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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Steven John Bagley II
Age: 30
Birthdate: November 16, 1989
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Currently incarcerated, awaiting trial
Location: Cranston, Rhode Island
Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Eye Color: hazel eyes
Hair Color: Black/dark brown hair
Pedophile Websites: www.beastforum.com
Steven J. Bagley II is an unemployed 19 year old resident of Cranston, Rhode Island. He was arrested on February 7, 2009, and charged with 2nd degree child molestation of his 3 year old niece who was at the residence, in his care, at the time of the arrest.

dante_snake1116, aka Steven John Bagley is a young and dangerous pedophile. In a matter of a few days, he had shared all his most private secrets about his love for young children.

dante_snake1116 has many aliases online but Steven John Bagley II is how he is known to his family and neighbors. At the young age of 19, Bagley has had more intimate encounters within his circle of family and friends than most long-time child lovers ever get the opportunity to have. "Uncle Stevie" as he was known in the boy lover community, wasn't very active as a member on boards. Instead, he chose to speak directly to members of the pedophile community via private chat, and share a few of his innermost secrets. His first confession regarding his three year old niece is what called our attention to him. Oddly enough, we would have never had contact with him had it not been for Mike, aka Wolfy, another boy lover who suggested that Bagley join a pro-pedophilia network.

Bagley would go on to make other confessions regarding sexual contact within his family, including with his younger sister. When asked why he attempted to have sex with his sister, he replied that he’d seen on the news that sex cured the common cold so he thought he’d give it a try.

dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:45 PM):I was like somewhere between 8 and 12
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:45 PM):Honestly.
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:45 PM):I saw a thing on the news that said sex cured the common cold.
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:45 PM):That's why.

Clearly, Bagley is not a man that can rely on his conscience to keep him from committing illegal sex acts involving people younger and weaker than himself. Steven John Bagley II is a danger to any community in which he resides.


I rubbed my dick against her twat, and that's the furthest. She kissed it ahd held it before.

Me and my little sister had a thing that lasted for a few months.....then there was the nighbor boys, and my younger male cousin.

Our Investigation

Bagley was introduced to us by another pedophile, known only as Mike, AKA "Wolfy".

Mike introduced Steven as a friend that was having a hard time coping with the fact that he'd molested his own niece.

In chat, Bagley confirmed that he had been inappropriate with his 3 year old niece, other family members, and neighbors.

When i was younger...liek 9 or ten. Me and my little sister had a thing that lasted for a few months.....then there was the nighbor boys, and my younger male cousin.

The email address associated with Bagley's MSN messenger account led us to several social networking profiles and other online screen names. Those profiles and screen names led us to his location in Cranston, RI. He confirmed in chat that he was in Rhode Island.

But, I suppose there's no harm in me telling...what are the serious chances of anyone ehre but Mike acutally knowing me in real life? Unless any of you live in RI.

Further research of online accounts led to the name Steven Bagley II and a date of birth of November 16, 1989. We located Steven who claimed to still be living at home by locating his father, Steven John Bagley Sr through public records indicating a history of domestic violence.

I'm unemployed, and I high school graduate from CHSW/CACTC. I still live in Cranston RI with my family until I get enough money to start living with friends.

In chat Steven identified a few victims. Our priority was to identify and locate the 3 year old niece (name withheld). Images on Bagley's MySpace account identified the toddler which led to the MySpace of the mother of the toddler.

Anyone living close to Steven John Bagley II needs to consider how close their small children have been to Bagley.

dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (1:40 PM):There's this adorable 3 year old boy upstairs from me. I avoid spending time aroudn him prolonged and alone.It's ahrd for me to hide a boner. lol

When asked if the niece he molested was the youngest of his 3 nieces, he replied:

Adrian Hachino says (12:42 PM):mhmm
Adrian Hachino says (12:42 PM):and the one with the sweetest twat. lol

On the day that Bagley was arrested, he says this about his now, 4 year old niece,

Adrian Hachino says (10:34 AM):letting me be oddly close today. hmm.

It's just me and my dad watching her right now, and he's playing his game.

Due to Steven's chat history and his own account of the abuse of his niece, information was turned over to the Rhode Island State Police immediately.

Bagley was arrested and charged with 2nd degree child molestation and bond was set at $15,000. Bagley paid $1,500 cash and was released with a no contact order in place for the child.

At the scene, Law Enforcement officials said that he gave a full confession and showed them on his computer which child pornography sites he'd been downloading from. The computer was seized and it is being analyzed by the state's crime lab.

It is unknown at this time if Bagley will face Federal charges for the interstate transfer of child pornography.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names:

  • dante_snake1116
  • Dante-Snake666
  • adrian_vergil_audron
  • Adrian Vertinelli
  • Adrian Machino
  • Stevie

E-mail Addresses:

Other Contact Info:

Web Sites:


  • Beastforum
  • Wolfy

Last Known Address

1327 Elmwood Ave
Cranston RI 02910 (confirmed by arrest records)

Additional Quotes

Not many things have actually turned me off, and if they have, there probably only the most nasty things on Earth.

dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:30 PM):*nods* Nothing sweeter then an adorable young boy.

dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:31 PM):My aoa is 3-....well anything above that really...and younger I suppose.
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:32 PM):it's easy for me to control myself around females I think..but if I were to be alone with a little boy long enough...I dunno.

Child porn? I'll get horned up from it yeah, and jerk once in a while.

dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:47 PM):My cousin? I was probably about 13 I guess...him 8.
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (3:47 PM):He didn't realise it...I kinda dry humped him from behind.

Steven chatting about his niece who was 3 years old at the time.

dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (1:44 PM):She kissed my cock.
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (1:44 PM):Kissed it once or twice.

If anyone doubts that Bagley isn't a threat to society, consider this quote when asked if his niece was the only kid he's ever had a chance to be with.

dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (1:49 PM):I guess I sorta have a chance if I stay with this new guy I'm with.
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (1:49 PM):He's into younger too.
dante_snake1116 @hotmail.com says (1:49 PM):and he wants to get a boy.

Adrian Hachino says (12:28 PM):I'd already be arrested for what I did with my niece anyways.

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