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Age: 14/15
Physical Description:
Individuals: Llewellyn
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Criss is a young boy who was a regular poster on BoyChat for some time. He was closely associated with another BoyChat member, Llewellyn.

Criss is a young boy who was a regular poster on BoyChat. He came to the forum board as a lonely 13-year-old boy looking for someone to talk to. He developed a close personal relationship with another poster on the site, Llewellyn. The relationship was so close, in fact, that they referred to each other in a familial sense, with Criss calling Llewellyn his Father. Until the two clarified their relationship, many posters truly believed that the two were actually related biologically.

Although it is not known for certain, as with other young boys who found BoyChat, it is a strong possibility that Criss is yet another victim of the Indoctrination Campaign. Criss has been known to take long absences from BoyChat, then returning much later to share that all is well with him and always defending Llewellyn by making sure that other posters know that Llewellyn had nothing to do with his absence.


From the "History of Boychat":

BoyChat in the aftermath of the tradj affair had become a more friendly place for boy posters. Criss was a lonely 13 year old looking for friends; he joined in January and soon found a group of regular supporters. He was completely aware of the purpose of the board, but was not interested in a relationship with a man, just in finding adults who would talk to him and not treat him condescendingly.

It's not difficult to come to the conclusion that Criss might not have stayed on this board had it not been for the encouragement this young lad received from pedophiles, using the means by which they lure children both on and offline.

I know from experience how the general public looks at a person when they find out there a boylover. I have dealt with that in the past. I know how people act if they see a boy and a man together just having fun even.

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Criss


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes

The boylovers I know especially one in particular has went as far to risk his life, reputation, and financial future on me. To me he is a saint and a hero way above any pretend father or public person could ever dream of being. A person who is willing to do something like my father has is way beyond a hero. I feel so strongly about it I would lay my life down and fight to my last breath to protect and defend my Father.

Additional Information

  • Criss has posted that Llewellyn is his "father" of sorts.
  • He posts that he met his "father" at BoyChat.
  • This is not a biological relationship, but rather a close-knit relationship these "boylovers" have formed with each other both on and offline.
  • He also posts that he knows "several real boylovers" and has talked to them often via "e-mail and other" means.

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