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Jerry Douglas Ray aka Childdriver
Age: Deceased
Birthdate: 12/27/1962
Occupation: Deceased; formerly worked at an RV park and as a volunteer firefighter
Location: Mountain View, Arkansas, USA
Physical Description:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 380 lbs
Organizations: Annabelleigh.net, Visions of Alice
Jerry Ray aka Childdriver and asfd20 was a member of pedophile boards such as Visions of Alice and GirlChat. Ray committed suicide following his arrest for child pornography.

Childdriver aka Jerry Douglas Ray was a self-professed pedophile from Mountain View, Arkansas. He was a long-time member of online pro-pedophila boards such as Annabelleigh.net and Visions of Alice, and had many online aliases. While on these pedophilia boards, Ray shared his attraction for little girls with other pedophiles. Ray was a school bus driver for many years, worked at an RV park; he also participated in Wiccan festivals in order to view children running around naked.

Based on information provided by the Project, Jerry Ray was arrested on child pornography charges; he was found to have horrific videos that included very young children being raped and forced to perform sexual acts. Ray subsequently committed suicide while out on bail, rather than face the legal consequences of his choice to prey on children.

We would like to thank the Stone County Sheriff's Office for their concern and dedication. Children in the SCSO's jurisdiction are fortunate to have such fantastic law enforcement watching out for them.


Well I showed my porn collection to my niece, she found it under the bed. This lead to discussions on what sex was and how it felt. Then of course she wanted to try somethings out. Neddless to say, the seeing sex first via porn, has done wonders to get the girls ready for the real thing.

AOC should be 12, since there are a lot of girls that are developing by then.

Our Investigation[edit]

We noticed a pedophile with the name of childdriver posting on several online pedophilia boards. He stated his location as Arkansas, and we were able to obtain his email address. This email address led to further information and websites that he belonged to such as EMT, firefighter, hunting and Wiccan forums. We discovered additional email addresses for him, which led to identifying information such as his name, birthdate and city. Public records databases confirmed this information was correct.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • enlightened pagan
  • Godshunter
  • Allison9
  • bikini master
  • Poptart
  • mountpagan2
  • allison20

E-mail Addresses:

  • asfd20@yahoo.com
  • mountpagan2@hotmail.com
  • childdriver@livejournal.com


Last Known Address[edit]


Additional Quotes[edit]

When I was a a pagan fest. There were several females running around nude, but I fell in love with the 10 year old.

Actually, all non-penetration should be legal no matter what age. Anal or kitty penetration could start as young as 10 or 11 as there big enough to handle it.

personaly, penetration with a small child would defanatly be out. I could not immagion a 2-6 yr old to take it aneware that would not hurt the baby. But for older than that experimentation would probly work. Ive alwas thought that a 9 to 10 year old was old enough to start real sex.

all you people who sit and say "were not like him, we are not going to sign it" are being delusional. You are at a pro-pedo web site. To the worlds thinking, you are a child molester. They don't see any difference.

Don't want to join the pedo army, not in a war. Who the hell are you kidding, must be yourself. The government and the LEA's declared war years ago. We now have over a million casualties, between the prisons and the sex offender lists. And the casualties continue to gros. We are like the jew's in Nazi Germany in the 30's, if we duck and keep down they will go away. And look what that got them. The gas chamber. And what would the morons in charge like to do to us, the gas chamber. We are in a war, only one side is shooting back. And until we do start shooting back, they will keep up the Megans law and life sentances for cp, and the other bs they have been doing for years. And to those who who did not like the sex part. A little common sence. If the country is wondering if its OK for a 5 or 6 yrold to fuck, then no one is going to say shit about your relationships with your LGs.

I'll sign the damm thing. And add one more recruite for the pedo army.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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