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Cory McDonald
Age: 33
Birthdate: August 25, 1986
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Last known to be unemployed
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: Boylover.net
Cory McDonald tried to set up forums for pedophiles and is a member of Boylover.net

Cory McDonald A.K.A. CryptKeeper and Petedubois, is a member of the pedophile forum Boylover.net. McDonald also attempted to set up multiple forums of his own for pedophiles under names such as "Boyville."


Topic: VW commercial, hot boy gets naked

"I saw the english version of this. stripping boy and all.

Was adorable. i wish i could of recorded it."

Topic: iebidan's siggie space

"geez [Razz] that boy is damn cute [Wink]"

Topic: What turns You on Most About a Boy??

"depending on the boy really

can be anything [Big Grin]"

Our Investigation

Our investigation is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names/Aliases

  • CryptKeeper
  • Petedubois
  • McMaster
  • HumanZombie
  • Lonelymaster
  • Lonelymaster200
  • Lil_shadowchild
  • MrZombie
  • TheLonely
  • Reaper28
  • FWSR28
  • BBTelus8330
  • TheDemon
  • Smokinskullz
  • Krypt
  • KoRy

Known Websites

Other Contact Information

  • BlackBerry PIN: 31CA68E1
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger: metallicfreak2004
  • MSN Instant Messenger: [email protected]

Additional Quotes

Topic: downloading to disc

"just saved the pix to your HDD in a folder of any name.

then if using XP. highlight the folder and click "copy to CD" under Picture Tasks

then secure wipe the folder after burning the CD with the photos in it"

Topic: DSM-IV-TR 302.2 - "Pedophilia" as a mental disorder

"a Man/boy relationship can actually help the boy in the long run cause if the boy lives and is raised in a one parent family he doesn't get to see both sides of life.

Mental disorder is a fictional term created to scare away people and confuse many, it doesn't conclude as a mental term

if they boy is happy and its a consentual relationship why take it away from the child, politics doesn't have to but into innocent lives. We don't put the fear into the child, they do"

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