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Mark R. Miner
Age: 53
Birthdate: July 11, 1966
Occupation: Former Teacher, Latin language instructor, possibly working at a facility for patients with traumatic brain injury
Location: Scottdale, Georgia, United States (formerly San Diego, California)
Physical Description:
Other: See Photo
Organizations: BoyChat, CBLF, Crossroads Debate Forum
Mark Miner AKA Didaskalos, is an out pedophile who regularly posts on boylove forums. He boasts that he has the trust and respect of his community, which gives him access to many boys.
Mark Miner

Mark Miner

Didaskalos sig pic

Didaskalos is the screen name of Mark Miner, a 53-year-old pedophile from Georgia and a regular poster on Boychat and Christian Boylove Forum. He's also associated with theCrossroads Debate Forum.

Mark Miner has previously lived in San Diego, CA and may spend time in the Boston, MA area. He has worked as a language teacher at middle and high schools in Southern California and Georgia.Miner is involved with Latin and Greek language study groups. He frequently travels the university lecture circuit, giving Latin readings while clad in a toga.

He also does "dramatic" readings of Greek and British literature. It's quite impressive. Until you know who's behind the voice. He fancies himself a scholar and an intellectual, but he has already been fired from one teaching job for revealing himself as a pedophile. Now, he is in the position of taking care of disabled people, from changing their bedpans to changing their light bulbs.


"The essence of Pedophile Joy, of course, is to be sublimely unconscious of one's own needs, to be utterly and maternally given over to the boy's welfare, no matter how much the actual boy may be screaming "Stop it!! Stop it!!"

"And when that meal is digested, the pedophile begins the hunt anew...."

Didaskalos ss1.jpeg

Our Investigation[edit]

The following are the steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "Didaskalos" with the real name of Mark Miner:

  • We noticed the "Didaskalos" screen name posting on the BoyChat Website.
  • From one of his posts, he admitted he was "coming out" and provided the link to his picture and his real name.
  • Other posts in the forum contained information about his performing poetry readings.
  • This information regarding his poetry readings brought about links to posts about his live performances, wherein he provided his date of birth, e-mail addresses, and telephone number.
  • A search of public records provided the address linked to the telephone number he shared publicly.

Online Accounts[edit]

Known E-mail Addresses

  • mrminer071166@yahoo.com
  • markds@nym.alias.net

Known Websites

Last Known Address[edit]

706 Ford Place
Scottdale, GA 30079-1008

Last Known Phone Number[edit]


Additional Quotes[edit]

Posted by Didaskalos on 15 July 2003

"I'm supposed to be finishing my thesis, but I can't stay indoors all summer, so I got my lifeguarding certificate and am now working 6 hours a week at the community pool.


God help me if I ever abuse my authority; I hold this position because I have established life-long habits of GOOD behavior around other people's kids, and the community knows me and trusts me with them. I have REFERENCES, people who will say that I am good man to be working around kids. I strive to be worthy of that trust, because it means a lot to me. And sure, I have fantasies of explaining puberty in great poetic detail to the boy with the newly fuzzy underarms, who stands in the shower and looks down at his body with a face full of questions...


And at 37 years old, I am just starting to have the skill, self-confidence and physical strength to play the lifeguard well.


When I was a boy growing up on the coast, and all my friends got to be lifeguards, I fantasized about lifeguards and got nowhere.


I wouldn't be loyal to the Classical tradition I revere, if I didn't put in a good word for restraint now and then. Restraint gives me access to hundreds of boys"

Didaskalos ss2.jpeg

"Fun Didaskalos Facts they left out.

Posted by Didaskalos on 2007-June-24 20:44:57, Sunday

In reply to The perverts are at it posted by again on 2007-June-23 12:30:37, Saturday

1) My fav color is green.
2) I love all my fans.
3) What really turns me on in a girl is...modesty.
4) Alert the Media: Classical Poet thinks teenage boys are REALLY NEAT!
5) "Mad" is my favorite magazine.
6) I used to play trumpet as a kid, but stopped because people thought it was too noisy.
7) * Embarassing Fact from Didaskalos' Youth: *

When all the other little boys in the 1970's wanted to be Luke Skywalker, Didaskalos wanted to be....C-3PO!

Diddy promises that he will read every fan-letter submitted to his e-mail address; but, because of time committments and a demanding performance schedule, he regrets that he is UNABLE to answer very many letters. But seriously, I think those guys do us all a service. Every ped out there should walk knowing that the weight of the world's morality rests on his shoulders.


Didaskalos ss3.jpeg

"The contours of the characteristic pedophile psyche (if boybuddy will pardon my essentialism!) are defined by the following maximum and minimum: Love flows MORE EASILY THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD to beautiful boys...because they are beautiful."

Didaskalos ss4.jpeg

Additional Information[edit]

Didaskalos possibly still works at a facility for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients. He also claims to be a traveling heroic poet all over the world. He has stated that he loves to grow cactus. He has posted that he comes from a military school and boyscout background. Another post states that he met Jesus on the road and became a good and faithful Presbyterian.

Contact Us[edit]

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at info@evil-unveiled.com.

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