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Common Ground
Referred to as: CG, CommonGround
Based out of: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founder: GirlChat Committee
Purpose: To unite "boylovers" and "girllovers" politically. To promote and further the pedophile cause.
Website Address:
Current: http://www.ourcommonground.net (defunct)
Organizations: GirlChat, Lifeline, Free Spirits Coalition, BoyLinks, GirlLinks, GirlLove Garden
Common Ground is a place for "boylovers" and "girllovers" to discuss pedophile agenda, and to organize, politically.

Common Ground is the name of a message board intended for pedophiles who are interested in both girls and boys. Its primary purpose is to unite both groups of pedophiles in one place, giving them a forum in which to discuss their mutual political interests. It was also designed to be a place they can use to establish common goals and work together on other methods for furthering their cause. Discussion there tends to center around furthering civil rights for pedophiles, often under the guise of "rights for children." Their goals are to reform age of consent laws and to establish methods to ensure "fair and balanced" media portrayal of pedophiles.

This was a failed endeavor.

Mission Statement[edit]

  • Common Ground is an attempt to form a close knit community of boy lovers and girl lovers who are dedicated to working together. We will benefit neither the children nor ourselves unless we are willing to engage in serious dialogue, unless we seek ways to benefit from the opinions of those amongst us who have given much thought to identifying and solving key obstacles, unless we harness our energies and vast collective talents and organize as outspoken advocates for realistic activism. In recognition of all we hold in common, we accept that no mission begs louder for adoption than that we strive together to make a better world.
  • Major organizations like the Boys and Girl Scouts have been organized and fully functioning to benefit children the world over in less than a decade's passage. That organization was started with just two people -- one of whom was both a boy lover and a girl lover. We see that this being true, and possessing exciting technological resources as well as brothers and sisters of great ability, there is a limitless potential for us to be able to make a real, positive difference. May our efforts in this Forum lead to enlightenment and real benefits that we can taste.
  • We have attached a link to a document below our declared mission. We hope the ideas therein will prove to be central to discussions which examine where and how to proceed from debate to activism to success. It is hoped that through our collective dialogue, in examining these facts and opinions -- among others to be developed, that we may better aspire to identifying and resolving the problems that face the youth attracted community today. Our sincere desire is that Common Ground can be a place where people meet in order to engage in stimulating and productive discussion on these important issues in order to start to effect some of this change.


  • Treasurer: treasurer@annabelleigh.net

Notable Members[edit]

Convicted and Registered Sex Offenders[edit]


Anyone Ready?

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 24 2004 at 04:18:25am

No stopping this time, taking initiative:

Project One

I believe 100% that we can achieve some things to be proud of. The only way this is going to fail is if people do not give it their all. I am not afraid to fail, but I am not willing to sit idle waiting for others to organize people. Many of us have a list of great ideas that are not beyond our reach. It is time to get started. The world's political climate makes it perfectly clear that a major shift is underway, and if groups of us do not start the creative process, we will be lost in the shuffle again. Though the reasons may not be good, it is clear that society's 25 year obsession with so-called perverts has given way to serious and pressing issues which are so critical that time is wasted on anything else. I firmly believe that this is already the trend, that the obsession will continue to wane, and that we must seize this moment to strengthen ties with others who care enough to do something meaningful.

Mail Outs

Posted by Abraxas on Friday, May 4 2007 at 07:08:27pm

In reply to Activism - Harmful to Minors by Levine posted by Freedom Fighter on Friday, May 4 2007 at 12:00:53am

Harmful to Minors is one of the books I intend to mail out to libraries in a project I am working on. The first book I will mail out is Loving Boys, vol 2, by Dr. Brongersma. If anyone has any volume ones of this set to donate, please let me know.

This project will get started in about a month. Anyone willing to help would be appreciated.

Are we making any progress?

Posted by Abraxas on Friday, April 20 2007 at 06:24:48pm

Common Ground seems to be still floundering on the shoals.

Certainly there must be enough of us--BLs/GLs--to form a common ground and meet here to support each other. So, where is everyone? Why do I, when I visit here, feel like I am standing alone in an open field surrounded by a circle of dark forest with a canopy of a billion stars above, but no other souls around me? I shiver in the cold lonliness and long for companionship, for others to join me in understanding and in finding common goals.

Where are you?

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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