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Chuck-les AKA Charles Feriend
Age: 48 (Approximately)
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown, likely food service
Location: Last known, Tampa, FL
Physical Description:
Other: See pic.
Pedophile Websites: BL.net
Chuck Feriend claims that he is "one of the pioneers of the internet boylove community"


Charles D. Feriend AKA Chuck-les is a man who has been a part of the online pedophile community for many years. He has encouraged other pedophiles in their online forums to actively molest their "young friends," and has given advice and support to them in several online venues.

He also has at least one victim, who is a male relative. That victim went on to commit crimes of the same nature against one of his young relatives. In his accounts of the sexual abuse his family member committed, and the accounts of his own sexual abuse against his young family member, Charles fails to recognize or admit that he has done anything wrong. He continuously tries to maintain that the type of sexual abuse he perpetrated against his young relative is somehow different from any other type of sexual abuse.

Charles Feriend also wrote sexually explicit "stories" about child sexual abuse and posted them on a well-known site where pedophiles post their fantasies about raping children, many of which have been found to be non-fictional in nature. Just as most of the rest of the pedophiles online who embolden each other, Chuck is cognitively distorted in his view of the world, and of children, claiming that children are often the sexual aggressors when it comes to child sexual abuse. In other words, he is not remorseful for any pain he has caused his victim.

We understand that there is another Charles Feriend who is related to this person, but who is 20 years younger, and is not, as far as we know, a pedophile.


There are boys out there that take the role of aggressor when it comes to sexual contact with adults, that is actively seeking out sexual contact. Is society saying these boys don't have the intelligence to decide what they want to do? I find that insulting to boys. Boys aren't naive creatures that don't know what they're doing, but very intelligent ones that are smarter than most adults. Because they aren't ruled by a false moral compass that makes them think "Oh it's wrong if I ask that nice adult male friend of mine if he'll suck my dick".

Actually there are some boys attracted to adult males and adult penises. While it's obviously not the norm, it does happen. I happen to know this for a fact. My own long time SYF had a fascination for mine.

Screenshots of these quotes and many more are available to law enforcement upon request

Our Investigation

The investigation for this pedophile was particularly easy. He had an email account that he used in his Boylover.net profile, of which he had been a member since 2003. That email, when searched for on google, revealed his resumé. The resume directly reflected several incidences and stories of his life that he had shared with other pedophiles on boylover.net through the years. That email address also leads directly to his facebook page.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • chuck-les
  • chuckwolf216
  • ICQ ID: 104588554
  • AIM ID: chuckles216

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Chuck claims to be one of the "pioneers of the internet boylove community," and thus has many friends in the pedophile communities online.

Last Known Address

10011 N. Lola St., Tampa, FL 33612

Last Known Phone Number

(813) 943-6060

Additional Quotes

There's no such thing as child porn. If there was it would be porn intended for children to watch and enjoy, and we all know society is too fucked up to let children have that kind of fun.

Additional Information

From his resumé:

11/2007 to 12/2010 Sterile Processing Technician
Tampa General Hospital, 2 Columbia Drive Tampa, FL (813) 844-4411
Most experience was in decontamination, have very limited sterilization experience. Was preceptor for decontamination area for past year. Extensive experience with decontaminating DaVinci robotic instruments. No instrument experience, no case cart experience. Limited experience with wrap/graphics, do have roughly 2 months experience with sterilization, Steam, ETO and Sterrad.CBSPD Certification ID# 17822 from 5/01/2008 to 5/31/2013

9/2006 to 6/2007 Shift Manager
Hess Express, 17519 Bruce B Downs Blvd Tampa, FL (813) 903-0523
Supervised shift, ran registers, tended customers, did nightly indoor and outdoor maintenance and/or supervised others in doing so. Stocking shelves, recieve deliveries of both products and gasoline,. Did regular cashouts of registers, Lottery inventory etc.

12/2004 to 9/2006 Area Manager
McDonalds, 920 E Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL (813) 971-8922
Supervised kitchen area of restaurant, prepared food for customers, delegated duties to others as directed by assistant or store managers.

4/2004 to 10/2004 Laborer
Cherry Growers Inc, 6331 US Highway 31, Grawn MI, 49637 (231) 276-9241
Various duties in fruit processing plant, exact jobs varied from day to day depending on type of product being produced, products ranged from fresh cherries to applesauce cups, to juices.

3/2003 to 2/2004 Sandwich Artist
Subway Subs, 3200 South Airport Road West Traverse City, MI (231) 935-4486
Prepared sandwiches to customer order, baked bread, prepped produce and meats for sandwiches, ran cash register.

11/2000 to 11/2002 Shift Manager
Subway Subs, 116 N Euclid St Fullerton, CA 92832 (714) 870-8630
Prepared sandwiches to customer order, baked bread, prepped produce and meats for sandwiches, ran cash register. Supervised shift, did nightly cashouts.

5/2000 to 11/2000 Dishwasher
626 Front Street, 626 Front Street, Traverse City, MI
Washed dishes using machine and by hand, also some food prep work.

6/1999 to 2/2000 Cashier
Burger King, 2500 Crossing Cir, Traverse City, MI (231) 932-7987Operated drive through register.

6/1997 to 3/1999 Assistant Manager
Mancino's Pizza, 110 Munson Avenue, Traverse City - (231) 929-4415 Supervised staff in the preparation of Pizzas and submarine sandwiches and other food products, received orders from customers both over the phone and in person, operated registers, responsible for nightly cashouts and closing, responsible for supervision of nightly cleaning and maintenance of restaurant.

3/1994 to 2/1997 Maintenance Supervisor
McDonalds, 933 US Highway 31 South, Traverse City - (231) 943-0774 Started as crew member, doing various customer service and food preparation duties, later asked to become a maintenance man, responsible for overnight cleaning of store and maintenance of equipment, also receiving deliveries and stocking. Later promoted to supervisor to train and oversee others hired for assistants.

6/1991 to 2/1994 Pizza Cook
Rico's Cafe, 5790 US 31 South Grawn, Michigan 49637 (231) 276-7070 Started as dishwasher, prep cook. later promoted to making pizzas, and related products to customer order in family style restaurant.


6/1983 Traverse City Senior High Traverse City MI
H.S. Diploma, General Education
GPA: 2.7. No major educational highlights, average student.


5/2008 to 5/2013 Sterile Processing Technician, CBSPD, Tampa, FLID# 17822


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