, FSC, GirlChat, etc.
Cerius was a website dedicated to archiving the history, activities and online presence of pedophiles.

Cerius is an extensive collection of links to pedophile websites, a history of pedophiles and pedophile organizations, and opinions about pedophilia. It even has a list of "political prisoners," convicted sex offenders which Howard Kline insists are being held for nefarious purposes by the government, rather than for their sexual abuse of children. While the website is located in Amsterdam, Howard Kline states that he lives in the US. It's very likely that Howard Kline is AKA holokittynx.


We hope you will, Mr. Kline.

I crave to add a section to my other website that talks about my social and political life, but doing so may be tantamount to professional suicide, and I have so far resisted the temptation.

I don’t have sex with “underage” boys and girls, but I would with interested partners if it were legal. I believe that the prohibition of pedophilia goes to the core of a very fundamental wrong in our culture. It is, after all, a prohibition of love. While it is true that sex can be had without love, it is also true that sex is a very common and important expression of love. The prohibition of pedophilia limits the expression of love between adults and children, and it teaches children a very harmful lesson about love and sex being dangerous and harmful.

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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