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Cindy K
Age: 48 (approx)
Birthdate: October 1971
Race: White
Occupation: Social Worker
Location: Unknown, likely the midwest
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, Open Hands, Girl Tales
Cindy K was a woman who posted on several pedophile websites about her pedophile husband.

Cindy K is a social worker and a mother to two children. When she found out her husband was a pedophile, instead of seeking help for him and her family from professionals, like Frianne, she went, instead, to get “help” from pedophiles. She posted her "story" over and over for many years on the forums, giving support to pedophiles and to families of pedophiles. Her advice was to love, accept and support pedophiles, because she willingly bought their propaganda that pedophiles don't harm children. She was completely unwilling to believe that her husband would harm any children, including her own. Many times she said that she could not go to a professional counselor because it would jeopardize her family. In other words, she knew very well that her husband was downloading child pornography, and would go to jail for it.

For years, she lamented that he wouldn't have sex with her, and instead, masturbated to pictures of children on the internet. For years, she cried to the pedophiles online about the loss of her own youth, and her attempts to make herself more attractive to her husband. For years, these pedophiles were her very best friends, with whom she flirted, supported, encouraged and emboldened. And, for years, her children lived in the house with a pedophile who she trusted implicitly with them, though he had received no therapy whatsoever.

And in the meantime, she said, in her struggle to understand her husband's sexual desires, she came to see how little girls were indeed sexual beings, and ones she began to lust after, herself. In fact, she said that her AoA, or "age of attraction" centered around the age of her own daughter, and that she became sexually attracted to her own daughter. In other words, Cindy K is an admitted pedophile.

She has promised the pedophiles that she will do whatever is within her power to make sure that pedophiles become more accepted by society, in her role as a social worker, and will help as many pedophiles as she can to accept themselves as good people.

She also has admitted that she has sexual attraction to children besides her daughter. She once wrote, about a girl she met at an emergency food and clothing bank:

"What I didn't say in chat last nignt was that I had this huge urge to give her a kiss on the lips. And not just a little peck, but a real kiss. Now this did kind of bother me when I first realized what I was thinking. And then I had a hard time not thinking about her later on. I'm just not used to that. I did force myself to understand the sexual side of this attraction. But it never consisted of feeling that way toward a lg that was right in front of me."

Cindy K has not been identified at this time, but, as the quotes below show, she is an immediate danger to children everywhere, considering her beliefs about child molestation, and how it should be handled, and considering the line of work she's in. There are some characteristics and timelines below that should be recognizable by people who know her. If you know this person, please contact us or law enforcement as soon as possible. Not only is she endangering her own children, but also many other vulnerable children who are involved in the system due to poverty and/or abuse.


Are you saying that a parent that fantasizes about their own child should be kept awy from them, or just a parent that acts on that attraction? I fantasize about my daughter lots, but I would never ever act on it. There is something about incest that excites me, so I guess that makes me gross. 8o)~

About removing a child from a sexually abusive household:

No contact with the parent? Thats not family preservation. Family preservation is when you work on it together, as a family. There is nothing wrong with the adult getting help alone on the side as well, but keeping the child away from the parent all together is a bad idea in my opinion. If this child enjoyed the activity, it will make them feel as if they have done something bad and dirty. That can easily set off a downward spiral for the child.

And the adult getting help does not mean making the adult feel that their feelings were bad, just how to deal with those feelings because our society does not accept it and it is against the law.

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Additional Quotes

She is well aware that therapists are mandatory reporters who have to report criminal activity.

I can't go to a counselor and tell them what I have been through to try to work through it. They would more than likely report it and then all my hard work for my career is gone. I would lose my job and have to go back to Walmart and I dont want to do that.

About her "age of attraction" and her attraction to her own daughter:

So I did have an early sexual awakening. But this is why I dont usually answer posts like 'what is your aoa'. Because I dont view myself as a pedophile, or CL, or GL. (or whatever term wont piss someone off) I just feel an attraction to lg's that young. Only prepubescent though. And if they are well into puberty then the attraction is not there for some reason. Maybe because of my daughter. I feel a strong sexual attraction to her, but I will never ever act on it as it would more than likely destroy our lives if it ever came out. (I've seen it happen to others that I know) I wont take that risk. But I think she largely determines my aoa for lg's. Yes, I was very scared at first, but I talked to a friend of mine that I met at OH about it over the computer and he helped me to just accept it now that it was there.

Replying to a pedophile who said to her, about her children: "... Just send him around to my place and I'll show tell him everything he needs to know."

What about my daughter? She turns 7 next week too. Shall I send her on over too or is she too young. ;o)

But then again, she seems to be figuring things out all on her own. lol I have to say things to her like, "Yes honey, I know it feels good, just dont do it when you're walking down the street."

naughty naughty boy......... ;o)

Additional Information

  • She grew up near Phoenix, Arizona, but moved 1200 miles away from there.
  • Her mother worked as a social worker
  • Her parents divorced when she was 9
  • Her mother remarried
  • Her mother suffers from degenerative arthritis and fibromayalgia
  • She put the ashes of her father, who died of alcoholism, near a cactus near a mountain where they hiked. He died on January 5th, 1998. He was previously in the military.
  • She had drug problems when she was a teen and older (meth, speed, crank, etc)
  • She is interested in motorcycles, especially foreign ones (gsx, honda, etc)
  • She says she suffers from depression and threatens to commit suicide, and has tried, several times to do so, by swallowing pills
  • She is a fan of Creed and Evanescence and claims she dresses like a teen
  • She says she is a natural blonde
  • She has a tattoo on her shoulderblade
  • She says she is co-dependent
  • In early 2006, she was taking anti-depressants
  • She is possibly a wiccan at this time
  • She got her Associates degree in the first part of 2002, and began pursuing her BSW in September of 2002. She got her Bachelors degree and began working as a social worker sometime before October of 2008, and proclaimed herself to be GirlChat's social worker.

Oh, and GC has it's first real social worker. lol Isn't that a kick?

  • Her husband is one year older than she, and they met when she was 15 and he was 16. She says they married when she was around 23.
  • She claims to have supported her husband most of their time married, while he stayed home with their children
  • She has been the recipient of food stamps and other government assistance before she got her degree in social work
  • She said that she has volunteered at places from which she also received charity
  • Her children's first initials are likely J and K. One is a boy, one is a girl, and they are 2 years apart, both born in April, the girl being the youngest. They would be approximately 13 and 15 now.
  • She separated from her husband in either the end of 2005 or beginning of 2006. After their divorce, which was end of 2007 or early 2008, he left her for a 19 year old who looked much younger, and moved to another state. Her children are in continuous contact with him, and visit him often.

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