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"Child Modeling" is the term pedophiles use for photographs of very young girls posing in sexually seductive positions while scantily clad in sexy lingerie, thongs, adult sex costumes, thigh high stockings and other obscene clothing. The models are mostly in the age range of 10-15, but some child model sites even contain sexually explicit photographs of toddlers wearing anything from thongs to feather bras and posing in a disgusting fashion with their legs spread or other obscene poses.

It is sometimes referred to as "NN" or Non-Nude modeling, a term often used to fool pedophiles into thinking the photos are legal.

Although they are legal in some countries of the world and in some States in America, they are illegal on a federal level in the U.S. and in the UK as well as Canada. Still, pedophiles generally brag about their collection of these photos, claiming they are legal. A change in the federal law in 2003 saw many U.S. manufacturers prosecuted, which caused the majority of these sites to be hosted outside of the U.S. in countries soft on prosecution of child pornography like the Netherlands and Russia.

Often referred to as "soft-core" child porn, many pedophiles are obsessed with collecting these photos, some claiming to have thousands of "sets" of little girls posing like porn stars in nothing more than a thong. Pedophiles claim these are "artistic" photos, but they generally contain obscene content, such as a little girl (sometimes as young as 2 years old) wearing fishnet stockings, a feather bra, and sometimes holding her mouth open in a sexually suggestive manner.

Despite the fact that many states will not prosecute the bearer of these photos for possession of child pornography, the possession of such photos has been considered child pornography and landed many pedophiles in jail (see Lux, and Infinity.)

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