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David Lee Riegel
Age: 87
Birthdate: December 12, 1931
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Current: Retired. Previously: electrical contractor, airline captain, amateur archaeologist, real estate broker, and professional student.
Location: Arizona/Pennsylvania
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Gray
Organizations: BoyLove Media Watch, Free Spirits Coalition, BoyChat
Dave Riegel is an "out" pedophile activist who spends a lot of time writing about pedophilia and infiltrating main-stream media Websites, spreading pedophile propaganda, with his group called the BoyLove Media Watch. He has also used the nick "Researcher" to complain at BoyChat about BoyLinks not being up, as he claimed he needed that for his "research."

David Riegel

David Lee Riegel AKA Veridicus AKA Researcher uses his real name in most of his online dealings, but sometimes uses the alias Veridicus to post on news articles when he's involved with the activities of BoyLove Media Watch. He has also used the nick "Researcher" to complain at BoyChat about BoyLinks not being up, as he claimed he needed that for his "research."

He is an author on the subject of pedophilia and has been involved in many online pedophile organizations, including Safe Haven, Free Spirits Coalition. He seems to believe his ideals about "boylove" are superior to the rest of the pedophile community and has specifically said that he does not condone their organizations or activities; however, when reading his writings, it is hard to distinguish his thoughts from those of other pedophile activists. The goal is the same: to use Pedospeak and propaganda to try to make pedophilia more acceptable and to discuss ways to change the laws so that he can legally have sex with children.

His "studies" are pseudo-scientific in nature, and are very thinly veiled attempts at trying to "prove" that sex between adults and children is not harmful.


There is a tendency when discussing these issues to conceptualize boy/older male sex as some the older “does to” the younger, whereas this report indicates that “the evidence indicated that consent, in the “simple” sense, was common, enjoyment was more characteristic than displeasure or trauma,[and] encouragement rather than resistance characterized sexual interactions…

From his website on responsible "Boylove":

The relationship also includes a definite pedosexual attraction on the part of the older, and may include a desire for sexual experimentation, exploration, play, and gratification on the part of the younger.

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names/Aliases

  • David Riegel
  • Researcher
  • GB
  • Granpa Dave
  • The Old Goat
  • DR
  • Dave
  • Tuther Dave
  • Grampa Boylove

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

Last Known Address

Mailing Address:

3140 W Tilghman #119
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104

Last Known Phone Number

  • (520) 290-2733
  • (610) 366-2091

Additional Quotes

Books Written by David Riegel:

  • Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers (2000)[1]
  • Could They All Have Been Wrong? [2]
  • Beyond Hysteria: Boy Erotica on the Internet (2004)[3]


  • The Introduction to Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers. ref
  • Abused to Abuser. An examination of new non-clinical and non-prison data. Submitted to the Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality in March 2004, this article was accepted in July 2004 was published in Volume 16, Number 4 in June of 2005.
  • Adult Sexual Orientation of Former Young Friends. ref
  • Categorizing “Gay Teens”: A Disservice to Boys? ref
  • Motivational and Behavioral Characteristics of Boy-attracted Pedosexual Males ref
  • Perceptions of Harm in Hypothetical Sexual Experiences of Boys with Peer and Older Males: An Empirical Investigation using an Internet Sample ref
  • TAKING SIDES : Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Human Sexuality, Ninth Edition, Issue #13: ISSUE 13. Is Pedophillia Always Harmful? YES: Laura Schlessinger, from “Evil Among Us,” Dr. Laura Perspective (June 1999) New! NO: David L. Riegel, from Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers (SafeHaven Foundation Press, 2000)

Radio commentator Laura Schlessinger denounces a study, published by the American Psychological Association (APA), that reexamined the results and conclusions from 59 earlier studies of child sexual abuse (CSA) in more than 35,000 college students. Schlessinger views this study as a "pseudo-scientific" attempt to convince people to accept pedophilia as normal. Author David L. Riegel summarizes the major findings of the research in question, and criticizes the dismissal of scientific research that challenges common assumptions about CSA and its effects on children.

  • ref
  • Boyhood Sexual Experiences with Older Males: An Examination of Reactions and Effects Using an Internet Sample. Apparently he submitted this essay to the International Journal of Sexual Health on 25 April 2007. It will be interesting to see what becomes of it. ref


Safehaven Foundation Press
1735 Market St
Suite A, #126
Philadelphia, PA 79103-7588

Additional Information

Media and Opposition

Amazon.com Editorial Reviews

"Is there such a thing as a legitimate sexual relationship between an adult male and an underage boy? Most civilized people would answer emphatically "no," and Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers won't convince them otherwise. Defensive in tone and amateurishly produced, this monograph uses both pseudo-scholarship and anecdotes in its attempt to justify its target audience's actions and feelings." - Christopher Hart

In the December, 2001 issue of the Psychological Bulletin of the American Psychological Association (APA), Stephanie Dallam and others called him a pedophile advocate, and rightly so. His response has now been published in the Winter (2005) issue of Sexuality & Culture 9. ref

A chronology of the attacks on Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers. http://www.shfri.net/dlr/smear.html

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