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Micheal Nikel Darwin
Age: 30s
Birthdate: Oregon, United States
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Usenet Groups, PACE, Alt.support.girl-lovers
Micheal Nikel Darwin AKA DarwinGL is a pedophile activist who uses blogs and Usenet groups to relay his message. He is also active in petitioning the return of Pedologues, a podcast formerly run by Rookiee, another well known pedo-activist.

Micheal Nickel Darwin AKA DarwinGL AKA Girl-Lover Darwin is a known pedo-activist who blogs about issues concerning pedophiles. Darwin is currently petitioning Rookiee, another well known pedophile, to bring back the Pedologues podcasts and to take a stand in what he terms the "pedo-sexual movement."

Darwin is also a user of MySpace and has in the past had blogs and profiles located WindowsLive and Blogspot. One of his blogs titled 'Curruptjustice' was dedicated to informing the public "about Government supported terrorist and terrorists cells". He sought to have the public do his dirty work requesting that info be sent to him through his blog. Except for his MySpace page, all of the blogs have been removed for violation of the host sites' TOS (Terms of Service) agreement. In the past, he has also used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and ICQ services to find children in his area. He is also the founder of PACE and the person who started the Alt.support.girl-lovers (Asg-l) news group. He is primarily attracted to little girls between the ages of 4 and 14 years old. He has stated that he's had relationships with at least 3 little girls, one of those relationships being sexual in nature.

In one of Darwin's profiles, he claims to have realized at the age of seven (7) that he was a "pedo-sexual." By the time he was fifteen (15), he says he was certain that he was a pedophile and that there was no changing it. Darwin also admits to having been addicted to child pornography at one point in his life. After coming out to his family, he was shunned and decided to take a break from his online activities. Since returning in late 2006, he has been seeking out old friends and devoting his time to being a fully involved activist.


"As a pedo, It is my PERSONAL belief that I must ask the permission of the girl to DATE her, if they say no to that (which has never happened in all 3 younger girls I have dated in the past) I am uncertain how I would go about it... I might still date the girl if the girl wanted the same... That is not talking about SEX...

Dealing with the sex aspect of the relationship is a personal matter... Between me, the girl involved, and our GOD... Although I do believe most parents would want to know if there child is sexually active at such a early age... With all due respect it is none of their DAMN business... Do you think kids want to know their parents are "doing it"? Hell it discusts them... What perverse pleasure does a parent get knowing that their child is active? Out of the three minor aged girls I have dated in the past 4 years... I have only been intimate with one of them.. And that was only after dating for 8-10 months first.. It also did not involve intercourse... She knew she wasn't ready for such an experience, and there was no way I wanted to push for it... Her parents did give me permission to date her daughter at the date of 12 and I was 21 (at the time), and although they might have thought I might one day have sex with their daughter, they did not ask or restrict our decisions to maybe one day be sexual... They RESPECTED our decisions and hoped that we only would do something when the time was right... If you have any respect for your children, you must trust them to make the right decisions in their own life's weather good or bad, as long as they have not demonstrated trust in the past that is..."

"I am not into the incest, but I believe it is not a wrong way of life to practice. Sex should be used for multiple things, one being pleasure, I guess who better to give pleasure than a blood relative. Now I don't agree with innner breeding. That causes genetic break down and I understand why that would be illegal, but to have sex for the meer pleasure of sex, there shouldn't be anything illegal about that."

Our Investigation[edit]

The following steps have been taken in our investigation which has lead us from the screen name DarwinGL to the real name of Micheal Darwin:

  • We first noticed a strong pedophile activist and supporter by the name of DarwinGL posting on a Usenet group, in which he not only was looking for old friends, but he was petitioning users to join his efforts to bring back the "Pedologues" podcast which had previously been run by another known pedophile, Rookiee.
  • A search of his screen name lead us to several blogs that he maintained, in which he not only discussed his petition to bring back the podcast, but he discussed his pedophile activism at length. A link to the actual online petition was discovered on one of the blogs, in which the name of the creator was included as being one Micheal Darwin (note that the name "Micheal" is spelled "eal" rather than "ael").
  • We then searched the internet using the e-mail address he had associated with the Usenet groups and his blogs, and found a MySpace page with his age and location listed. A Yahoo search yielded yet another screen name he uses, attached to the same real name of Micheal Darwin, with another age match as well. He has also written of his pedophilia under the screen name Spartacus, again confirming his name as being Micheal.
  • Continuing with the same leads, we found that a Mike Darwin was associated with a group called PACE, Pedophiles Against Child Exploitation. Digging deeper, we found that he referred to himself as the site's administrator, and associated with yet another Usenet group. In this particular Usenet group, he added a middle name, Micheal Nikel Darwin.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known Screen Names

  • DarwinGL
  • Girl-Lover Darwin

Known E-mail Addresses

  • DarwinGL@msn.com

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Additional Quotes[edit]

"Many, many, many years ago, when I was all of about the age of 7, I came to realize that I was a pedo-sexual. No I did not know the terminolgy at the time, but I did know that I was a sexual being and that I was attracted to girls younger than myself. As I grew into adult-hood, the age of the girls I was attractions towards did not, they stayed the same. By age 15, I was sure; I was a pedo-sexual, and there was no changing it! Today I have decided to take on the role as an activist in the pedo-sexual movement."

"There is nothing wrong with being a pedophile, people like ourselves just need a support system which they can fall back on, as well as help them to remain safe and out of trouble with the law."

Additional Information[edit]

  • His Interests: "Pedo-Sexual Rights, Youth Rights, Child Sexuality, Politics, Free Speech"

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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