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William Carnell Adamson II AKA Crysta AKA Crysta-Shard
Age: 42
Birthdate: 07-16-77
Race: African-American, possible Asian mixed race
Occupation: Unknown, may be on disability
Location: South Carolina
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, Butterfly Kisses, Livejournal, Soulcast and Wordpress blogger, alt.fan.prettyboy, alt.fan.incest, ALT.SEX.PEDOPHILIA.GIRLS
Crysta AKA William C. Adamson II is a pedophile with an avid interest in child pornography and who may have molested one or more young girls in real life.
William Adamson II


Crysta AKA Crysta-Shard AKA William C. Adamson II is a pedophile who is attracted to both boy and girl children as young as 3 years old. Crysta purports to be female, and has for years; however, details in many of "her" postings are indicative that 'she' is really a man and and it has indeed been confirmed that Crysta is a male posting as a female.

Crysta is known to post on pedophile boards including Butterfly Kisses and Boychat. He has had blogs on Soulcast, Wordpress and Live Journal.

According to his various postings, during or around the year 1997 Crysta was a second-year college student when he fell under investigation which resulted in the police finding child pornography on his computer files. He was subsequently arrested, convicted, and incarcerated until the age of 21 years old, obviously not learning much from it all, because within two years after release Crysta was already molesting a 12-year old girl who was left in his care.

Crysta claims to have had sex beginning at age 7 years old with cousins both male and female, and has posted accounts of this on incest message boards.

It is unlikely his community is aware of his status as a registered sex offender, much less a pedophile activist who would like to see child porn legalized.


Below is a post where Crysta is relating his molestation of a 12-year old girl entrusted to his/her care:

I begin to fall deeply in love with that child. Our relationship became very adult like in sexual terms but we kept our dealings a secret from our parents. We setup sexual rules for each other such as respecting when someone said "no" and she was to still listen to me as she would any adult.

When Dawn turned 13, my brother returned for her.

I began collecting it on disks and even volunteered as a helper in the computer lab so I could have more time and easier access to child porn. I ended up having to go to summer school because of my obsession. After that though I left the child porn behind. I was bored with it and prefered the erotic stories, they took up less space on my floppy disks. But I eventually got bored with that as well. I wanted a real experience with a child.

Our Investigation

Our investigation included being tedious, persistent and professional. Many of Crysta's posts did not match those of a female, but the details he posted matched a male Registered Sex Offender. Public records confirmed that all of the details in his posts matched Adamson perfectly.

Law enforcement agencies who are interested in the details, please contact us, and we will be happy to trace each step.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Crysta
  • Crysta-Shards
  • Washuu-chan
  • Mika-chan
  • Millennia

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

Last Known Address

LYMAN, SC 29365

Previous Addresses


MOORE SC 29369
County: Spartanburg



  • Plate SC GYE731
  • Make Toyota
  • Model Corolla
  • Year 1999
  • Color Teal

Additional Quotes

I also want the BL community to just stop BSing themselves, and perhaps the world. Lets just face it folks, we want to fuck minors! YEAH! I said it, we want to have sexual intercourse with boys and girls, some as young as 4 yrs old! Yet i constantly read these posts on Boychat and other pedo-groups where we talk about the "beauty of boys", or of "our/my "love" for boys. This is a form of denial to me.

A couple next door to me had a young daughter (age 12). I had a deep- seated crush on her but never showed it. I was also highly attracted to her baby brother who was 3 years old. I fantasized regularly about touching her. The first time I realized that I may have "a problem" was when a young boy (age nine), who visited my aunt's house on a regular basis, came by when I was visiting. I remember becoming very aroused when he sat on my lap and hugged me.

Pardoning the fact that I’ll probably never get a chance to see a picture of a 9 yr old girl getting her cunny licked by a woman again. I wonder if they’ll allow us to have virtual child porn. I just hope they don’t ban us from collecting hentai. But i would like a little cut and paste every now and again. You know a picture here, a picture there. I would love a little more softcore stuff myself.

Now i’m not claiming that I’m bold and brave, but i have enough guts to ask, “Where did all the good KP groups disappear to?” I remember all the good ones like asparagus, “thefort”, and a number of others. All gone now, or something i guess. Usenet as a whole has become a home for porn spammers. The few things i do find are groups dedicated to child models, or as i like to call it “softcore KP”. In the pictures are the girls are usually dressed in cute little outfits or a little shirt and panties that give off a hint of camel toe. Totally innocent and legal of course. I will say this much, “BORE-FUCKER-RING.” It’s like cheap wank fodder for MAAs and the occasional child pervert.

Additional Information

  • May have ADHD
  • Registered sex offender
  • Claims to have two brothers
  • Sometime works as a delivery driver (pizza, newspapers)
  • His mother is or was a school teacher
  • Probably smokes

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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