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Jacob Detring
Age: 40
Birthdate: May 8, 1979
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Sevierville, Tennessee
Physical Description:
Organizations: GirlChat
Jacob Detring is a pedophile and an active participant in several pedophile groups and websites where he shares his desires for sexual activity with children.
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Demosthenes' sig pic

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Jacob Detring AKA Demosthenes is a pedophile activist currently living in Tennessee. Jacob states that he's attracted to prepubescent girls and that the greatest regret of his life was once saying "no" to a little girl who wanted sexual contact with him. He says that if presented with the same opportunity again that he would say yes instead. Like most of the other pedophile activists Jacob states that violence is committed against children only because society won't allow them to legally molest them nonviolently.

Jacob believes that prepubescent children want to have sex with adults and that it would be selfish for pedophiles to deny them. He denied ever receiving therapy for his sexual attractions but states that he did have some form of psychiatric treatment in the past. He believes that pedophiles should be proud of their attractions and shouldn't try to hide it. He also claims that he's out as a pedophile to people in his real life and that mothers of little girls accept him and have stated that if their daughters were interested in him they would be happy for their daughters to have a sexual relationship with him. He also states that he has alienated his own family members because of gossip regarding his pedophilia and that only his father stood by him, otherwise he'd have no place to live.

As a member of GirlChat, Jacob kept the board in a constant uproar by arguing incessantly with anyone he could engage in a debate. His pretentious, condescending approach was well received at first but over time he was banned on several occasions, which resulted in frequent flame wars. He was accused of trolling and suspected of being a spy and intentionally running people off. GirlChat administration referred to him as militant, and immature with an inability to control his anger.

Jacob chose the nickname Demosthenes due to his obsession with a manipulative character in Ender's Game who wrote inflammatory diatribes and gave him the idea to develop his own personal pedophile version of a "Hierarchy of Alienness". Using this identity Jacob had many conversations with himself using one of his alternate identities "Locke" who he also chose from Ender's Game and retaining this identity was thus able to remain a member of GirlChat long after Demosthenes had made a bad name for himself.


Little girls need a love that only we can provide them. I'll leave the little boys to those who are inclined to go that direction, but friendship with little boys I more than welcome. Pedophiles are the glue holding the rending moral fiber of society together. We are all that stands between children and a world where innocence of any kind can not exist. Yes, innocence can thrive when we are involved with a child, even when that involvement becomes sexual. We are children's last hope, and they are our salvation. We keep the world a place that they can survive in, and they return the favor. Ours is a symbiotic existence, and the day will come that that symbiosis can be complete. I have never broken any laws, and I don't intend to.. but if a little girl asks me to, I will rearrange the stars in the sky for her enjoyment and delight.

What I saw was that the fear that I had been holding onto and feeding with my fighting and resisting of my urges without ever looking at them openly and honestly was completely baseless. What I discovered was that there was nothing bad or wrong with my thoughts or feelings at all. Nothing that I would do to anyone that I loved could cause the kind of harm that the anti's preach about. In that moment, I knew that I had nothing to fear from myself and that I didn't have to go through my life holding myself in check.. because I could be content with what was strictly legal until such time as things changed to allow more, I changed things myself, or I decided to find a place where I would not be anathema.

We are a power and fearful to behold, for we are more than they could ever hope to be and we threaten the suffocating stranglehold that they have on the most cherished of all Utlannings.. Children.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed a pedophile named Demosthenes posting on GirlChat.
  • He linked to a post on a gaming forum that he had made which revealed his e-mail address.
  • A search of that e-mail address led us his family members, which in turn led to the name of Jacob Detring.
  • Public records search of that name confirmed all of the information he provided on the pedophile Website.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Demosthenes
  • Locke
  • J'Enrial
  • DoubleHelix
  • Dominic Alexander
  • Morion du Jerralik
  • ootwgambit
  • Pio Lokte
  • CyberNit
  • i0n_st0rm
  • J`Enrial du Jerralik
  • -|m4|-i0n_st0rm
  • climber2k3

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

  • FYSU Game Forum - Defunct
  • ICQ
  • Photobucket- Closed by Jacob
  • Dr Phil Message Board
  • LiveJournal
  • Game Site
  • Game Site


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

348 Ayers Rd
Kodak, TN 37764-2155

Previous Addresses 3020 Georgetown Dr NW
Cleveland, TN 37312-1429

Last Known Phone Number

(423) 478-2856

Additional Quotes

I had a friend whose little sister I was madly in love with for a very long time, and the friend was perfectly fine with it.

Another friend had a daughter and not only had no problems with my being around her daughter, but said that if her daughter ever showed interest in me, she approved.

The vast majority of people that have had a problem with it that I came out to were people online.. but even those were in the minority. I've known mothers online that when I came out to them and they fully understood it even confessed that they would prefer their daughter end up with someone like me than what was likely to happen.

That's why I'm staying with..

...the 10 and under crowd for my own in-home modelling shots, they haven't been indoctrinated in "decent, virtuous, and moral" like a 14 year old tends to be. ^_~

I've been in that situation.. I've gone through the torture of making a choice that no one should ever have to make.. I've made the regretful choice of insisting on no. Knowing what I do now, understanding everything better, that is a decision that I will always regret.. because in that case and for me, it was the wrong choice. I will forever have the benefit of knowing that I have not broken any laws, but somehow that is an empty thing that does not make me feel any better about the situation. I gain no pride from having been weak willed enough to give in to fear of unjust and oppressive laws.

Would you care to know how I came about all of those things which you wrongly feel that you can not pull off? While most of you survived the trial-by-fire of society and life in the current world-culture, I removed myself from the equation and spent the majority of my life as an outside observer. I fear that the eloquence of word is one of the few remnants of a higher intelligence that I had as a child. What one does not use, one loses.. and I stopped using at an early age just to not stand out any more than I already did.

The emotional issues that I deal with are related to our problems, but have nothing to do with self-loathing because of being a pedophile. My issues are more of a loathing of society and its trappings, but that is neither here nor there.

Am I an idealist? Sure. Am I a sentimentalist? No doubt. Am I a dreamer? Until the day that I die. But do you know what else I am? I am... Pedo By Design.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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